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Allergy Armor House Wash

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Allergy Armor House Wash

Allergy Armor House Wash is the newest addition to our cleaning products. This all-purpose house cleaner performs an incredible amount of different cleaning tasks. It easily penetrates dirt and grime, while quickly cleaning almost any interior or exterior job from delicate velour to concrete drives. Excellent on cedar, aluminum, vinyl, asbestos, painted wood and stucco siding, metal, brick, concrete, and interior and exterior surfaces. Prepares any surface for painting.The directions are simple. Simply spray on to the surface and allow to work for about 10 seconds. Wipe surface with a wet cloth or sponge. This all-purpose cleaner is an odorless, biodegradable, industrial strength cleaner. It contains no solvents, phosphates, abrasives, or chlorine. Can be used in pressure washers, carpet cleaners, hand pump sprayers, and hand cleaning. You save money and time, because Allergy Armor House Wash replaces 90% of all special cleaners.

Allergy Armor House Wash Reviews

Allergy Armor House Wash

Probably the main advantage of Allergy Armor House Wash is its versatility. It can be used successfully on a variety of surfaces. I used it as a general household cleaner - kitchens, bathrooms, etc. It's not completely odorless, but the smell is slight enough that I can use it in a small, enclosed area like the bathroom without being bothered by it.

What I like about Allergy Armor House Wash

  • Very versatile, can be used on just about everything. These include coffee pots, laundry, gutters, auto interiors, and much more.
  • Very effective and works quickly
  • Safe for lots of surfaces - wood, aluminum, paint, metal, even fabric
  • No strong smell, and no solvents, abrasives, or chlorine
  • Cost effective
What I don't like about Allergy Armor House Wash
  • Honestly, there is not much to like about this cleaner. Possibly, some more sensitive people couldbe bothered by the slight odor when cleaning.
In general, I would give this product 5 out of 5 stars. We wanted to create a cleaner that could be used in a lot of different applications.It works great for anyone with chemical sensitivity or a dislike of strong cleaning smells. I also recommend it for any thrifty household manager who is looking for a do-it-all cleaner at an affordable price.

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