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Santa Fe Impact105 Dehumidifier

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  • Most Energy Efficient Dehumidifier Available
  • Very High Moisture Extraction Rates
  • Steel Construction, American Made
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    Santa Fe Impact105 Dehumidifier

    The Santa Fe Impact Dehumidifier is Made in the USA Santa Fe ImpactXT Dehumidifiers are Energy Star RatedLooking for the most energy efficient crawlspace dehumidifier on the market, one that is effective and durable? By exceeding the minimum Energy Star standards by 50%, the Santa Fe Impact105 (formerly the Impact XT) dehumidifier is the MOST energy efficient residential dehumidifier on the market. You simply will not find a residential crawlspace dehumidifier that removes more moisture while using less power, on the market today. But in addition to this, the Impact105 also comes with many of the standard features that make Santa Fe crawlspace and basement dehumidifiers a top choice for homeowners and contractors.

    Features like auto defrost and automatic restart (after a power outage), as well as MERV 13 air filtration and steel construction, all work to make the Santa Fe Impact a practical, long term solution to a wet crawlspace or basement. The Impact105 dehumidifier can also be equipped with a variety of add-ons and accessories, which makes it the perfect model for less-than-ideal installs. So if you're looking for a truly "green" dehumidifier that keeps your basement or crawlspace dry, free of mold and pests, with minimal impact on your monthly power bill, then look no further than the Santa Fe Impact105 dehumidifier!


    • Removes up to 105 pints/13.125 gallons per day (@ 60% RH, 80° F). That's the most energy efficient crawlspace dehumidifier on the market today
    • Large coverage area, up to 3,700 sq. ft.
    • Quiet operation ideal for basements or crawlspaces
    • Powerful 257 CFM fan to circulate air through large spaces
    • Durable steel construction
    • Direct drain with 8' of included drain hose. Condensate pump optional
    • Includes 2" MERV 13 filter cleans the air by trapping pollen and dust particles as small as 1 micron in size
    • Frost protection shuts off compressor to defrost coils when temperatures dip to avoid icing over
    • Features Auto Restart in case of power outages
    • Impressive 6 Year Full Manufacturer Warranty
    • 10' Power Cord
    • Dual Exhaust (can be ducted)
    • Made in the USA

    Santa Fe Impact105 Dehumidifier - A Closer Look

    Santa Fe Impact105 Humidity Control Settings

    Adjusting the Humidity Level on Your Santa Fe Impact XT DehumidifierThe humidity control is adjusted by a dial that turns the dehumidifier on and off. The compressor turns on when the relative humidity (RH) rises to the dial set point then shuts off when the RH is within 4-6% of the set point. When installing, manufacturer recommends using a hygrometer to get a reading on your current RH. Then, after installing the dehumidifier, checking the RH and adjusting until you get it to a set point that provides exactly what you need.

    Approximate Humidity Levels Per Setting

    • "Drier" 20% to 30% Relative Humidity
    • "Normal" 45% to 55% Relative Humidity (Ideal for most applications)
    • "Humid" 80% to 90% Relative Humidity

    Santa Fe Impact XT Dehumidifier Reviews
    Santa Fe Impact105 Dehumidifier

    As with other appliances, when you purchase a crawlspace or basement dehumidifier, you expect it to last you many years, and this is one reason why you always see those yellow energy rating tags on most major home appliances. Something that seems inexpensive when you buy it can end up costing you a small fortune in operating costs over its lifespan. Because dehumidifiers do tend to consume a good bit of power, choosing an energy efficient one is even more important, and this is where the Santa Fe Impact105 dehumidifier can make an impact. The Impact105 dehumidifier boasts the most energy efficient operation of any residential dehumidifier available today. While this point might not seem big and flashy, when you consider owning a dehumidifier for 10+ years, cutting your annual operating expense by $100-$200 can add up in a hurry. So how does the Santa Fe Impact105 dehumidifier compare to other models? Let's take a look and find out.

    What I like about the Santa Fe Impact105

    Most Efficient Crawlspace Dehumidifier - The core benefit of Santa Fe Impact over ALL other residential crawlspace dehumidifiers is energy efficiency. With their Energy Star ratings, Santa Fe dehumidifiers generally have a step up over many comparable models, but the Santa Fe Impact goes beyond even this. The Impact105 will draw out a full 1.5 pints more than the highly rated Santa Fe Impact155. So your total moisture removal per kilowatt of power used is 8.8 pints. That's OVER one full gallon of humidity removed for every kilowatt of power used. That type of efficiency is unmatched in the industry, and most importantly, this type of efficiency can make a dramatic difference in your monthly power bill. The Impact105 could literally be as little as half the cost to operate a comparable model without this type of efficiency. The Santa Fe Impact105 dehumidifier exceeds Energy Star minimum requirements by 50%, better than any other residential crawlspace dehumidifier available today.

    Moisture Removal - The Impact is rated at AHAM standards (60% RH, 80° F) to remove 105 pints of water per day. This will vary depending on the specific conditions in which you are using your Santa Fe dehumidifier, but for spaces up to 3,700 sq. ft. this is more than powerful enough to drive your relative humidity down into the healthier 30-50% range. Under hot, humid summer conditions it's reasonable to see the Impact actually exceed the stated AHAM rating, while during the cooler winter and fall months, you'll see total moisture extracted dip as the relative humidity often likewise does.

    Durable Construction - Like other Santa Fe models, the body and frame of this dehumidifier are steel. It won't crack or become brittle with time, and handles the extremes of the elements better than plastics. Even the air filter is bigger than most comparable models. Instead of the standard 1" thick filter, the Impact comes with a 16x20 by 2" thick, MERV 13 filter. Unlike a traditional HVAC filter, you can actually vacuum off this filter a few times throughout the year before needing to replace it. Replacement times vary but expect to replace the filter every 6-12 months.

    Additional Features - The Impact105 has some of the additional features that are standard within the Santa Fe dehumidifier line. If you have a power failure, the Impact105 will resume operation as soon as power is restored (saving you a trip to your crawlspace). When the coils of this model begin to freeze, the fan will run while the condenser shuts off, allowing the warm air generated by the motor to defrost the coils before they ice over and stop your dehumidifier from working. Other features include quiet operation, adjustable feet (to properly level the unit), and 8' of included drain hose. This model also has an "Auto" or "On" feature for the fan. If poor circulation is a problem in the space you're drying, set it to "On" and the fan will continuously circulate air, even when the compressor is off. Plus, the fan itself doesn't use much power at all. Should you need a condensate pump, you can purchase the pump kit that will mount it directly to unit or use any aftermarket condensate pump. You can also duct the Impact105 out of its dual exhausts or attach casters (separate purchases).

    Warranty - As with most dehumidifiers, there are not a lot of moving parts, but the core of most dehumidifiers is the refrigerant/cooling system. With Santa Fe dehumidifiers, this is covered by a 6 Year Full Manufacturer Warranty. 


    Product Questions

    I have in the past two years noticed an increase in water in my crawl space. I have one sump pump currently and was thinking of adding another. Is a dehumidifier more effective when the water is coming from the water table? Should a sump pump and dehumidifier be used?

    Santa Fe Impact105 Dehumidifier Specifications

    Recommended For: Crawlspace / Basement
    Model Number: 4032230
    Coverage: 3,000-3,700 Sq. Ft.
    Water Removal: 105 pts. per day @ 60% RH, 80° F
    Power Supply: 110-120v, 4.9 Amps (10 ft. long power cord)
    Energy Factor: 8.8 Pints/kWh (4.2 L/kWh)
    CFM Rating: 257
    Noise: N/A
    Auto Defrost: Yes
    Auto Restart: Yes
    Effective Operating Range:      From 56° F - 95° F (will operate as low as 41° F)
    Air Filter: 16" x 20" x 2" MERV 13
    Drain: 3/4 Inch Threaded NPT (8' Drain Hose Included)
    Casters: Optional
    Condensate Pump: Optional
    Dimensions: 20.25" W x 21.75" H x 38" L
    Weight: 140 lbs.
    Warranty: 6 Year Full Manufacturer Warranty

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