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Organic Cotton Mask

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  • Undyed, Unbleached,100% Certified Organic Cotton
  • Washable, MCS Friendly
  • Latex Free
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    Organic Cotton Mask

    I Can Breathe Organic Cotton MasksThe I Can Breathe! 100% certified Organic Cotton Mask is a comfort mask made with three layers of soft, natural fabric to reduce exposure to dust, pollen, mold, pet dander, and lint. No dyes or bleach have been used in the fabric of these allergy relief masks. It's design is based on the I Can Breathe! Silk Comfort Mask. The cotton face mask is held in place with adjustable, natural cotton twill ear loops. This mask is latex-free.

    The nose grip is made of hard plastic which has passed the tests of customers with severe sensitivities and is encased in cotton so that it does not touch your skin. Metal rings are used instead of plastic buckles to secure the adjustable ear loops. The label made of polyester is sewn on the outside to prevent irritation. Label is removable.

    ICanBreathe Organic Cotton Masks are Made in the USAYou can wash this mask before wearing with a cleaner with no scent and that leaves no residue. The patented sleek construction of this mask holds the fabric away from the nose and mouth, so that you can talk easily. The Organic Cotton Mask is hand washable and latex free. These allergy relief masks are made in the USA in Chicago, IL.

    Customer Reviews

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    The mask is so comfortable and keeps you much cooler than any other I've worn. I actually forget I have it on. I love it!!!
    Review by / (Posted on 4/7/2015)
    pretty decent mask
    This mask does a good job at filtering out the stuff you don't want to be breathing in. It is comparable to the organic cotton vogmasks. The only difference is that the inside doesn't feel as soft and the strings are adjustable vs. simply being elastic. For this was not enough to make me dislike it, but it mostly comes down to personal preference. I just found the length that I liked most and trimmed the strings and retied the ends.
    Review by Blake / (Posted on 4/7/2015)
    Helpful for allergy levels
    Wearing this in cooler temperatures would be more comfortable, but I'm doing well during a particularly bad allergy season. My energy levels have been up since I started wearing the mask and keeping the pollen from outdoors and the dust from indoors while cleaning out of my sinuses. So far it washes well. There is an adjustment period because it is thicker than a bandana which I've slept with over my mouth and nose before. The discomfort of wearing the mask is totally offset by higher energy levels and I will continue to wear it. I'd like to get a second mask so I'm not washing the first one continually, so I intend to buy another one when finances permit.
    Review by Worst allergy patient my ENT has seen in 20 years / (Posted on 4/7/2015)
    Sturdy and effective
    While it's a little bit heavier and warmer than the silk comfort mask, the organic cotton one has the same wonderfully comfortable design, and it's sturdier. I don't worry about damaging it when I wash it. And it really works!
    Review by Vicki / (Posted on 4/7/2015)
    Outdoors Again!!!!!
    This wonderful mask allows me to go outdoors again!!! I can work in the yard, I can take my puppy for a walk, I can drive with my window down!!!! I haven't been able to do any of these in years. The mask allows me to breathe without suffering the effects of pollens, dust, many other things that set off my asthma and allergies. The silk mask works well also and is a little lighter weight. Thank you for giving me the outdoors again!!!
    Review by Asthma/Allergy/Chemicals / (Posted on 4/7/2015)

    Organic Cotton Mask Reviews

    Organic Cotton Mask

    The Organic Cotton Mask describes itself in its title. If you are sensitive to chemicals this mask may be perfect for your daily use. The organic mask is lightweight, breathable, and comfortable to wear. The mask is also very convenient. It folds up very tightly and could fit in your pocket or purse. Perfect for those who need or would like to wear a mask while traveling or doing outdoor activities.

    What I like about the Organic Cotton Mask
    • Organic cotton construction
    • Unlike many face masks and respirators, it is not hot, very breathable
    • Because it is cotton, it does provide some cold weather protection
    • Washable - Hand wash before wearing - Can be dipped in peroxide to kill germs (rinse well!)
    • Can be easily folded for traveling
    • Seals well around face - make sure to snug up the nosepiece
    • Very lightweight, not bulky

    What I did not like about the Organic Cotton Mask

    • Must be hand-washed for best results and durability (consider it a delicate).
    • There are no filters so this face mask lacks fragrance, chemical or fine particle filtration.

    Overall, this is a decent mask that offers light particle filtration. I would recommend this mask to anyone who is tired of being hot and uncomfortable by face masks. The Organic Cotton Mask does fit snugly around the face, much like a hospital mask, and won't fog up your glass if you seal it around your nose properly. With regards to the flu virus, it does act as a barrier, but it is not NIOSH approved.

    Product Questions

    Will this work for dust mite allergies? I see that it filters dust but it wasn&#39t specifying the mite portion. Just want to be clear.
    Will this filter out exhaust and perfume?
    will this mask keep out mold spores and the bacteria that are associated with rodent fecies

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