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Respro Allergy Masks - Aero

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  • Light Weight and Breathable
  • ‘Allergy Friendly Product’ N95 Equivalent
  • Comes with Particle Filter
  • Latex Free
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    Respro Allergy Masks - Aero

    The Respro Allergy Mask, formerly named Aero Mask, is designed for allergy sufferers and individuals sensitive to chemicals and other air particles. Developed with an understanding of the debilitating effects of chemical and particle sensitivity and how submicron particles can be particularly harmful to your health, this pollen face mask protects you from these dangerous chemicals and particulates that circulate throughout the indoor and outdoor air you breathe.

    With both chemical and particle filters available, the Respro Allergy mask can be equipped to filter irritants like cleaning agents, perfumes, soap, paint, varnish, air fresheners and other common chemicals, as well as, particulates like pollen, plant spores, pet dander, mold, cigarette smoke, house dust and dust mite feces. This pollen face mask is ultra-lightweight. The sporty design is comfortable, washable, reusable, and completely latex-free. These Respro masks are available in four sizes and two colors. Find your ideal cigarette smoke mask here today!

    Please note that the Particle filter comes with the mask, while the Chemical filter must be purchased separately.

    Respro Allergy Masks - Aero - A Closer Look

    Respro Allergy Mask Sizing Chart

    As a rule of thumb mask sizing is as follows:

        a. 5’ Light Build = Small
        b. 5’ Heavy Build - 5’6’ Average Build = Medium
        c. 5’6” Heavy Build - 6’ Average Build = Large
        d. 6’ Heavy Build - 6’+ Average Build = X-Large

    Take take you head measurements for a better fit.

    Measure top to bottom from Eye to Chin: Take a measuring tape or a piece of string and place it between the eyes on the top of the nose bridge, run the string over the tip of your nose and down to just under the bottom of the chin. This is the eye to chin length.

    Measure the circumference of your Neck Size: Using aa measuring tape or a piece string, measure the circumference around the neck. Use a ruler to determine the length of string. This is the neck circumference. Easier still check your shirt size.

    Measure the circumference of your Head (AKA Hat Size): Using a a measuring tape or a piece of string, measure the circumference around the head just about the eyebrow. Use a ruler to determine the length of string. This is the head or hat size circumference.

    Sizing Chart for Respro® Mask
    Eye to Chin Measure
    Top to Bottom
    16 cm
    approx. 6.3 inches
    14.5 cm
    approx. 5.7 inches
    13 cm
    approx. 5.1 inches
    11 cm
    approx. 4.3 inches
    Neck Size
    Front Curve
    20 cm
    approx. 7.9 inches
    18.5 cm
    approx. 7.3 inches
    17 cm
    approx. 6.7 inches
    15 cm
    approx. 5.9 inches
    Head Size

    (AKA Hat Size)
    52-60 cm*
    approx. 20.5-23.7 inches*
    49-56 cm*
    approx. 19.3-20.04 inches*
    47-53 cm*
    approx. 18.5-20.86 inches*
    39-45 cm*
    approx. 15.35-17.7 inches*

    *Masks are adjustable and have a rear extension piece that can add another 4cm to the circumference.

    Respro Allergy Mask Filtration & Materials


    Both filters types offer EU equivalent of N95 filtration, good for not only allergens but also to help prevent the spread of the flu virus. The chemical/particle filters provide a layer of proprietary activated charcoal to adsorb odors and fumes. Allergy masks are made from inert hypoallergenic materials and are highly unlikely to cause an allergic reaction. The valves are made from polypropylene with medical grade silicon rubber diaphragms.

    Customer Reviews

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    Highly recommend! Superior to all others!
    Love this mask. Superior to others in that truly does filter most scents if you are chemically sensitive or have a Mast Cell Disease. However, I do recommend the chemical particle filter for optimum results in masking strong bleach and cologne scents as I noticed these via the filter provided with the original mask purchase.
    Review by TXJENZEN / (Posted on 5/2/2016)
    I ordered a large mask. It is way too small. I have a medium sized head compared to the stature of men in general. When I bend my neck the Velcro pops off as it is not long enough to fasten securely. Poor sizing by the manufacturer as there is no sizes larger than their large.
    Review by SoNotHappy / (Posted on 4/9/2015)
    I can live life again!
    With chemical sensitivity, asthma and chronic bronchitis, going outside my home was a risk to exposure that I could not take. Now that I have the allergy mask with chemical filter, I can go out again. This mas allows me to live again.
    Review by Multiple chemical sensitivity sufferer / (Posted on 4/9/2015)
    Finally a Mask I LIKE
    When I saw this mask on YouTube, I knew that I wanted it! So many masks are hard to keep on, and they don't fit tight enough to really work well. I LOVE the velcro fitting that secures it in place! I tried it out in the perfume filled restrooms on my trip, and for the first time I felt like I could run into a bathroom without smothering so badly, and my hands were "free". The "fit" definitely helps to keep the perfumes from seeping in the sides and "zapping" you even though you are wearing a mask. If you have MCS, try this out!:
    Review by MCS sufferer / (Posted on 4/9/2015)
    Saved me
    I have been recently been diagnosed with Multiple Chemical Sensitivity. I also have asthma and chronic bronchitis. I have worked in health care for 35 years and have had to medically retire. I have worn every kind of mask in my job. The Respro allergy mask with the charcoal filter has gotten me out of my house. I actually got to fly to wee my children and grandchildren for the holidays this year. The most comfortable mask ever.
    Review by Multiple Chemical Sensitivity sufferer / (Posted on 4/9/2015)
    On airplane
    I was flying from spain to rotterdam & seated in middle of cabin for a 2 hour flight. It seems everyone wore perfume/cologne or aftershave for this trip & had to use this mask. What a great filter. I refer to this as the heavy duty mask because of how good it is in comparison to my normal mask honeycomb. What a wonderful mask to have in your arsenal defense. I have a size medium & need a large. I am an adult female and wear plus size clothes. TY achoo allergy for having this mask & in sizes :
    Review by Karin smell allergy / (Posted on 4/9/2015)
    Sets the standard for other allergy masks
    This is worth the money. Very effective in filtering out pollens--and with the carbon filter sold separately quite good with pollutants. Easy to put on, take off, feels more comfortable against the face than just about any other mask I've worn. Make sure you have extra particle and pollutant filters on hand. Especially pollutant filters--once such a filter wears out, wearing the mask is worse than not wearing it. I rated it at 4, not 5, because the white mask gets dirty easily.
    Review by Haven / (Posted on 4/9/2015)
    The Respro Allergy Mask are good at least now I can go out of my house. I have MCS so it does help to keep out the orders which then I can breath a little better out side my home
    Review by Doris / (Posted on 4/9/2015)
    Review by / (Posted on 4/9/2015)
    Comfortable effective mask
    I have pollen as well as allergies to grass and cats. This mask is both comfortable and very effective. The design construction is excellent and better than the chinese made RZ mask. It cost a little more but it is better quality by far. I still get some weird stares but it is worth it to get the allergy relief.
    Review by DHF / (Posted on 4/9/2015)

    Respro Allergy Mask Reviews

    Respro Allergy Mask

    The Respro Allergy Mask is perfect for almost any type of mask application. The mask is comfortable, easy to breath through and makes doing outdoor activities much more endurable and enjoyable for allergy sufferers. This mask is recommended for people with hay fever, MCS, and rhinitis. It works well in your home, work, or leisure environments.

    Respro Allergy Mask is Certified Allergy Friendly by UK Allergy & British Allergy FoundationWith both chemical and particle filters available, the Respro Allergy mask can protect you from irritants like cleaning agents, perfumes, soap, paint, varnish, air fresheners and other common chemicals, as well as particulates like pollen, plant spores, pet dander, mold, house dust and the dust mite allergen.

    What I like about the Respro Allergy Mask
    • Ultra light, soft polyester mask
    • Great protection from pollutants in nearly any environment
    • Breathable - low breathing resistance through soft mesh and filter media on the inhale and through replaceable valves on the exhale
    • Valves help to reduce heat and moisture build-up around your face
    • HEPA-type filter conforms to European filtration standards, equivalent of N95 protection
    • Certified Allergy Friendly
    • Choice of four different sizes and two colors
    • Choice to upgrade to a chemical filter for smoke, odor, fragrance and chemical vapor filtration
    • Washable
    • Small enough to be folded up to fit in purse, backpack or even your back pocket
    • Latex-Free
     What I do not like about the Respro Allergy Mask
    • I wish it came standard with the chemical/particle filters. But as an "allergy" mask, it does a great job with common particle allergens.
     In summary, I give the Respro Allergy Mask 5 out of 5 stars. It is easily one of the best allergy masks and most popular. The great thing about this mask is that it is one of the few masks that gives you a size, color, and filter choice. It has a slim, flexible and comfortable design, but gives you great filtration of a range of allergens and pollutants.

    Product Questions

    I don't see X-Large filter replacements, would the large filter replacement work in the X-Large mask?
    Due to changes at work I will now be required to work in smoking environments cigarette but I cannot stand the smell of it and after a few minutes I have a hard time breathing and my eyes get red and I get a very bad headache. Which mask would be my best option for protection but also smell?
    I recently found out that i am hypersensitive to mycobacterium that is in the mist or steam that a hot tub produces! Will your mask shield me from this! It is also referred to as Hot Tub Lung and has made me unable to use my hot tub!!

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