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AirPura R600 HEPA Air Purifiers

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  • Sealed System HEPA Air Purifier with Carbon Filter
  • Quiet Operation & Large Coverage Area
  • Well Balanced for Allergies or Asthma
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    AirPura R600 HEPA Air Purifiers

    Throughout the night you can inhale the dust mite allergen, pollen, dander, and other particles commonly found in indoor air, meaning you can wake up in the morning with congestion, itchy or watery eyes, runny nose, or sneezing, or spend the night wheezing or battling a persistent, dry cough. Removing or trapping the allergens that can cause these symptoms is your best-first step, and this is where the AirPura R600 air purifier can make a big difference in how well you sleep and how you feel the next morning. With four stage filtration, the AirPura R600 HEPA air purifier offers comprehensive air filtration, not only removing particle allergens like dander, dust mites, pollen and mold spores but also tobacco smoke, cleaning and cooking fumes, and perfumes. A carbon filter air purifier may be just what your home needs!

    The R600 does this by using high quality HEPA filter media combined with a thick bed of activated carbon, bracketed with two Micro-Suppress filters and a large particle prefilter, all wrapped in a steel shell, free of the resins, adhesives, rubber or foam that can off-gas or cause problems of their own. In addition to this, the AirPura boasts some of the best coverage areas for a residential air purifier. With a unique internal design and a powerful motor, the AirPura R600 achieves airflow ratings that surpass that of Austin, AllerAir and IQAir purifiers. So when you're ready to remove allergens and sleep better, look no further than an AirPura R600 air purifier. Try this carbon filter air purifier today!


    • 40 Sq.Ft. of HEPA filter media is warm rolled and pleated to prevent tears while offering 99.97% filtration of particles 0.3 microns and larger.
    • Thick, 2" deep activated carbon filter, derived from coconut carbon to remove chemical vapors, smoke, and odors without presenting problems for sensitive individuals or those with MCS.
    • Carbon filter drum is covered with 2 Micro-Suppress filters to suppress bacteria and viruses around the carbon bed.
    • One inch thick, large particle prefilter traps large and visible particles, extending the life of the carbon and HEPA filters.
    • Felt gaskets create a sealed system, preventing air leakage to ensuring maximum air filtration without off gassing like rubber or foam gaskets.
    • Separate filters means you change only the ones you need and reduce filter replacement costs.
    • Steel housing features a powder coat finish for durability and unlike plastic, won't off gas.
    • A unique internal design allows for unimpeded airflow which makes the AirPura one of the quietest air purifiers available today.
    • Backward curved impeller reduces noise and vibrations.
    • Variable speed motor allows you to choose just the right rate of airflow.
    • Powerful motor creates 560 CFM of airflow for superior coverage.
    • Casters for easy mobility.
    • Separate chamber for electrical components means no off gassing from capacitors or switches.
    • Unlike other air purifiers, the AirPura R600 has a motor that is outside of the actual airflow, keeping the cleaned air clean, as it exits the machine.
    • Made in Canada.
    • Each unit features a 5 Year Parts and 10 Year Labor Warranty.


    Customer Reviews

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    Cured Daughter''s Sleep Apnea
    I bought the air purifier because we have bamboo flooring and I was worried about off gassing and thought that this purifier would give us a healthier indoor environment. To my surprise however, it not only cleaned the air but cured my daughter's sleep apnea! At night I decided to wheel it into the bedroom which I share with my daughters. The difference was incredible. My seven year old slept peacefully and didn't gasp for breath or stop breathing once. I was skeptical if my daughter just had a better than average night but now after over two months of continuous use and NO MORE gasping in her sleep, I am convinced this machine has made all the difference. I had tried extra pillows, change in diet, laying her on her side, nothing worked. The doctor was going to send her to a specialist and said her tonsils may have to be removed. I am SO GLAD I found this first. I would have NEVER have suspected the air in the room was causing her troubles. As a added bonus, my husband also stopped snoring! He was a very loud, habitual snorer and it has completely stopped. He also is a garlic and onion lover and the room no longer smells horrible in the morning from his breath. It is clean and fresh. I absolutely love this product and am so thankful for the unexpected health benefits to my daughter. I couldn't be happier.
    Review by Sherrie / (Posted on 4/9/2015)
    Excellent product...
    This is a fantastic product for someone like me who has chemical sensitivities. It isn't too loud and it rolls well.
    Review by PFPurple / (Posted on 4/9/2015)

    AirPura R600 HEPA Air Purifier Reviews
    Air Pura R600 HEPA Air Purifier

    As a relatively new brand in the air purifier market, AirPura air purifiers have taken what popular brands like AllerAir have done and improved upon it. At the center of the AirPura line is the R600 HEPA air purifier. With four stage filtration, solid construction and superior design, the AirPura R600 air purifier traps common allergen, smoke and odors while covering a larger area with better airflow than any other residential air purifier. With our sample model, we tested and took a closer look at what makes the AirPura R600 so unique.

    What I like about the AirPura R600

    The first measure of any air purifier has been, and should be, filtration. This is a key area where the R600 offers comprehensive coverage, from dust mite allergen and pollen to smoke and chemical fumes. Four layers of filtration remove a host of common irritants and allergens, and the first step in this is the large particle prefilter. Thicker than any other air purifier prefilter, the 1" thick prefilter traps visible particles like dirt, hair and dust while also removing some of the larger particles that you can't see. As the air passes through the AirPura R600 it next gets filtered through a Micro-Suppress antimicrobial filter. This thin layer serves two purposes. First, it keeps the carbon, the next stage of filtration, in place while also keeping it free of bacteria, viruses and other microbes. Relying of mechanical/physical filtration, this filter does so without any type of chemicals or treatments. Next the air passes through a 2" thick, 18 lb. bed of activated carbon. This deep filter adsorbs smoke, odors, fragrances and chemical vapors that can irritate but are common in homes. After passing through a second Micro-Suppress filter, the air finally gets pulled through 40 sq. ft. of HEPA filter media which removes the ultra fine particles that you cannot see, 99.97% of them that are 0.3 microns or larger. The air, now fully cleaned and free of allergens, swiftly exits back into your home. This multiple stage filtration is not only thorough but has broad reach to remove all types of indoor air pollution.

    Since most air purifiers most basically consist of some type of fan and some type of filter, noise is a common problem, but this is another area where the AirPura R600 separates itself from the rest. By eliminating kinks in the design and streamlining the internal flow of air, the AirPura R600 produces only produces 28.1 decibels on its lowest setting. This is literally whisper quiet, perfect for light sleepers! Now like other models, as you increase the fan speed, the noise level begins to creep up, but an air purifier this quiet gives you the option to continue to run it through the night and not effect light sleepers. If white noise is more your style, turn up the fan speed, and you're all set!

    Despite making little noise, the AirPura R600 is surprisingly powerful, more powerful than top brands! Thanks to a strong, efficient motor and superior airflow, AirPura HEPA air purifiers move more air, faster than any other residential air purifier. Other air purifiers are designed so that as air flows through the machine it often has negotiate sharp angles before it exits the machine. Air Pura models smooth the path that air travels as it flows through the machine. This means that as air exits, it retains more of the force that it began with as it entered the filtration process. The motor creates the powerful airflow while the internal design maintains it. When combined, this means that AirPura air purifiers cycle through more air and can clean larger spaces than any other residential model.

    It's inert! There are a variety of features that, unlike other air purifiers, make the R600 the solution to improving indoor air quality, not the problem. The seals of the filter chamber are felt, not foam or rubber. The body is powder coated steel, not plastic. The motor is out of the airflow of the cleaned air, so it cannot pick up any particles that the motor may produce before exiting into your room, and the electrical components are housed separately, away from the airflow. All of these things mean the AirPura will not off gas. Plastic, foam, rubber, and electrical components can all produce their own odors and contribute to indoor air pollution, but not the R600. As an added bonus, this machine, like most AirPura air purifiers, comes standard with a coconut shell base for the active carbon. Those who cope with MCS and are up on the finer points of active carbon filtration can attest, activated carbon made from a coconut shell base is one of the very best for people who are extremely sensitive to other carbon bases (bituminous or anthracite coal, sawgrass, etc.). In all, AirPura pays a great deal of attention to the details.

    Similar to AllerAir and Austin, AirPura air purifiers are really easy to use. Once yours arrives, unpack it, plug it in and turn it on. That's it. A variable speed dial gives you the ability to choose just the right fan speed/noise level for you, but other than this, you start it and simply let it go about cleaning your indoor air. Other than filter changes, of which there are three with the most frequent only needing to be changed annually, there is no maintenance other than vacuuming the exterior of the unit. With use large particles can something build up on the exterior housing, but a quick pass with a HEPA vacuum cleaner takes care of that.

    What I do not like about the AirPura R600

    My biggest complaint with this model is there could be better filter change reminders. There is an indicator for the HEPA filter, but nothing to let you know when to replace the prefilter (once a year) or the carbon filter (once every two years). While the same can be said about AllerAir, Austin and other air purifiers, reminders are generally really helpful since many of us are so busy, as my mom says, we'd forget our heads if they weren't attached!

    It's heavy, but for most people once you have set it up, there generally isn't much "moving around" you do with it. Plus, the casters allow it to roll very freely across smooth and even not-so-smooth surfaces.

    To some, the AirPura R600 may seem plain. It certainly lacks some of the bells and whistles, digital features and displays that other models have, but the reason is simple. They believe you buy and air purifier to clean your indoor air, and at its core, the AirPura R600 does this and does this very well. When asthma or allergy relief is what you're looking for all of the digital features, timers, LCD displays and remote controls won't make one bit of difference in how well you breathe. A focus on high quality filtration, long lasting components, an easy-to-use interface and durable construction WILL make that difference, and with the AirPura R600 HEPA air purifier, they do.

    Product Questions

    Being that these are Canadian made, where are they sent if they need repair?

    AirPura R600 HEPA Air Purifiers Specifications

    Recommended For: Allergy, asthma & MCS sufferers
    Maximum Room Size
    2 air changes per hour
    4 air changes per hour
    6 air changes per hour
    2100 sq. ft.
    1050 sq. ft.
    700 sq. ft.
    Filter Description: 1 Large Particle Prefilter, 1 HEPA Filter, 1 Activated Carbon Filter
    Pre-filter: Yes, 4 sq. ft., 1" Thick
    HEPA Filter: Yes, 40 sq. ft.
    Carbon Filter: Yes, 18 lbs. (coconut base), covered with two antimicrobial filters
    UV Light: Optional (CARB Compliant)
    Average Filter Life: Pre-filter 12 months 
    HEPA filter 3-5 years
    Carbon Filter 2 years
    Filter Change Indicator:       
    Air Intake: 360°
    Air Outflow: 360°
    Ozone Emission: No, CARB Compliant
    M.C.S.: Yes
    Smoke Removal: Yes
    Mold Removal: Yes
    Odor Control: Yes
    Dust Removal: Yes
    VOCs: Yes
    Housing: Powder Coated Steel
    Dimensions: 23"H x 15"W x 15"D
    Weight: 45 lbs.
    Shipping Weight: 55 lbs.
    Noise Level: 28.1 - 62.3 dBa
    Wheels / Casters: Yes
    Power Consumption: 40W - 120W
    Fan Speeds: Variable
    CFM: 560
    Warranty: 5 Year Part (Includes fan motor; Excludes Filters); 10 Years Labor
    Approvals: ETL, UL, CSA