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Dri-Eaz LGR 3500i Dehumidifier

  • Item #: 856-0103
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  • Extended Back Order due to hurricanes. Back ordered by manuf. up to 4 weeks.
  • Extra Large Coverage Area & Water Removal Capacity
  • Full Digital Controls, Rugged Construction
  • American Made
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    Dri-Eaz LGR 3500i Dehumidifier

    Dri-Eaz DrizAir 3500i Dehumidifier ShippingDri-Eaz 3500i Dehumidifiers are American MadeWhen you need the most durable residential and commercial dehumidifier available, look no further than the Dri-Eaz LRG 3500i. Whether removing up to 240 pints of moisture per day under the most severe conditions or simply drying out a basement after a flood, the 3500i will get the job done effectively and quickly. A durable, rotomolded shell houses a powerful motor and fan unit capable of moving 400 CFM of air while pushing extracted condensate over 40 feet away. An wide array of digital features fully compliment this versatile restoration dehumidifier making the job easier while giving you up-to-the-second information on hours runs, current temperature and humidity settings as well as how many amps the compressor is pulling and coil temperature in four languages. An easy to read display provides you real-time conditions at the site that can even be monitored remotely through the HygroTrac gateway connection. Regardless of the severity the Dri-Eaz LGR 3500i is more than capable of drying out any home, rental, construction or restoration site. And as with most Dri-Eaz products the LGR 3500i is proudly made in the USA and backed by an excellent warranty.


    • LGR technology boosts effective operating range
    • Built-in Remote Sensing Capabilities that monitor and display inlet and outlet conditions
    • Built-in Humidistat with incremental set points (Every 5%, from 30% Relative Humidity to 90%)
    • Condensate pan has Microban to add antimicrobial protection and inhibit mold & bacteria growth
    • 40 ft. Condensate Hose included
    • Automatic High Temperature Mode to adjust for temperatures higher than normal ambient temperatures
    • Hours Run Meter
    • 3M High Airflow Filter to capture large particles
    • Auto Restart function for interruptions in power
    • Semi-pneumatic wheels
    • Hot gas bypass defrost system
    • Easy access to all serviceable parts
    • Built-in ring for easy attachment of ducting
    • 1 Year Warranty Parts and Labor, 6 Year on Condenser & Coils, and Lifetime on Rotomolded Housing
    • Made in the USA

    DriEaz 3500i Dehumidifier Reviews

    Dri-Eaz LGR 3500i Dehumidifier

    Though similar to the 2800i, the Dri-Eaz LGR 3500i takes water damage restoration and commercial dehumidification to another level. Not only is the 3500i the largest and most powerful Dri-Eaz dehumidifier available, but this model is durable, technologically advanced and rugged enough to tackle the most difficult clean up job with ease. With proper care the LGR 3500i is a sound investment as either a rental dehumidifier or as a water damage restoration dehumidifier. After inspecting and testing this model, below is what we liked and where we found the LGR 3500i lacking.

    What I like about the LGR 3500i Dehumidifier

    Water removal is the centerpiece of dehumidifier. At 90° F and 90% relative humidity, the 3500i will remove 200 pints per day. That's 25 gallons of water per day! Under AHAM testing conditions, the 3500i is still rated at 170 pints per day. An integrated condensate pump, with an included 40' hose, gives you the ability to push the water you remove from the air, outdoors or to a nearby drain. And low grain refrigerant maximizes dehumidifying capability by allowing the 3500i to perform at higher temperatures than comparable models. Under our test conditions, we ran the 3500i in a space approximately 3600 cubic feet. The temperature ranged from 88° to 76° F with an initial RH of approximately 89% (as measured on a separate hygrometer). With the connected hose we ran the condensate about 20' away to a large holding container. Within the first 6 hours we had lowered the RH by 22% and collected just over six gallons of water. By the time the our 24 hour period had ended, the RH was down to our set point of 50% and we had collected just under 14 gallons of moisture. While our conditions are not fully representative of a typical water damage site, what the results do show is that the LGR 3500i is a very capable dehumidifier with a very large capacity.

    Other features include a built-in humidistat which allows you to create relative humidity set points at 5% increments. And an automatic temperature control will adjust the unit to continue operation even in conditions that exceed normal operating temperatures. The control panel allows you to select one of four languages and displays up to the minute humidity and temperature conditions while also providing you with the amps the compressor is currently pulling and the temperature of the coils. An hours run meter can be reset to display how many hours the unit has run for this current job while a Life Hours meter will give you overall use time. The optional HygroTrac system gives you ability to monitor your system remotely (sold separately). Similar to residential models, an auto restart feature allows the unit to power back up should the the power fail during a storm or under similar circumstances. Lastly, this dehumidifier has a high velocity output that aids in accelerating drying by pushing dehumidified air out at floor level. For us, the user interface was great. It gives you very precise control in an easy to use package. While we did not test the HygroTrac system, if it performs as the dehumidifier itself does, we're sure you won't be disappointed.

    One of our big concerns as an allergy company is indoor air quality. We place a lot of emphasis on air filtration. The LGR 3500i has HAF (High Air Flow) filters, made by 3M, that are twice as efficient as washable foam filters used in many dehumidifiers. Air filtration is an important but often neglected component in dehumidifiers. While the filters do not often clean the air as a traditional air purifier would, it is important that they keep the compressor and coils area clean. The 3M HAF filter provided is far superior to washable mesh or foam filters found in other models. Note that you should replace these regularly since mold can often grow under warm, moist conditions where dehumidifiers are often used.

    What I do not like about the LGR 3500i Dehumidifier

    Like it's little brother, the Dri-Eaz 3500i is imposing. Not only is it large but also VERY heavy. This can be problematic for some people. While the wheels and built in handles help, it is best if you don't often have to move this model.

    Overall, we were very impressed by the performance and features the LGR 3500i have to offer. Not only does it excel in removing excess moisture from the air and drying out waterlogged spaces, but the use (once you get it in place) is easy. The condensate pump can push extracted moisture away from the space while the digital features truly add value and convenience to the machine. For largest and most severely impacted clean up jobs or for persistently wet spaces, the Dri-Eaz LGR 3500i is an excellent choice!

    Product Questions

    Will the LGR 3500i Dehumidifier be able to control the humidity in a gymnasium of approximately 180,000 cubic feet? If not, what do you recommend as a solution?

    Dri-Eaz LGR 3500i Dehumidifier Specifications

    Recommended For: Indoor water damage and restoration dehumidification
    Model Number: F411
    Water Removal (AHAM): 170 PPD
    Water Removal (Maximum):       240 PPD
    CFM Rating: 400
    Controls: Electronic Touchpad w/ Humidistat
    Condensate Pump: Yes w/ 40' Drain Hose & Pump Purge Feature
    Handle: Integrated
    Defrost Type: Hot-gas bypass
    Operating Range: 33° - 125° F
    Hours Run Meter: Yes, Displays Total Life Hours Run or Hours Run per Job
    HygroTrac Capable: Yes, Integrated HygroTrac for remote monitoring (sold separately)
    Power Supply: 115 V - 10.5 amps
    Dimensions: 48.5 H x 23 W x 24 D (123 x 58 x 61 cm)
    Weight: 165 lbs. - 75 kg
    Warranty: 1 Year Parts and Labor, 6 Year on Condenser, Lifetime on Housing

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