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AirPura V600 HEPA Air Purifiers

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  • Largest Coverage of Any Residential Air Purifier
  • Sealed System, HEPA Filter w/ Enhanced Carbon
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    AirPura V600 HEPA Air Purifiers

    While the AirPura line of air purifiers all offer a great deal of smoke, odor, and chemical vapor filtration, specific compounds often require more than just activated carbon to be effectively removed. This is where AirPura V600 HEPA air purifiers can make a big difference. While it has the same superior air flow, sealed system, and quiet operation as other AirPura models have, the V600 residential air purifier uses a specialized carbon blend to not only adsorb but also oxidize a broader range of chemical pollutants and VOCs. Combine this thick, 18 lb. bed of carbon with 40 square feet of HEPA filter media and what you have is one of the most well rounded air purifiers capable of removing allergens, chemical vapors, smoke, and odors.

    With a powerful German-built motor and better internal airflow than any other air purifier, the AirPura V600 can cover larger areas while producing less noise. On low, it operates in near silence while on high you can filter all the air in a 700 square foot space six times every hour, perfect for large home, offices or areas where indoor air pollutants are a more severe problem. The controls are easy to use, while the chassis is durable steel. There are almost no plastic components, and with felt gaskets, a powder coat finish, and no rubber, the AirPura V600 residential air purifier is a great choice for the chemically sensitive. When you want an easy-to-use but highly effective way to remove allergens, odors, and VOCs, the AirPura V600 is your answer.


    • Four stage filtration provides comprehensive removal of particle allergens, pathogens, smoke, odors, and chemical vapors.
    • 40 Sq.Ft. of HEPA filter media removes 99.97% of dust, allergens, and other particles 0.3 microns and larger.
    • Thick, 2" deep, blend of activated carbon, derived from coconut shell, removes chemical vapors, smoke, and odors without creating problems for the chemically sensitive.
    • Carbon filter drum is covered with 2 Micro-Suppress filters to suppress bacteria and viruses.
    • One inch thick, large particle prefilter traps large and visible particles, extending the life of the other filter layers and is easily vacuumed for extended use.
    • Felt gaskets and steel-capped filters create a sealed system, preventing air leakage without off gassing like rubber or foam gaskets.
    • Separate filters means you change only the ones you need, saving on filter replacement costs.
    • With a powder coated steel housing the V600 is durable and unlike plastic, won't off gas.
    • A unique internal design allows for the most efficient and powerful airflow which makes the AirPura exceptionally quiet and efficient.
    • Variable speed motor allows you to choose just the right rate of airflow.
    • A powerful motor creates 560 CFM of airflow for coverage that surpasses all other residential air purifiers.
    • Casters for easy mobility.
    • Separate chamber for electrical components means no off gassing from capacitors or switches.
    • To keep the air clean as it exits the machine, the AirPura V600 has a motor that is outside of the actual airflow.
    • Made in Canada.
    • 5 Year Parts and 10 Year Labor Warranty.

    Customer Reviews

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    Best purchase I've made!
    I am 33 and have struggled with severe allergies and MCS my whole life. I've owned numerous high-end air purifiers, including Austin Air and Blueair, and the Airpura V600 is, by far, the best. Austin Air was a huge disappointment. It was exceedingly loud, it's fan fluttered, did little for my allergies and the carbon used produced a noxious coal smell. The Airpura, on the other hand, alleviated my symptoms within a few hours of use and has continued to do so. I live in a house with a cigar smoker as well as two indoor cats whose litter box creates strong ammonia smells. The Airpura completely eliminated both odors that used to permeate my room. For the first time, I awake with no sniffles or puffy, bloodshot eyes. I cannot say enough about this air purifier. My only complaints are that, while quieter than most multi-filter air purifiers, it is still not a "quiet" machine and I wish there were a way to turn off or dim the green power light. That said, I highly recommend Airpura to anyone who suffers severe allergies and/or has MCS or strong odors in their home. Don't waste your money on other inferior machines.
    Review by Allergy and MCS sufferer / (Posted on 12/17/2015)

    AirPura V600 Air Purifier Reviews

    AirPura V600 HEPA Air Purifier

    While the AirPura R600 remains an excellent base air purifier, some situations require an air purifier with more comprehensive and robust filtration of chemical vapors and VOCs. Compounds like formaldehyde, toluene, and benzene can sometimes be tricky for standard activated carbon to adsorb, and in cases like this, a blended carbon often performs better. This is what you'll find in the AirPura V600 VOC air purifier. Not only does the V600 remove harmful VOCs but it also traps the allergens that can cause allergies, asthma, or COPD to flare up. Quiet and well built, the AirPura V600 expands upon the performance of the R600, but how does it compare to other HEPA air purifiers? After two weeks with our sample model, this is how the V600 fared.

    What I like about the AirPura V600

    On the surface, you won't see much of a difference between the V600 and any other AirPura model. The main between this model and others lies in the carbon filter. While all AirPura models start with a coconut carbon base, the V600 filter contains a blend of this carbon as well as potassium iodide. You may be familiar with this blend as it is very similar to what is used in the highly recommended Austin HealthMate Plus. There are a couple reasons for this blend. First, the coconut carbon base seems to work better for most people. Some of the most sensitive can often have problems with the base material used in certain types of activated carbon. Secondly, the potassium iodide is an oxidizing agent that actually breaks down certain chemical molecules. So while the activated carbon adsorbs (attracts and binds to) smoke, odor, and some chemical molecules, the second compound oxidizes some of the most dangerous VOCs that standard carbon can often miss. This blend translates into better filtration of a wider array of pollutants, making the AirPura V600 a better choice for VOC filtration and and those more sensitive to chemicals.

    Additional features of the AirPura V600 HEPA air purifier are similar to other models in the AirPura lineup. The HEPA filter is a sealed HEPA that is steel-capped for a tighter seal and to avoid the use of rubber or foam gaskets. This filter is the core of the allergen, dust, and particle filtration, trapping 99.97% of particles 0.3 microns and larger. This includes the most common allergens like dust mites, dander, pollen, and mold spores as well as less common particles like the fine particulate associated with food production or commercial manufacturing. With an expected lifespan of three to five years, the AirPura HEPA filter costs you less to maintain than cheaper filters with more frequent replacement intervals.

    One thing that anyone who has ever used an AirPura will notice is the quiet operation. Thanks in large part to a streamlined internal airflow design, the V600 makes almost no audible noise on its lowest fan speed. Like other air purifiers, on high it does produces significant noise from air movement, but with a variable speed motor, the fan settings are essentially infinite. You can turn it up during the day and for lighter sleepers, turn it down at night.

    Ease of use cannot be overstated for the AirPura. While a variety of features like a timer, an LCD display, or a remote are nice for some of us, many prefer simple. We have enough remotes, more than enough devices that beep at us, and many of us spend far too much time staring at a tiny display screen anyways (are you reading this on your smart phone right now?), so an appliance that offers simple operation can be very welcomed. The AirPura V600 offers that. After unpacking it, you simply plug it in and set the dial to the desired fan speed. For the next year, the most you will have to do is vacuum the exterior (where air enters) to help keep the prefilter clear of large, visible particles. After a year, you may want to replace the prefilter, but many simple thoroughly clean and replace it. At two years, you will replace the carbon filter and for most people, it isn't until years four or five that you have to worry about replacing the HEPA filter, not every three months or six months. Overall, the AirPura is one of the easiest air purifiers to operate.

    In addition to a long filter life, the V600 is a durable machine. With a German made motor, steel body, simplistic design, and relative lack of plastic parts there are few things that can ever go wrong with an AirPura. You get a well built, air purifier that focuses on quality filtration, easy use, and long life.

    What I do not like about the AirPura V600

    I will be the first to admit that another appliance with a remote control is the last thing I want. Stereo, surround system, tv, cable, and dvd player remotes are more than enough to keep me confused or busy searching for the one that is missing. One thing I do miss from the AirPura V600 is a filter change indicator. You will want to jog the dates down because the AirPura is so quiet and blends in well enough that it's fairly easy to forget its there and miss a filter change.

    There are three color options with the V600, so once you decided to improve your indoor air quality and chosen a color, you're nearly finished! The AirPura V600 VOC air purifier offers broad filtration in one solidly built package. What it lacks in sophistication or fancy features, it makes up for in hassle-free use, effective filtration, and quiet, durable operation. Whether you have odors from new furniture, paint, or flooring or simply want to make you indoor air more breathable on all fronts, the AirPura V600 is an excellent choice for hassle-free operation and top notch results.

    Product Questions

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    AirPura V600 HEPA Air Purifiers Specifications

    Recommended For: Removing a broad range air pollutants, particle allergens, dust, VOCs, and odors
    Maximum Room Size:
    2 air changes per hour
    4 air changes per hour
    6 air changes per hour       
    2100 sq. ft.
    1050 sq. ft.
    700 sq. ft.
    Filter Description: 1 Large Particle Prefilter, 1 HEPA Filter, 1 Blended, Activated Carbon Filter
    Pre-filter: Yes, 4 sq. ft. (1" thick)
    HEPA Filter: Yes, 40 sq. ft.
    Carbon Filter: Yes, 18 lbs. (coconut base), covered with two antimicrobial filters
    UV Light: Optional
    Average Filter Life: Pre-filter 12 months
    HEPA filter 3-5 years
    Carbon Filter 2 years
    Filter Change Indicator: No
    Air Intake: 360°
    Air Outflow: 360°
    Ozone Emission: No, CARB Compliant
    M.C.S.: Yes
    Smoke Removal: Yes
    Mold Removal: Yes
    Dust Removal: Yes
    VOCs: Yes
    Housing: Powder Coated Steel
    Dimensions: 23"H x 15"W x 15"D
    Weight: 45 lbs.
    Shipping Weight: 55 lbs.
    Noise Level: 28.1 - 62.3 dBa
    Wheels / Casters: Yes
    Power Consumption: 40W - 120W
    Fan Speeds: Variable
    CFM: 560
    Warranty: 5 Year Part (Includes fan motor; Excludes Filters); 10 Years Labor
    Approvals: ETL, UL, CSA