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Dri-Eaz Ace TurboDryer

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    Dri-Eaz Ace TurboDryer

    To be successful drying out any damp room or basement area, you have to be able to control and direct air movement. You need a powerful air mover. The Ace TurboDryer fits any project's needs. It is powerful enough to direct air to any corner of the room or specific part of the room. Its features are two-speed operation and low amp draw. The Ace Turbo Dryer from Dri-Eaz attacks water damage from every angle! With six different operating positions, the Ace locks on target moisture and does a great job!


    • Very low amp draw
    • Dry structures fast with 2000 actual CFM
    • Turn or tilt on non-skid rubber feet to switch operating positions
    • Compact design that is stackable for operation and storage
    • MICROBAN Product Protection
    • 1 Year Warranty on Parts and Labor, Lifetime Warranty on Rotomolded Housing
    • Made in USA

    Dri-Eaz Ace TurboDryer Reviews

    Dri-Eaz Ace TurboDryer

    The Ace TurboDryer helps you dry out a space by moving the air across the room and gathering water into the air. It works well in tandem a dehumidifier, because it brings moisture out of the carpet and into the air where the dehumidifier can pull the moisture out of the air.   The Ace has two speeds to give you more control over the air flow.  This air mover is suitable for structural drying, carpet cleaning, upholstery cleaning, new construction, and ventilation.

    What I like about the Ace TurboDryer

    The best feature of the Ace is clearly the ability to positionthis air mover in a variety of different ways. The Ace has rubber feet in all around its body to keep itsteady and in position to dry. This design makes these units very versatile.  With a combination of these units, you can focus the air flow anywhere in a room or basement area.

    Secondly, this is a very durable product.  This company does their own injection molding. I have never tested a more durable product.Additionally, with the Ace, you use very little power. It only draws 1.5 amps when used. That means that youcan connect several units together on one power source.

    For multiple units, you also can stack these for storage purposes. You can interlock your Ace TurboDryers grill-to-grill to save space during storage and transport. This could be considered a safety precaution as wellwhen you are moving these air movers between job sites.

    What I do not like about the Ace TurboDryer

    As with all powerful air movers the Ace is loud.  If you are going to be working in the space where this unit is running you may need to wear protection over your ears. There is not much else to criticize about this powerful fan. You can stack these for storage purposes. The Ace is a great compliment to a dehumidifier for any drying project.

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    Dri-Eaz Ace TurboDryer Specifications

    Recommended For:      Drying paint, water damage, drywall, and other ventilation
    Model Number: F259
    Dimensions: 24 H 20.3 W 19 D (61 x 51.4 x 48.3 cm)
    Weight: 33 lbs. - 15 kg
    Speeds: 2
    Power Supply: 115 V / 1.5 amps
    Power Cord: 25 ft
    CFM Rating: 1881 ft/min | 3196 m/min
    Warranty: 1 Year Parts and Labor, Lifetime on Rotomolded Housing