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Dri-Eaz DrizAir 1200 Dehumidifier

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  • Compact and extremely portable sized
  • ,li>Heavy duty drying ability

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    Dri-Eaz DrizAir 1200 Dehumidifier

    The Dri-Eaz DrizAir 1200 dehumidifier has all the convenient features of its larger cousins, in a compact and extremely portable size. It is a proven favorite of water damage restoration professionals! This rugged, portable commercial dehumidifier combines high-tech design with professional-grade performance and portability. The rotomolded polyethylene housing is dent resistant, offers superior durability, and helps to protect furnishings when in use. Ideal for the contractor or home owner who needs periodic, heavy duty drying ability, these restoration dehumidifiers are stack-able, have oversized wheels as well as cord and hose caddies for easy storage.


    • Water Removal Max (90F/90% RH)   145 pints/day (68.6 L/day)
    • Water Removal AHAM (80F/60%RH)    68.6 pints/day (30 L/day)
    • Digital Touch Pad Controls with Hours Run Meter
    • Auto Defrost and Auto Restart features
    • Internal Condensate Pump with 40 ft. Drain Hose included
    • Pump Purge
    • Air Filter - HAF (High Airflow Filter)
    • Rugged Rotomolded Polyethylene shell
    • Semi-pneumatic wheels
    • Stackable
    • Can be ducted
    • Housing is rotomolded polyethylene
    • Made in USA
    • 1 Year Warranty Parts and Labor, 6 Year on Condenser and Coils, and Lifetime on Rotomolded Housing

    Dri Eaz 1200 Dehumidifier Product Review
    Dri-Eaz DrizAir 1200 Dehumidifier The DrizAir 1200 dehumidifier is a portable, easy to use solution for drying out homes, offices and other buildings after flooding, major storms or other catastrophes cause severe water damage. It has all of the convenient features of the larger Dri-Eaz models in a more compact size and at a more affordable price point. This model combines high-tech design with professional-grade performance and maneuverability. When in use on a job site, the polyethylene housing resists damage and offers superior durability, while the water removal rate is a good fit for contractors and home owners alike. So what makes the DriEaz 1200 so special? Let's take a look and find out. What I like about the DriEaz 1200 Simply dry. That is the easiest way to sum up the performance of the DrizAir 1200. You place it, run the drain line, and plug it in. Once the unit is turned on you let it run and continually dry the space. That's it. The controls are very simple to use, and set up literally takes only a few minutes. When you're done, purge the pump and reservoir, rewind the hose and cord, and away you go. The simplicity and ease of use make this plug-and-play style dehumidifier that removes any guesswork. The water removal capacity is ideal in most situations. With the exception of very large spaces, in which case the 1200 is best used in multiples and with air movers, the AHAM moisture removal rate is enough to dry out most rooms and areas fairly quickly. In more sever circumstances, the water removal rate will exceed the stated extraction rate. The internal condensate pump is really the way to go when it comes to cleaning up after floods. You run the supplied 40' length of hose to the exterior of the room/building and allow the 1200 to remove the moisture from the air and push it outside. No water buckets. No worry about gravity since the pump gives you the ability push water horizontally and vertically. I like this dehumidifier for use in rooms with carpeting. You also can use this for speeding up drywall, tile, painting and other home renovations projects in which excess moisture works against you. Because of the rugged, metal handle and the semi-pneumatic wheels, the DriEaz 1200 is easily handled by one person. What I do not like about the DrizAir 1200 My only real drawbacks with this model are size and lack of a humidistat. In terms of size, the DriEaz 1200 is actually a great fit for homeowners who deal with occasional basement flooding. For contractors, this size is ideal for the same reasons - smaller jobs aren't going to require a boss of a dehumidifier like the 2800i. If you match the tool with the job, you'll be fine. The lack of a humidistat can be a pain for some. I like a humidistat as it saves from having to have a separate humidity gauge to get a reading from a room. However, for most clean up and restoration jobs, the standard operating procedure is to set the unit up, turn it on and simple let it dry and dry and dry for several days. Overall, the DriEaz 1200 dehumidifier provides all the basics for drying out a home or commercial site after flooding or water damage. It is powerful, built to withstand the abuse of harsh environments and is priced right for most people. Provided this meets your space/coverage requirements and you do not need more advanced features, the 1200 is a great plug and play, restoration dehumidifier.

    Product Questions

    what is lowest temp it will operate
    We have 2500 sq ft basement.What size de-humidifier would you recommend? Thanks
    I am looking for a dehumidifier to put in a lumber kiln. In a chamber 8&#39x8&#39x21&#39 what temperature would the 1200 series get to. I need something that will reach 140 degrees. Is this possible? Thanks

    Dri-Eaz DrizAir 1200 Dehumidifier Specifications

    Recommended For: Water damage restoration, carpet, and drywall
    Model Number: F203-A
    Dimensions: 32 x 20 x 19.5 in. (83 x 50 x 50 cm)
    Weight: 80 lbs. - 36 kg
    Condensate Pump: Yes w/ 40 ft. Drain Hose
    Controls: Digital Touch Pad
    Water Removal (AHAM):     64 PPD (145 PPD Max)
    CFM Rating: 227
    Defrost Type: Automatic Hot-gas bypass
    Operating Range: 33° - 100° Degrees F
    Compressor Type: 6670 BTU, Rotary
    Hours Run Meter: Yes
    Power Supply: 115 V - 6.4 amps
    Warranty: Lifetime on body, 1 year parts & labor, 6 year on compressor & coils

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