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Crane Cool Mist Humidifier - Blue Drop

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  • Compact and Lightweight
  • Easy to Use, Effective Humidification
  • Stylish Look
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    Crane Cool Mist Humidifier - Blue Drop

    Crane humidifiers have been known for interesting design, and the cool mist Teardrop humidifier is no exception. Shunning the traditional rectangle, the Drop is literally shaped like a rain drop or tear drop, which is fitting for a compact home appliance that relieves dry conditions by putting moisture back into the air. This ultrasonic humidifier can mist nearly two and a half gallons of water per day and is large enough that it works well in most bedrooms, offices, or dorm rooms. Inexpensive, the Blue Crane Drop cool mist humidifier is priced to fit nearly any budget.


    • Power Indicator
    • Rotary Dial Humidity Control
    • Automatic Shutoff
    • Demineralization Cartridge (Optional)
    • Energy Efficient
    • No BPA or Phthalates Used in Manufacturing
    • Ultra Quiet Operation


    Crane Blue Drop Humidifier Specifications

    • Main Voltage: 120 V / 60 Hz
    • Power Consumption: 32W
    • Weight: 5 lbs (empty)
    • Size Dimensions: 9.75" x 9.75" x 14.25"
    • Humidity Output: up to 2.3 gallons a day
    • Noise Level: Less than 37 dBa
    • Tank Capacity: .9 Gal. (3.3 L)
    • Area Coverage: suitable for rooms up to 250 square feet
    • One Year Warranty

    Customer Reviews

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    Great Product
    This is an excellent product. Very quite and easy to clean. I feel the suggestion of using filtered water or distilled is wise. The mist is fine and does not over saturate the air. It looks nice in the room.
    Review by Asthma sufferer / (Posted on 5/8/2015)

    Crane Blue Drop Ultrasonic Humidifier Reviews

    Crane Blue Drop Humidifiers

    As one of the newest models to our room humidifier offering, the Blue Drop humidifier by Crane offers convenience and cool mist humidification in one very unique design. Shaped like a droplet of the relief-providing moisture that this humidifier offers, the Blue drop humidifier uses ultrasonic technology to hygienic, convenient relief. How does the Blue Drop compare to other models, and how could it help you? After testing our showroom model, here's the skinny.

    What I like about the Crane Tear Drop Humidifier

    The first thing you'll notice about this model is the shape and style. It's not your typical rectangular humidifier, instead it is shaped like a drop of water. The see-through tank lets know exactly how much water is left, and though slimmer than other cool mist humidifiers, the Blue Drop is wide enough at its base to be stable. The top nozzle also rotates, give you more directional control over the mist than with the Adorable animal series of humidifiers.

    While I really like the design and style, you shouldn't overlook how well it works. With a tank that holds nearly a gallon of water, the Blue Drop ultrasonic humidifier can help to put early two and a half gallons of moisture back into the air in your home. For most, this is enough to keep your bedroom feeling more comfortable during the dry winter months.

    At just under $50, this model is rather inexpensive. Granted it lacks some of the features that you maybe with more expensive models, but it also lacks the bigger price tag that goes along with those extra features. Simple and easy to operate, the Blue Drop is as easy to use as it is to fill the water tank, plug into the wall and turn a dial.

    Because the Tear Drop is an ultrasonic humidifier, it's very quiet. When running, even at its highest setting, there is little more noise than a low hum. Since this model is also a manual model with no bright LCD or LED display, not only is it quiet, but there's no additional light to keep you up at night.

    What I do not like about the Crane Tear Drop Humidifier

    The lack of a hygrostat can be something of a hassle at times. If you want an accurate reading on the current humidity in the room, you will need to get an additional, separate hygrometer.

    Though this model is rather inexpensive, the lack of a demineralization cartridge can be problematic for some. If you have public/city water, chances are your mineral content is pretty low and you'll be able to use this humidifier with no issues. If you live in more rural areas and have spring or well water, the mineral content in that water could lead to a white dust being emitted from the humidifier. The filter/demineralization cartridge corrects this, but the purchase of this is separate.

    Like many products, you get about what you pay for. Aside from the aesthetic appeal, the Blue Drop Crane humidifier is an easy to use, basic machine. It will get the job done in terms of delivering soothing moisture and can help with asthma and eczema symptoms as well as general symptoms from breathing in extremely dry air. There are few features, but this cool mist humidifier is inexpensive and very easy to operate. If budget is a concern, this is definitely a model to consider.

    Product Questions

    Can I put this humidifier on a dresser? Some humidifiers need to be so many feet/inches away from furniture.
    Any help you can give me would be greatly appreciated.
    Thank you.

    Phyllis Goulet