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Austin Air Bedroom Machine HEPA HM402 Air Purifier

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  • 5 Stage Filtration to Remove Allergens, Odors, and VOCs
  • Easy Filter Changes, Low Maintenance
  • Durable Steel Construction, Simple, Plug-and-Go Design
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    Austin Air Bedroom Machine HEPA HM402 Air Purifier

    Austin Bedroom Machine is Made in the USAOriginally engineered to meet the filtration requirements set by the John Hopkins University School of Medicine for ongoing research of nano particles and air filtration, the Austin Air Bedroom machine combines the best in Austin filtration all in one bedroom HEPA air purifier. In comparison to other air purifiers available on the market, it captures one of the broadest ranges of particles, allergens and chemicals - from particle allergens like pollen, dander, and dust mites to chemical vapors, tobacco smoke and everything in between.With respiratory illness being one of the primary causes of sleep disturbance, this HEPA air purifier removes these common pollutants and even some of the most harmful substances found in your home, like formaldehyde and other VOCs, to help you sleep better and feel healthier. The Austin Air Bedroom Machine is backed by Austin's solid reputation for building high quality, durable air purifiers and retains all of the features that has made Austin a leader in the air purifier industry.

    With respiratory illness being one of the primary causes of sleep disturbance, this bedroom HEPA air purifier removes these common pollutants and even some of the most harmful substances found in your home, like formaldehyde and other VOCs, to help you sleep better and feel healthier. The Bedroom Machine is backed by Austin's solid reputation for building high quality, durable air purifiers and retains all of the features that has made Austin a leader in the air purifier industry.

    Austin Air was founded in 1990 in Buffalo, New York by a husband trying to help his wife find relief from lifelong asthma symptoms, which he did with the Austin Air HealthMate. Today, Austin Air continues to operate out of Buffalo, and husband (now president) Richard Taylor and crew continue to build air purifiers with a "family first" mentality, knowing that cleaner air can benefit all those affected by respiratory issues.

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    • Engineered to meet the filtration requirements set by John Hopkins University Medical School.
    • 5 levels of filtration to offer the broadest the range of chemicals, gaseous particles, and pollutants captured.
    • Large particle pre-filter that traps dust bunnies and other visible particles.
    • Built-in Medium size particle filter to help extend the life of the HEPA filter.
    • 15 lbs. of activated carbon provides a level of air filtration that removes chemicals like ammonia.
    • 60 sq. ft. of certified Medical-grade True HEPA Filter for removal of 99.97% of particulate pollutants 0.3 microns in size and 95% of all particles 0.1 microns and larger.
    • HEGA (High Efficiency Gas Arrestance) Filtration features an advanced military carbon cloth to absorb odors and gases.
    • Plastics on many air purifiers emit gases and cause problems for the chemically sensitive. Austin Air purifiers feature solid steel construction, which means they will not off-gas chemicals.
    • Baked on non-toxic powder coat finish.
    • Specially engineered 360° Air Intake for maximum air flow.
    • Control switch with three speeds.
    • Three to five year filter life means low filter replacement costs.
    • Easy to clean and maintain, simply vacuum the exterior of the air purifier once a month and replace the separate, large pre-filter once per year.
    • Long-lasting, energy efficient PSC motor.
    • Casters for easy moving.
    • Five-year pro-rated filter guarantee. Five-year mechanical warranty.
    • Effective for areas up to 1500 square feet.
    • Made in the USA

    Austin Air Bedroom Machine HEPA HM402 Air Purifier - A Closer Look

    Austin Air Bedroom Machine Fan and Motor Assembly Austin Air Bedroom Machine Fan and Motor Assembly

    Austin Air has years of experience in producing quality allergy air purifiers. The simple, economical design of the unit makes it an attractive, long term value. Air is pulled in 360 degrees around the unit. After being pulled through the sealed, 5 stage filtration, the air exits through the top of the unit. On the highest setting, the motor uses only a little more power than a standard light bulb. The motor and the steel housing are covered by a 5 year mechanical warranty.

    Austin Air's Construction and Engineering Cutaway of Austin Air's Construction and Engineering

    Austin Air cleaners are not made of plastic parts. Plastics, particularly when they begin to warm, can off gas and cause problems for the chemically sensitive. That's why Austin Air cleaners have all steel construction with a baked on powder coat finish. The sturdy steel construction of every Austin Air product guarantees that your air cleaner will last for years.

    Air is drawn through two particle pre-filters with a powerful PSC motor then through a 15 lb. bed of blended activated carbon, 60 sq. ft. of true HEPA filter media, and finally through a HEGA carbon cloth. This five stage process provides the best air filtration of any Austin air purifier available. Gaskets ensure no air leakage.

    Customer Reviews

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    Best air purifier ever!
    We have had quite a few air purifiers through the years. This is the most efficient and versatile we have encountered.
    Review by Debra C / (Posted on 6/3/2015)
    Sleeping much better!
    I bought a house in November 2010 and have been struggling with allergies and infections ever since I bought it. I suspected that 30 years of dust and other allergens were in the ducts so I had them professionally clean. That worked a little but not 100%. So, I researched and came across the Austin Air Bedroom Purifier. I originally tried the IQAir but I didn't think it did much so I returned it. After a few days of the Austin Air running in my bedroom my allergies seemed to be a bit better. I wasn't as congested in the AM plus i felt I was sleeping better. I still don't believe this is a miracle machine BUT I am still semi-remodeling my house so VOC's and dust are floating around. I do believe that once all that is complete that this machine will start to shine. In fact, I am planning to buy a few more for various rooms in the house. As far as the machine itself, it's very solid. Heavy but thankfully the coasters help get it around easily. I will say that it's not the most attractive machine but it serves it's purpose. I ended up buying the Sandstone color. The noise is a bit much on High/Medium. On low, the machine is perfect for white noise throughout the house. On medium it blocks out most sounds which is a bit concerning to me because there have been several big storms that have moved through our area and I slept right through them. While that sounds nice I live in Texas and straight line winds or tornados are a concern. On high, you can clearly hearing it running in the house from several rooms away. I occasionally will leave it on High while I'm at work just to help clean and circulate the air. While I sleep I keep the machine on low and it's just perfect. Overall I give the machine a great rating! I can't wait to see what happens when I finish up the remodel in my house and let the machine finally get to work with an unobstructed space.
    Review by Dustin / (Posted on 4/9/2015)
    My son can sleep again
    I moved into a house that had been mitigated for mold but soon after became musty again. My son was waking up at night coughing, stuffed up and with his throat burning. I gave him my smaller Austin Air Jr. machine and that helped but realized I needed that one for my bedroom. His room is much larger so I got this machine. Although it is rather loud on high, after it ran for 12 hours, he had no more problems sleeping. If he keeps it on low for several days, he will wake up stuffed up so I turn it onto high when he leaves in the morning and he can turn it down when he gets home. Very pleased with this air purifier and would recommend to anyone. You can feel the better air quality after a few hours of runtime or if entering from outside the house.
    Review by Very Allergic to Mold / (Posted on 4/9/2015)
    Terrible Customer service - Austin
    The Austin air company sent me a damaged unit, which we thought was caused by UPS. However the second unit they sent to rectify the first was promised to be inspected and its packaging reinforced with bubble wrap to prevent any damage. However, the second unit was completely caved in where the unit was guarded by 6" of Styrofoam. This damage indicated it occurred in Austin Airs packaging facility. I returned both units because if they could not handle sending out an undamaged unit how could I trust their abilities to handle more difficult matters like warrantee, parts, or quality claims. Worst of all, Achoo Allergy and I made Austin Air aware that I am suffering with severe allergies to a large variety and that I was getting emergency sinus surgery the following week. The unit operated well and provided much needed comfort for nighttime breathing, but I had several doubts to their quality claims after researching several other brands on multiple consumer review websites during their shipping indiscretions. The fact that you could just vacuum the outside of the unit for five years to clean it sounded like a cost saving selling point for replacing the multiple pre-filters of other companies. However, there is an issue with this claim, and I proved its lack of legitimacy, through the claims of the leading selling companies that offer replacement pre-filters. You are never going to vacuum out and clean the unit entirely each month, which meant the unit would be less efficient every month operating with less air circulation or CFM rating. Spent the money and get the IQ air, it is used by hospital clean rooms, and many others. The IQ air is more expensive up front and at a yearly operating cost, but it stands behind its proven reputation which is important when it comes to your HEALTH!
    Review by Severe Sinus / (Posted on 4/9/2015)
    Fabulous product
    10 minutes after you plug it in, you can breathe much better. It is truly amazing. Well worth the cost!
    Review by Mabel / (Posted on 4/9/2015)

    Austin Air Bedroom Machine Air Purifier Reviews

    Austin Air Bedroom Machine Air Purifier

    The Austin Air Bedroom Machine is an air purifier specifically designed to keep you sleeping and feeling better through improved indoor air quality. Like other Austin air purifiers, the Bedroom Machine has all steel construction, simple controls,and a five year warranty. What makes this unit so unique is the extra level of filtration that the Bedroom Machine provides. With the identical filtration system Austin developed for air quality studies at John Hopkins University School of Medicine, the Bedroom HEPA air purifier is built specifically to provide you fresh, clean air when you need it most, while you sleep.

    What I like about the Austin Air Bedroom Machine

    Filtration is the hallmark of the Bedroom Machine. Austin air purifiers offer 4 levels of standard filtration, but the Bedroom Machine offers a fifth level of filtration to broaden the range of chemicals, gaseous and particle pollutants it captures. You begin with a large particle pre-filter that traps things like pet hair, dust bunnies and other visible particles. The second stage of filtration is a medium size particle filter. Next, there is a 15 lb. bed of activated carbon. This blend of carbon is ideal for trapping smoke and VOC particles. Next is 60 sq. ft. of certified HEPA filter media, and last is a HEGA carbon cloth that focuses on chemical pollutants and acts a final phase of filtration before the purified air is sent back into your bedroom. For you this means the Bedroom Machine will not only trap pet dander, pollen and dust mite allergen, but also things like benzene, ammonia, dry cleaning chemicals, odors from cooking, formaldehyde (from glues) and other harmful toxins.

    While Austin Air has long been a leader in home air filtration, the work done with major institutions, like John Hopkins, is confirmation not only of their dedication to improving air quality but also their actual ability to meet those goals. This is in addition to Austin's historic work with first responders, the American Red Cross, and FEMA after several major disasters.

    Like other Austin models, there are several key elements that separate them from comparable air purifiers. First, the steel construction will not off-gas. This is key for MCS sufferers and others who have reactions caused by plastics or the petroleum products used in plastic production. Secondly, the controls are very simple and easy to use. You have three fan speeds, so once you unpack the unit, simply set it up and turn it on. Lastly, while Bedroom Machine replacement filters are not cheap, they do last. Instead of replacing the filter every 3 to 6 months, this filter lasts between 3 and 5 years depending on room conditions and usage.

    Maintenance is simple. To replace the filter, simply unscrew the four screws in the bottom plate, remove the old filter and large particle filter and replace with the new filters, and then reassemble. Again, the main filter only needs to be replaced every 3 to 5 years. The large particle pre-filter can be washed or vacuumed periodically to ensure good airflow. This pre-filter needs to be replaced annually but is very inexpensive.

    The warranty for the Bedroom Machine air purifier is the same as with any Austin air purifier. The unit is fully backed for 5 years while the filter has a pro-rated 5 year warranty. If you have any problems with the unit, Austin is very responsive to your needs. If you happen to be unsatisfied with the air purifier, you have a full 30 days to return the unit, no questions asked.

    Overall, the Austin Air Bedroom Machine is an ideal HEPA air purifier for anyone concerned with indoor air quality or those who have respiratory problems that disturbs their sleep. The filtration provides more protection against a wider range of indoor air pollutants, and filter life far outpaces most comparable models. The Bedroom Machine is durable and easy to use. For allergy, asthma, MCS and others with respiratory issues, the Austin Bedroom Machine is the ideal choice for better sleep and cleaner air.

    Product Questions

    I am interested in the noise output of Austin Air's Bedroom Machine. It appears the lowest setting could be as loud as a vacuum cleaner yet there are no consumer reviews with testimony regarding the noise level. Can you comment please?

    Austin Air Bedroom Machine HEPA HM402 Air Purifier Specifications

    Recommended For: Large & Medium bedrooms where clean air is necessary for allergy & asthma sufferers
    User Profile: Allergy, Asthma, other people with respiratory problems or those who are simply concerned with indoor quality
    Maximum Room Size
    2 air changes per hour
    1500 sq. ft.
    4 air changes per hour 750 sq. ft.
    6 air changes per hour
    500 sq. ft.
    Filter Description: Medium particle filter, Activated carbon, HEGA Cloth, HEPA filter media
    Pre-filter: Large Particle Pre-filter with medium particle filter built into main filter drum
    Filter Guarantee: 5 year Pro-rated Guarantee
    HEPA Filter: Yes
    HEPA Media Size: 60 sq. ft. True Surgical Medical HEPA filter media
    Carbon Filter: 15 lbs. of blended Activated Carbon & HEGA Carbon Cloth
    UV Light: No
    Average Filter Life: 4 years
    Air Intake: 360°
    Air Outflow: Directed Register, Top Right Side of Unit
    Ozone Emission: No
    Filter Change Indicator: No
    M.C.S.: Yes
    Smoke Removal: Yes, excellent
    Mold Removal: Yes
    Odor Control: Yes
    Dust Removal: Yes
    Formaldehyde Removal: Yes
    Second Hand Smoke Removal:    
    Power Cord Length: Approx. 5-6-feet
    Dimensions: 23" H x 14.5" W x 14.5" D
    Shipping Weight: 52 lbs.
    Weight: 45 lbs
    Housing: 22 gauge steel
    Noise Level: High 66 dBa
    Medium 55 dBa
    Low 50 dBa
    Wheels / Casters: Yes
    Power Consumption: 135 W (Max)
    CFM: 400 CFM (Max)
    Warranty: 5 years part and labor
    Certifications: CSA, NRTL, & CE approved