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Vog Mask PackagingWith many face masks the common complaint is the clinical look and feel of the mask. With the new Vogmask, not only can you filter out particle allergens and dust, you can look good while doing so! Vogmasks come in two styles of fabric. For those wanting a more natural fabric, there are organic cotton Vogmasks. For those wanting a higher filtration mask, there is the non-woven microfiber mask. Spandex ear straps stretch and pull the mask tight, while an internal aluminum nose clip allows you to tighten the seal of the mask.

Excellent for particle allergens, the Vogmasks can remove pollen, dander, dust and other particles from the air you breathe. Each mask is extremely lightweight and folds up easily to store in your pocket or purse. The microfiber and organic masks are washable. They can be washed in a washing machine, however, we recommend hand washing these masks. Because repeated washings can degrade the inner filter material, we recommend that you wipe the mask with a disinfectant cloth to remove dust and for light cleaning. Depending on the mask and your usage, these masks typically last from 3-5 months. Fitting children and adults, one size fits most. Imported.

Vog Mask Construction

Vogmask Organic Cotton: 100% Organic cotton with spandex straps and aluminum nosepiece - 2 ply.

Organic Cotton Vog Mask Vanilla
Organic Cotton Vog Mask Batik
Vogmask Non-Woven Microfiber: Non-woven polyester with spandex straps and aluminum nosepiece - 3 ply

VogMask Blue Stripe
Blue/Grey Stripe
VogMask Pink Roses
Pink Roses
VogMask Blue Flowers
Blue Flowers
VogMask - 8-Bit

Mask Features

  • One Size Fits Most
  • Stylish and come in six different patterns
  • The Vogmasks are hand washable
  • Inexpensive and fits any budget
  • Spandex elastic straps and embedded aluminum nose piece for snug fit

Product Reviews & Questions

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Reviewed by: Sharon R. from Nanty Glo, PA

Very soft and nice fitting mask for outdoor and it doesn't look like a hospital mask. Only querk I have is that when you inhale , it seems to suck in a bit too much but maybe I need to wear it longer to get used to it. 4 stars though !!
Reviewed by: Allergy suffer from Florida

This has been a blessing for my allergies. I was using the paper ones before, they did nothing. I'm allergic to everything outside and I live in Florida.
  Odor Eater
Reviewed by: Taffy H from Cedar Lake Indiana

great allergy mask. Wouldn't be able to go outside or shopping due to sensitivity to odors. Light weight and very comfortable

Customer Q & A

Q1: How do u clean the micro fiber?
A: Hand washing is the best way. Use warm water and a mild soap, then allow it to completely dry prior to use. Machine washing can damage the material the agitator, in particular.

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Vogmask Reviews

VogMask Face Masks

Allergy and asthma sufferers know that they can make a big difference in how they feel by wearing an allergy mask, but there is still something of a stigma that some people feel while wearing masks in public.

As the newest set of masks in our offering, Vogmasks ditch the sterile, clinical feel, and use bright colors and chic prints to provide more stylish appearance while offering effective particle filtration. (FYI, it's pronounced like "fogmask," no long "o" sound... though with their trendy appearance, you're more than welcome to join us in pronouncing it "vogue-mask".)

Having tried several of these masks during allergy season, here is what I found.

What I like about the Vog Mask

The first thing I noticed with this mask was the size. It looked as if it was going to be too small for my face, but I was surprised to find that upon putting it on, it fit well around my nose and mouth. Though overall the size may seem to be a bit smaller than some other masks, it wears well and will fit some children as well as most adults. Just keep in mind that though it may not cover your entire face, it fits well around your nose and mouth. An advantage to the size though, is that because they are small, they fit in your pocket, purse or just about anywhere.

The second thing you'll notice are the prints. Unlike traditionally sterile or clinical looking allergy masks, the Vogmask comes in 6 styles of prints, so it's easy to find one that fit your personality.

For light filtration or for those who prefer a natural fabric, there are two styles of organic cotton Vogmasks. Each offers two-ply filtration for light allergies and some particle protection. The organic cotton masks are certified by the Control Union Certifications of the Netherlands.

For better filtration, opt for a non-woven microfiber Vogmask. These come in four different prints and offer three-ply filtration. The non-woven microfiber masks have been independently tested to filter 99% of particles 3 microns and larger. So while they won't trap some of the ultrafine particles, they do an excellent job in filtering out pollen, most types of dander and mold spores. So as an allergy mask, its filtration is comparable to that of the Honeycomb Carbon mask.

The ear straps are spandex, so they stretch and keep the mask snug on your face. An aluminum nose piece is sewn into the mask, and helps tighten the mask around your nose to prevent fogging up glasses. Because they're a fabric mask, you won't have to worry about condensation build up like with some rubber masks or respirators.

Lastly, with the microfiber masks, you will likely get approximately 30-60 hours (depending on usage conditions). The organic cotton masks offer a slightly better lifespan.  These masks are hand washable. (After a few washings, you may notice the silk screen pattern fading a bit, but the filtration is not effected.

What I did not like about the Vog Mask

Unlike many of our other masks, the Vogmask has no activated carbon or charcoal for odors. So if odor or chemical/vapor filtration is a need, you may want to consider another mask.

Though the sizing allows them to fit almost everyone, if you are a big person or simply have a big head, these may end up being too small.

For most moderate to light allergy sufferers, the Vogmask is going to be a great solution to personal filtration. The stylish patterns and ease of use, combined with effective particle filtration is a hit all round. The Vog masks are economical and can even act as a cold weather mask during the winter months.

Could not wait to try Safeguard Window Filters. I am using them, am very pleased and have high hopes that my solution to open windows is at hand!
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Vogmask - 8 Bit (Item#: VG0001) $19.99
Vogmask - Blue Flowers (Item#: VG0002) $19.99
Vogmask - Pink Roses (Item#: VG0003) $19.99
Vogmask - BlueGrey Stripe (Item#: VG0004) $19.99
Vogmask - Organic Batik (Item#: VG0005) $19.99
Vogmask - Organic Vanilla (Item#: VG0006) $19.99

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