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Bed Bug Stuffed Toy

  • Item #: 010015
  • $8.95


Bed Bug Stuffed Toy

This soft bed bug toy measures about five inches long, which is thousands of times larger than an average bed bug. Guaranteed not to bite and not to leave behind any waste particles or to cause any allergic reactions, each plush bed bug toy comes with a bed bug fact card on the label. Bed Bugs are an increasing nuisance and health concern because they are still common around the world.

Increased travel opportunities and the decrease in pesticide use have contributed to a bed bug resurgence in homes and the hospitality industry across the nation. Fortunately for you, these bed bugs are a far cry from their vampire-like counterparts. Instead they are made of a non allergenic polyester fiber and couldn't bite you even if you asked them nicely! Take them for batting practice, use them to scare an annoying sibling, or keep them in an aquarium as a very low maintenance pet. The possibilities are endless!

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