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Allergy Armor Organic Duvet Covers

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Allergy Armor Organic Duvet Covers

Allergy Armor Premium Organic Duvet Covers Are Made in the USAAllergy Armor Organic allergy duvet covers are made from 100% certified organic cotton and completely encase your duvet or comforter to protect you against dust mites and other particle allergens found in bedding. With an Allergy Armor Organic is Made from GOTS Certified Organic Cotton Fabricaverage pore size small enough to seal away existing dust mites, you can breathe easier with this 100% organic cotton cover, and unlike other covers, the organic cotton lacks the harsh chemical residues that can aggravate MCS, eczema or those with sensitive skin. Soft and breathable, this cover provides protection without adding excessive warmth. Sized to fit most modern comforters, cover your comforter in a more natural kind of allergy bedding - Allergy Armor Organic. Except them to fit large until you wash them for the first time. To accommodate for shrinking upon the initial wash, each cover is cut large.


  • 100% Organic cotton - non-dyed, non-treated, and chemical-free
  • Organic Dust Mite Duvet Covers Blocks Common AllergensCertified Dust Mite Barrier
  • Independently Tested with Average Pore Size of 4.7 Microns
  • GOTS Certified Barrier Fabric
  • No VOCs, flame retardants, stain guards or other chemical treatments
  • Four Loops (outside)and Strings (inside) to Attach Cover to Comforter and Decorative Duvet Cover
  • Lightweight and Breathable
  • Ideal for Allergies, Chemical Sensitivities, and Sensitive Skin
  • Naturally Soft Fabric
  • Machine Washable
  • Crafted in our Atlanta, GA Location
  • 10 Year Warranty

Organic Cotton Duvet Dimensions:

  Inches (W x L) Centimeters (W x L)
Twin 66" x 86" 168 x 218
Full / Queen 90" x 92" 228 x 233
King 106" x 86" 267 x 218
*Dimensions After Washing

Allergy Armor Organic Duvet Covers - A Closer Look

Organically grown, this cotton is monitored all through the growth and production process to ensure that it meets the strictest organic standards set by the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS). From the field to weaving, this organic fabric is certified by the most widely recognized organic certification agency in the world. Exclusive to AchooAllergy, Allergy Armor Organic Cotton is a natural, effective barrier against allergens.

Allergy Armor Organic Cotton Duvet Cover Review

Allergy Armor Organic Comforter Covers

An often overlooked place where dust mites can live and breed is your comforter!  While comforter covers can often be heavy, the Allergy Armor organic cotton comforter covers are exceptions to that rule. Still offering protection against dust mites and other particle allergens, these lightweight and breathable duvet covers fully encase your comforter without adding excess weight or warmth. As a certified organic cotton product, they have no chemical or pesticide residues that modern cotton textiles often contain. When compared to other organic bedding, this is how the Allergy Armor Organic fares.

What I like about Allergy Armor Organic Duvet Covers

  • GOTS Certified - There are many organic certification agencies out there, many with dubious credentials. Much like products certified "green" or "environmentally friendly" there are many opportunists out there who offer bogus services for organic certification. GOTS is different in that it is an internationally recognized agency with an extensive list of guidelines, tests, and checks in place to certify the products and processes minimize waste, reduce or eliminate the use of chemicals, and ensure a minimal overall environmental impact while protecting the rights of workers. From seed to finished product, GOTS certified the materials used and product through every stage of growth and production. GOTS is also the most widely recognized and accepted textile certification agency in the world, and our organic cotton barrier fabric is nothing less than GOTS certified.
  • Made in the USA - There are a variety of organic covers available, but the Allergy Armor organic duvet covers are the only ones that are actually cut, sewn and packaged locally. We manufacture each encasing in our cut and sew facility in our Atlanta location. While the fabric itself is woven in India (from domestic and international organic cotton supplies), the actual construction of your encasing happens right here.
  • Price - The price on these products has significantly dropped. With reductions ranging from 25% to as much as 50%, our organic comforter covers are much less expensive than comparable covers made overseas with suspect certification or labeling.
  • Breathable and Effective - Though this fabric is an organic fabric (not a polyester) and is not calendared, it has been independently tested to maintain an average pore size of 4.7 microns. This makes the organic cotton duvet covers an effective barrier against dust mites and other particle allergens.
  • Design - You spoke, and we listened. Each organic cotton dust mite duvet cover now comes with sewn in loops and strings in the corners. One of the biggest drawbacks with our covers was the lack of ability to affix the comforter or decorative cover in or on, respectively, our covers. Now, there is no need for comforter clips. Simply use the sewn in strings to secure the organic cover over your comforter, and if you like, you can then use the loops on the exterior of our covers to tie your decorative duvet cover on. This small but important innovation gives you the ability to use your decorative cover without any bunching or shifting.
  • No Chemicals - While many textiles are treated with a myriad of chemicals and cotton is often grown with the use of pesticides, fertilizers, and insecticides, Allergy Armor Organic is a cut above. There are no residues, dyes, flame retardants, wrinkle releasers, stain guards or other chemical treatments on these covers. For those with sensitive skin, eczema or Multiple Chemical Sensitivity, these covers can provide relief that other bedding simply cannot.

What I did not like about the Allergy Armor Organic Duvet Covers

  • Wrinkles - As an untreated cotton product, once cycle through the washer and dryer and you'll notice a lot of wrinkles. That is because this fabric is not blended with polyester and lacks the chemical treatments (which can release formaldehyde) that are common with standard sheets. Since most people still use a decorative cover over their allergy cover, this shouldn't be seen, and if it is too bothersome, an iron will take the wrinkles out.
  • Weight - As a general rule, cotton weighs more than polyester. As an organic comforter cover, this can be hit or miss. If you've a thicker or heavier comforter used for the colder months, the additional weight won't make much difference. If you've a lighter comforter, the additional weight might be more than you'd like.

When compared to other organic allergy bedding, Allergy Armor Organic has a decided advantage. The prices are generally less expensive than comparable products, while the quality is in line with bedding that retails for twice as much. The certification is widely recognized, and there are sizes available for all types of comforters. As a machine washable cover, care is easy, and as a barrier fabric, it is effective for those allergic to dust mites and other allergens that settle and live in your comforter.

Product Questions

How much does a queen size cover weigh? I'd like to get a cover for my down comforter but I hate adding a lot of extra weight.