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Alen A375 UV Air Purifier

  • Item #: AL0004
  • $549.00

Alen A375 UV Air Purifier

Alen Air Purifiers are Energy Star Rated!The A375 UV contains the features of the A350 unit but also includes 2 UV lamps, a titanium dioxide filter, dust/odor sensors, remote control and increased activated carbon for improved odor removal. These features increase the filtration range of this HEPA air purifier while providing additional ease of use. This all-in-one air purifier is also wall mountable. The A375 UV is backed by a Lifetime Limited Warranty with regular filter replacement. It uses oxidation technology to remove some harmful toxins and odors from secondhand smoke. This air purifier effectively assists in the removal of bacteria, odor, dust, pollen and household VOCs. The Alen A375 comes standard with a HEPA-Fresh filter.


  • All-in-one HEPA-Fresh filter has three layers: pre-filter/HEPA filter/activated carbon filter.
  • Effective removal of pollen, dust, animal dander, dust mites, molds, bacteria and viruses.
  • Activated carbon filter for even greater odor removal.
  • SmartSensor technology that detects allergens and airborne pollutants and adjust air purification levels.
  • 2 UV lamps for bacteria and virus sterilization.
  • 4 speed settings & timer.
  • Dust and odor sensors to give accurate filter life readings.
  • Wall-mountable, space-saving design.
  • Built-in ionizer that minimizes pollutants without producing ozone
  • Filter replacement indicator and easy filter replacement.
  • LCD display with simple, intuitive touch-button controls.
  • Unique safety feature with auto-off protection when front cover removed.
  • Remote control for added convenience.
  • Lifetime Warranty

Customer Reviews

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Amazing machine
I needed a really good air purifier for my massage therapy room. I am in a 200 SF space with windows that do not open. Although there is central air I notice the system does not circulate very often. In addition, I have neighbors and I need something to absorb the smell of essential oils. I was drawn to this system because of the Hepa filter, negative ions and UV technology. With clients coming to the space everyday I cannot risk bacteria or viruses affecting me or anyone else. This system works wonderfully. Many people commented about the cleanliness in the air. I have also noticed that I do not need to dust. I check surfaced everyday and I am amazed that there is no need to clean anything. The system is also very quiet. I keep it on level 2, which is about the sound of a white noise generator. In this way it is an additional benefit for me. I love the timer. I usually set it to turn off 2 hours after I am done for the day. When I come back the next day the room smells very fresh. This unit is also mountable but I just keep it towards the corner of the room. It is larger than I thought it would be but it does not get in my way at all. I love it so much that I bought one for my home as well.
Review by Elements of Wellness / (Posted on 4/7/2015)
One of the better ones I''ve used
I've been dealing with severe asthma all of my life, and over the years I've tried several different brands of air purifers. Alen was new to me, but from the info I could find I decided to give them a try. The initial cost was in line with others I've purchased as is having to replace the filters ever six months. UNLIKE others though, I at least have a lifetime warranty behind me when I keep up on this. The results were really good. This unit worked better than my older Honeywell and just as good as, if not better than, my three year old Blueair. For now, this Alen has been as good as advertised!
Review by Shelly / (Posted on 4/7/2015)
Small business owner
I am a mechanic with a small business. Our work area is open and close to the road. That creates a lot of dust. We mounted this Alen to the wall and it has helped reduce the dust in the air. Thank you Alen.
Review by Bob Gilliard / (Posted on 4/7/2015)

Alen A375 UV Air Purifier Reviews

Alen A375 UV Air Purifier

With the A375 UV, Alen has attempted to address some of the concerns of its earlier model, the A350. Particle filtration is excellent, but the A350 lacked a VOC filtering component. The A375 UV deals with this concern and expands the list of electronic features offered.

What I like about the A375 UV

The A375 UV features expanded electronic features. With the same push-button, digital controls, this unit comes equipped with a remote control. The A375 UV has an Auto Mode that will adjust the fan speed based on current particle and/or odor contaminant levels. There are two small sensors on the upper-front of the face plate which measure air quality.

By far though, the most substantial upgrade on the A375 UV is its ability to filter and neutralize VOCs and pathogens. To this end, Alen has fitted the A375 UV with two UV bulbs. UV light is shown to disrupt the cell walls of microorganisms as well as alter their DNA. A permanent titanium dioxide grid oxidizes VOC's and other harmful compounds. This differs in that tradition activated carbon filters often simply trap the chemicals. The titanium dioxide grid in combination with UV light actually breaks down harmful chemicals and gases, rendering them inert. The use of this photo-catalytic oxidation technology is a decided improvement over the A350.

Only slightly heavier than the A350 model, the A375 UV remains lightweight and compact. The ABS body blends easily into any surrounding decor, and can be mounted to the wall.

The A375 UV is very quiet on the first two settings. However, trying to sleep while the unit is on the two highest settings may prove to be a little difficult.

Like all models that Alen produces, the A375 UV is easy to use and maintain. Changing the filter takes only a few minutes, but replacing the UV bulbs will take a little longer and require the use of a screwdriver. Both bulbs are situated behind the HEPA filter and can be accessed the same way as if you were changing the filter.

The A375 UV is energy efficient and easy on the wallet. It is Energy Star rated and uses about as much electricity as a light bulb.

One key component to all Alen air purifiers is the warranty. The A375 UV comes with Alen's standard Lifetime Warranty. With proper filter replacement (every six months), Alen ensures that should their product malfunction or ever go on the fritz, you will be covered. This kind of peace of mind is nearly unmatched in the industry.

What I do not like about the A375 UV

Though the Alen does come with a lifetime warranty, keeping your warranty valid is contingent upon replacing the filter every six months. In exchange for a lifetime warranty, this is a fair deal. Besides proper filtration of any air purifier is dependent upon regular filter changes.

As with the A350, we are not entirely sold on the effectiveness of the ionizer, but this feature can be turned on or off with the simple push of a button.

Overall, the Alen A375 UV is a significant upgrade from the A350. By adding just a few key features, Alen has managed to address nearly all the shortcomings of the A375s predecessor. The A375 UV retains the ease of use, convenience, efficiency and lifetime warranty, while adding VOC filtration and pathogen removal. For most allergy sufferers, this model is an excellent buy.

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Alen A375 UV Air Purifier Specifications

Recommended for: Allergy & Asthma sufferers who need quiet, broad range particle & chemical/gas/VOC filtration
Maximum Room Size
6 air changes per hour
400 sq. ft.
Filter Description: Alen HEPA-Fresh filter
Pre-filter: Washable Foam
HEPA Filter: Yes
Carbon Filter: Layer of Activated Carbon integrated into HEPA filter
UV Light: Yes - 2
Average Filter Life: 6 months with continuous use
Installation / Expansion Options:       
Wall mountable
Remote: Yes
Interface Control Type: Digital, Touch Button
Speeds / Settings: 4
Dimensions: 20.2" H x 18.5" W x 9.9" D
Shipping Weight: 22 lbs.
Weight: 19 lbs.
Housing: ABS Plastic
Noise Level: 36 - 65 dBa
Power Consumption: 104W on highest speed
Wheels / Casters: No
Programmable Timer: Yes
Filter Change Indicator: Yes
LCD Display: Yes
Warranty: Limited Lifetime Warranty
Approvals: EnergyStar, ETL
+'s: Wall mountable, Enhanced VOC & microorganism filtration/neutralization
-'s: No casters, average smoke/odor filtration

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