Top 5 Whole Home Dehumidifiers

Top Five Whole Home DehumidifiersWhole house dehumidifiers are a low maintenance way to keep your entire home dry and comfortable. Though most people typically have humidity issues in the basement, higher moisture levels throughout the home can create a host of issues including mold, mildew, insects, and dust mites, all of which thrive in high humidity.

The best whole home dehumidifiers are powerful, versatile, and efficient in combating excess moisture. Though they vary in size, capacity, price and features, each model on our list is specially chosen as an effective way to protect your home and keep your family feeling more comfortable. Browse the Top Five Whole Home Dehumidifiers list to find the one that is right for your specific needs. Questions? Please contact one our dehumidifier experts via phone or live chat.

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1. Aprilaire 1850

Robust, versatile and reliable, that is the Aprilaire 1850 Whole Home Dehumidifier, and that's exactly why it sits atop our Top Five Whole Home Dehumidifiers list. The 1850 is a direct replacement for the Aprilaire 1750A, and while many of the core features remain, the 1850 makes some big improvements when it comes to features. Exceeding the rating for the 1750A, the new Aprilaire 1850 removes up to 95 pints of moisture per day, and at just 54 decibels, makes less noise than nearly any other model. With two included 10" ducting flanges, your choice of two dry air outlets, the ability to move the control panel, and options for hard wiring, drawing in outside, and monitoring the unit via an external wall-mounted control panel, the 1850 offers the most installation versatility to meet nearly any need. A new, digital humidistat as well as auto defrost and auto restart provide worry-free convenience while a compact steel body and five year warranty offer peace of mind. And, like all Aprilaire dehumidifiers, the 1850 has a MERV 8 air filter and is made in the USA.

Aprilaire 1830 - Best Small Home Dehumidifier


2. Aprilaire 1830

As one of the lightest and most compact whole home dehumidifiers available, the Aprilaire 1830 Small Home dehumidifier is best suited for townhouses, condos and homes 3800 sqare feet or less. With a moisture removal rate of 70 pints per day, this Energy Star rated dehumidifier can effectively control moisture, mold, mildew and insects throughout your entire home without making a big impact on your power bill. The slim profile of the 1830 makes it small enough to fit between floor joists, while the weight is a manageable 67 pounds. Ideal for smaller spaces like closet or attic installs, the 1830 small home dehumidifier is highly configurable. From the control panel to the dry air outlet, panels can be moved to best meet your needs, and this model can even be wired directly into your home's electrical system or connected via a wired remote control. An LCD display, digital humidistat, MERV 8 air filter, and five year warranty round out the features of this durable and effective whole home solution.

Largest Whole Home Dehumidifier - Santa Fe Max Dry XT


3. Santa Fe Max Dry

Though originally designed as a crawlspace or basement dehumidifier, the Santa Fe Max Dry dehumidifier can be ducted directly into your HVAC, and combined with its high moisture removal rate and best-of-the-top-five energy efficiency, it makes an excellent choice for medium to large homes. Effectively drying up to 3600 sqare feet and rated to remove a whopping 155 pints per day, the Max Dry XT is extremely powerful. The other key feature with this model are that unlike almost every other traditional whole home dehumidifier, the Max Dry is the most energy efficient. It is Energy Star rated and has the best energy factor of all models on our Top Five Whole Home Dehumidifier list - 7.3 pints removed per kilowatt hour. This whole home model is also the best in terms of air filtration and comes standard with a two inch, MERV 11 air filter. Additional features include auto restart, auto defrost, durable steel construction and a five year warranty. The downside with this model is that to properly duct it, you will need to get the Return Duct Kit as well as the Supply Ducting Kit, which are both additional purchases.

Aprilaire 1770A Large Home Dehumidifiers


4. Aprilaire 1770A

As the largest whole home dehumidifier Aprilaire offers, the 1770A is ideal for some of the largest homes or areas where humidity can be particularly severe. This powerful whole home dehumidifier can remove up to 150 pints per day and reduce home humidity levels to make them inhospitable to mold, mildew and insects. As one of the best whole home dehumidifiers, it not only can remove a great deal of moisture quickly but provides flexibility between whole home and localized dehumidification, making it the ideal install for basements or crawlspaces. Port this model directly to a floor drain or tie it into the existing condensate drain from your HVAC or a no mess way to remove extracted moisture. A MERV 8 filter traps particles in the air while auto restart and auto defrost features keep this dehumidifier running regardless of conditions. A steel body lends itself to durability, and a five year warranty is among the best of any dehumidifier. Have the Aprilaire 1770A professionally installed for best results and to take advantage of features like the ability to use with an external control or to draw in fresh air from outdoors. Lastly, like many of the best home dehumidifiers, the 1770A is made in the USA.

Santa Fe Classic Small Home Dehumidifier

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5. Santa Fe Classic

For small and even some medium size homes, the Santa Fe Classic might just be what you're looking for. Powerful enough to remove 110 pints of moisture per day, the Classic can be ducted directly into your HVAC system and give you the ability to dry homes as large as 2500 sqare feet With easy to use controls, you simply set the desired humidity level and allow the unit to work. This model has a step up on many other whole home models since it was originally designed as a basement dehumidifier, it features surprising high energy efficiency and is Energy Star rated. Casters allow for easy movement through the space, which is helpful since the Classic dehumidifier weighs in around 110 pounds Durable steel construction, a five year warranty and a MERV 11 filter help add durability and improve overall air quality. Though it doesn't offer some of the install options that the larger whole home dehumidifier models do, the only downside to this model is the ducting kit is a separate purchase.

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