Vornado Humidifiers

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Vornado Ultrasonic Humidifier


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Vornado Humidifiers

Vornado HumidifiersThe whole room Vornado Ultrasonic Humidifier is the creation of the engineering minds that revolutionized air circulation. Never before has Vornado's signature Vortex Action been incorporated with Ultrasonic Humidifier Technology. The combination maximizes humidity distribution. By incorporating their deep pitch blade circulator Vornado humidifiers much more quickly and effectively disperse moisture over extremely large areas.

Vornado provides excellent single room humidification. The unit delivers cool or warm mist and has user defined settings that allow you to choose your desired humidity level and fan speed. The humidistat provides automatic humidity control and the large 2 gallon capacity makes for less refills. Provides coverage up to 1250 square feet.

Evaporative humidifiers have established themselves as an effective and low maintenance option for humidity control. Yet, as the name might imply, "evaporation" is a passive process that can limit the user's ability to control the amount of humidity released in the air, and how effectively it is distributed throughout the environment.

The Vornado Evaporative Humidifier is the only technology that combines the proven reliability of evaporative humidification with Vornado's signature circulation. This model far outpaces comparable evaporative humidifiers in effectiveness but also in the volume of moisture put back into the air over large spaces.

Vornado Ultrasonic Technical Specifications
  • Main Voltage: 120 V / 60 Hz
  • Power Consumption: 140 W
  • Tank Capacity: 2 Gal.
  • Size Dimensions: 10.75" x 9.75" x 18.38"
  • Area Coverage: suitable for rooms up to 1250 square feet
  • Humidity Output: up to 3.5 gallons a day
  • Speeds: 2
  • Weight: 12.75 Lbs.
Vornado Evaporative Technical Specifications
  • Main Voltage: 120 V / 60 Hz
  • Power Consumption: 29 W
  • Tank Capacity: 1.8 Gal.
  • Size Dimensions: 15.5" x 10.25" x 12.13"
  • Area Coverage: suitable for rooms up to 1000 square feet
  • Humidity Output: up to 3 gallons a day
  • Speeds: 3
  • Weight: 7.45 Lbs.
Vornado Ultrasonic Humidifier Features
  • Modern design with large LCD Display
  • Full Digital Controls with built-in humidistat & automatic humidity control.
  • Dual, warm mist humidifier and cool mist humidifier
  • Ultrasonic vibrations to destroy microbes & Demineralization Cartridge to reduce mineral build up.
  • Empty, Cleaning, Mineral Cartridge Replacement Indicators
  • Large and transparent water tank (water level clearly visible)
  • Quiet Operation
Vornado Evaporative Humidifier Features
  • Full Electronic Controls with built-in humidistat
  • Cool Mist Humidifier with 3 Speeds
  • Two Evaporator Wicks to capture minerals and particles before they are released into the air.
  • Large and transparent water tank (water level clearly visible)
  • Whisper Quiet Operation
  • Energy Efficient

Vornado Humidifier Video

Product Reviews & Questions

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  a good start
Reviewed by: Dave & Patty from Wyoming

My wife and I purchased this unit after considerable research. We live in the higher mountains of Wyoming, and heat most of the time with wood, except when we are away or the wood stove is unable to heat the whole house1500-1800sf upper and lower level. Before purchasing this unit our humidity ran &lt18%. When outside temps and wind dictate keeping the house at a range of 68*-72* we can get the humidity up to has much as 26-27% along with a water filled container on the stove itself a vast improvement. To maintain the humidity between 23-26% we have to run the unit at high speed on the warm setting and will have to refill it twice a day. No more dry noses and plants that seem to do better we are happy with the unit, Have only had the unit for less than a month but no white film and the unit seems very durable. Filters might be a draw back as we use well water. Happy breathing Peace to all
  fast service
Reviewed by: always congested from new york

Good humidifier, fast service, will do business again.
  No review title given
Reviewed by: Hewitt from Connecticut

I bought this humidifier for my son's room this winter. He has always had a nagging cough when the weather gets colder, that persists all winter long. But, over the past several weeks this seems to have helped him feel better, and I don't hear nearly as many late night coughing fits. Thanks!

Customer Q & A

Q1:  I have a Vonnado evaporative humidifier. When I fill the water tank some water leaks and goes to the other compartment. Is that correct? Because of that water, the filters got mildew. C.R.

A: Yes. Water moves from the tank into that lower reservoir. The part of the reservoir that is directly below the water tank actually one larger reservoir that allows water to flow under the divider and then be absorbed by the wicks. From there the fan pulls the absorbed moisture out and disperses it through your room. The wicks purpose is to increase the overall surface area from which water can evaporate into the air. If there was simply a pool of water, evaporation would only take place on the surface, but with the wicks, the evaporative surface area increases dramatically which inturn increases the rate at which you can put moisture back into your indoor air. As far as mildew, there are a couple things you can do. First, the wicks need to be replaced periodically. They really can't be washed and reused and anywhere from once a month to once every three month to at the very least, once per season, the pads/wicks must be replaced. At the end of the season, you have two options. You can either allow the pads to completely air dry was well as the water tank and reservoir, then store the unit away until use next season. Or, toss the pads/wicks, allow the reservoir and tank to dry completely, store then install new wicks at the beginning of next season. You can sometimes get mildew if there is moisture left in the tank, in the reservoir or if the pads are still damp prior to storage. You can also sometimes get mildew if the pads are used for use long. Replacement times will vary a bit depending on your specific conditions of use and the conditions in your home. Hope that helps!

Q2: Do you have to soak the replacement mineral cartridge before use?

A: Yes. It's usually a good idea to do so prior to use. Typically, it's recommended to soak them for 24 hours prior to use.

Q3: What is the price of this Vornado humidifier including shipping? Does it have automatic shut off when tank becomes empty?

A: With the Vornado Ultrasonic humidifier, the fan will continue to run to circulate air when the tank is empty or when the desired humidity level is reached. It will say "Refill Tank" on the display when the tank needs to be refilled. Shipping is free on this unit. With the Vornado Evaporative humidifier, the fan will shut off when the unit is empty or when the desired humidity level is reached. Shipping for this unit is $11.99.

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Vornado Humidifiers Reviews
Vornado Ultrasonic / Evaporative Humidifiers

Vornado is relatively new to humidifiers, but they are quickly trying to make a name in this competitive market with two models, an ultrasonic humidifier and a slightly smaller evaporative humidifier. Both units have an interesting array of features, but as with any testing I was more concerned with results than simple aesthetics. After using both units for 48 hours periods here is what I found.

What I like about Vornado Humidifiers

The Vornado Ultrasonic has one of the larger tank capacities currently available. At two gallons I didn't have to refill this unit through continuous use over the first 24 hour period. On the second day, I ran the unit at the highest possible settings and filled in only twice during that 24 hour period. The digital controls, LCD screen, and mini remote were all major pluses for this model. The screen is easy to read, and the remote, though small, is a handy addition. Another feature that really impressed me about this unit is the fan. While I'm not sure the "Vortex Action" creates the same interesting little cyclone that the Vornado video shows, what I can say with confidence is that this unit, regardless of the size of the room, does more evenly distribute moisture. The effects of humidifying could be felt much more quickly with this unit. Like many Germ Guardian and Air-O-Swiss humidifiers, the Vornado Ultrasonic Humidifier is a dual mist humidifier. This eliminates one of the decisions you have to make when considering humidifiers. Lastly, the ultrasonic vibrations help keep microbial growth to a minimum while a demineralization cartridge reduces mineral build-up by filtering the water as it leaves the holding tank.

The Vornado Evaporative Humidifier is a quiet, energy efficient cool mist humidifier. Similar to the Vornado Ultrasonic, the Evaporative has easy to use push button, electronic controls. It's easy to set the humidity and fan speed. While there is no LCD screen, this model has humidity set points. The tank capacity is rather large for an evaporative humidifier. Though I did fill this unit twice during a 24 hour period, on high, this model pushed more water into the air than comparable evaporator humidifiers. The coverage area was exceptional for this humidifier. Both in my home and in our much larger main office room, this unit quickly raised the humidity. In a room that is roughly 900 square feet, I was able to raise the relative humidity 25% in just over two hours (as measured by a separate hygrometer).

Both models come with a 5-Year Limited Warranty, which places them slightly ahead of the competition. Current standard is about three years. So while they may be new to this market, they seem to be very willing to back their products.

What I do not like about Vornado Humidifiers

My first drawback with the ultrasonic humidifier was the tank. Though you think this wouldn't be the case, most humidifiers still are awkward to move. Most often the tank has a handle, and when you lift up on it, you usually just lift the tank, not the entire unit. This can be a mess if you're not careful. The Vornado Ultrasonic Humidifier falls into this category. Again, I can't hold this too heavily against the unit considering it seems to be such a widespread problem.

With the Evaporative model, I find the same thing with the tank as the Ultrasonic. More importantly though, personally, I have never been a big fan of evaporative units. To me there's too great a risk of bacteria buildup in the tanks and in the evaporator wicks. The Vornado Evaporative Humidifier lacks any sort of silver ions, boiling of the water, or ultrasonic vibrations to kill germs in the tank. With continuous use and regular cleaning you can keep the risk to a minimum. Though the user manual recommends diluted bleach, try white vinegar instead. You get an acidic cleaner that kills most germs without having to worry about vaporizing bleach residue and blowing it throughout your home.

Overall, both are good humidifiers at reasonable prices. The integration of the Vornado's, Vortex Action, air circulation technology gives these units a step up over many models, and the electronic controls and humidistat provide a measure of convenience found in only about half of the humidifiers on the market today. Personally, I would lean towards the Vornado Ultrasonic because of the added features, ultrasonic humidification and larger tank capacity, but if cost is a driving concern, the Vornado Evaporative is a good fall back unit.

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My son has always had a nagging cough when the weather gets colder, that persists all winter long. The Vornado Humidifier  seems to have helped him feel better, and I don't hear nearly as many late night coughing fits. Thanks!
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