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Carbon Filter Vogmasks

Vog Mask N99 PackagingAs the most advanced Vogmask available, the CV Vogmasks combine all of the filtration features you need with the look and style that you want! Independently tested to meet or exceed NIOSH N99 filtration standards, the CV Vogmask feature 3-ply particle filtration as well as a layer of coconut derived active carbon. This combination of filter media removes 99% of particles and will adsorb some odors, smoke and chemical pollutants. This type of filtration also exceeds CDC recommendations to help prevent the spread of the flu and other viruses.

Just as important for many people Vogmask do not look like traditional masks. With the CV Vogmasks you lose the white, clinical look for stylish prints and colors. These masks also make breathing clean air easier with a built-in exhale valve to prevent heat build up and increase breathability. So whether you want to simply filter allergens and pollution while outdoors to protect yourself when traveling, the N99 Vogmask is the right mask for the task! Available in multiple sizes and styles. Imported.

Names and Descriptions:
The Higgs Field mask is brown with a diamond shaped pattern.
The Parallax mask is black with polka dots.
The Homage is a base white mask with an colorful abstract design.

*Please note that the Medium (Large Child) is very small. It is designed for smaller women and children ages 8-12. The Adult size is for ages 13 and up.

N99 Vog Mask Features

  • Vogmask N99 Carbon Mask - Exhale Valve Close UpIndependently tested to meet or
    exceed NIOSH N99 filtration standards
  • Layer of Active Carbon to adsorb light odors and smoke.
  • >99% Bacterial filtering efficiency
  • 4-Ply construction.
  • Latex-free, spandex earpieces & trim.
  • Exhale valve
  • Adjustable aluminum nosepiece.
  • Hand Washable.
  • Reusable.
  • Two sizes & three prints available.
  • Made in Korea

Product Reviews & Questions

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Reviewed by: Emz from Arkansas

I found this product by chance, but am so glad I did! If you are constantly using some kind of dust mask, you know how annoying it is to get it to fit, put it on, have extras for when you run out, etc., but with the Vogmask, it is so convenient to put on, and you know you can use it again and again! AND it is way cuter than a disposable dust mask!! *Please keep adding different designs to choose from!*
  Very comfortable mask
Reviewed by: Nancy vs. incense from Texas

I love that this mask is so comfortable and that it can be rinsed and reused. It does not completely stop all the incense that I'm allergic to, but helps. Wish there were a product that could block it all.

Customer Q & A

Q1: Will this work on a plane to filter peanut dust/particles? Is it easy to breathe or does it restrict breathing?

A: Yes, it will help with any particles that are as small as about .1-.2 microns in size, including food allergen particles. Breathing through one isn't too bad. I personally tested two of this from a flight from Atlanta to St. Louis. On a plane, they are a little warm, but any mask that actually has a decent filtration rating will be. I wouldn't recommend it for use if you're exercising. One valve simply is NOT enough to allow for heavy respiration, like if you're jogging. But normal use, you shouldn't notice too much of a difference in ability breathe so much as you'll notice the increased warmth. Hope that helps!

Q2: Are these masks washable?

A: You can wipe them with a damp cloth to remove any dirt or soil. You'll want to avoid immersing them in water as this can cause the layers of filter media to separate and reduce the effectiveness and longevity of the mask. Hope that helps!

Q3: Does this mask protect against city pollution and vehicle emissions?

A: It has a thin layer of activated carbon between the multiple layers of particle filtration media. So it does offer some protection against nuisance levels odors, vapors, and emissions. The filtration isn't quite as robust as the ICanBreathe Honeycomb Carbon or the Respro Techno, but this is due to the thicker filter media of these latter two masks. Hope that helps!

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N99 CV Vogmask Reviews

N99 Carbon VogMask

As the newest incarnation of the Vogmask, (FYI, it's pronounced like "fogmask," no long "o" sound... though with their trendy appearance, you're more than welcome to join us in pronouncing it "vogue-mask"), the N99 Vogmask offers the best filtration of any style in the line. Not only do these masks surpass previous Vogmasks filtration standards but they also usher in some new styles. So what makes the N99 CV Vogmask the right choice for you? Let's take a look and find out.

What I like about the N99 Carbon Vog Mask

The first thing that catches anyone's eye when it comes to Vogmasks is the style. There are few masks available that offer quality allergen and pollution filtration that don't look industrial or clinical. This is often one of the most frequent comments we hear from people who wear allergy masks - does it come in any color other than white? Yes, yes it does! The N99 Vogmasks we offer currently come in three patterns/colors. This makes it easier to find a mask that feels less like a mask and more like an accessory. Additionally, they come in two different sizes which makes getting the right fit, a little easier.

The next thing you'll notice is that these masks now come with an exhale valve. Valves are often found on more expensive masks, and their purpose is twofold. First, they allow excess heat and moisture to escape more readily. In comparison to masks without valves, these keep your face cooler while wearing. Second, exhale valves improve breathability. Masks with poor breathability can feel stifling to some, especially when you begin breathing harder during physical activity. This valves help to reduce that and increase overall comfort while wearing your Vogmask.

The real difference between this and other Vogmasks lies inside the mask itself. The CV Vogmask is a 4-ply mask with a layer of active carbon sandwiched in the middle. Not only does this multi-ply mask not remove light smoke and odors, but the extra layer increases its filtration efficiency. These masks meet or exceed the NIOSH N99 rating for particle filtration, meaning they trap 99% or greater. This improved efficiency is key, particularly when dealing with very fine particulate like exhaust emissions, microbes or dander.

Speaking of microbes... In bacterial filtering tests, the N99 has been independently tested to remove 99.9% of bacteria 3.1 microns or larger. So not only does this mask meet CDC recommended NIOSH standards (N95) for preventing the spread of viruses like the flu, they actually exceed it. So in all, the CV Vogmasks offers top notch particle and microbe filtration as well as light smoke and odor removal. To date, that is the best of all Vogmasks and better than most comparable models.

Like all of the masks that carries, there isn't a single Vogmask that contains latex.

Lastly, all of the N99 Vogmasks are hand washable. The only word of caution is to avoid immersing the mask in water too often as this can reduce filtering efficiency. Beyond this, you can hand wash them with a mild detergent or soap and allow them to air dry, and each mask should last you anywhere from 3-5 months before needing to be replaced.

What I did not like about the N99 Carbon Vog Mask

There really aren't many drawbacks I can find with these masks. Though the sizing allows them to fit adults as well as children, but if you are a big person or simply have a big head, these may end up being too small.

For most moderate to light allergy sufferers, the Vogmask is going to be a great solution to personal filtration. The stylish patterns and ease of use, combined with effective particle and microbe filtration is a great blend. The Vog masks are priced right, lightweight and easy to take with you when you travel. So whether it's city smog, spring pollen, fall ragweed or other particle allergens, the N99 Vogmask is a great choice!

Could not wait to try Safeguard Window Filters. I am using them, am very pleased and have high hopes that my solution to open windows is at hand!
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Higgs Field Large (Item#: VG0007) (Discontinued)
Parallax Medium (Child Large) (Item#: VG0010) (Discontinued)
Homage Medium (Child Large) (Item#: VG0015) (Discontinued)

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