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EBAC AD850E Dehumidifier

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    EBAC AD850E Dehumidifier

    A heavy-duty, industrial-strength dehumidifier does not need to look like one.  The Ebac AD850E Dehumidifier is an ideal solution for humidity control in a wide variety of indoor applications including offices, apartments, department stores, restaurants, indoor pools, garages, cellars, spas, and hotels.  The streamlined, modern design blends in well with many different decors and environments.  Its quiet operation makes the Ebac AD850E Dehumidifier ideal for any high-traffic space.  Whenever and wherever you need fast, dependable, and energy-efficient humidity control, Ebac manufacturers a dehumidifier to meet your needs!


    • Cross-flow blower for quiet operation
    • Built-in humidistat allows you to adjust for your desired humidity levels
    • High efficiency rotary compressor
    • Can be wall-mounted (wall bracket is included)
    • Two speed fan motor for optimal performance in any environment
    • Two removable and washable air filters help in to fight odors
    • Defrost timer allows operation in low temperatures down to 45˚F
    • Internal condensate pump
    • Digital humidity readout
    • Removes up to 20 gallons per day in extreme conditions

    Ebac AD850E Dehumidifier Reviews

    Ebac AD850E Dehumidifier

    The Ebac AD850E is an industrial-strength dehumidifier designed to be used indoors in high traffic areas. It is an ideal solution for humidity and temperature control in a wide variety of applications that includes health clubs, offices, apartments, museums, indoor pools, department stores, restaurants, garages, cellars, spas, and hotels.

    What I like about the Ebac AD850E

    One unique quality of this unit is that it can be free standing or it can be mounted on the wall. A bracket comes with the unit, so that you can decide where is the best place in your individual space for easy water removal and maximum effect. You also can use the directional airflow vents on the unit to direct air in more than one direction. This unit also comes with two washable air filters to trap and retain larger particles before they can enter the dehumidifier.

    This dehumidifier is also very quiet for its water removal capacity. While being able to remove up to 20 gallons of water per day, under saturated conditions, the AD850E operates at around 50 decibels.

    This is the only Ebac dehumidifier that is not primarily constructed of steel. This reduces the weight, and the ABS body gives the AD850 a less "industrial" look. This streamlined, modern design blends in well with many different decors and environments, and full electronic controls and two speed settings add a great measure of convenience to this Ebac. Its quiet operation makes the Ebac AD850E dehumidifier ideal for nearly any indoor area.

    Unlike many of the Ebac units constructed of metal, the AD850E does not work under 45 degrees F. This makes it primarily an indoor use only dehumidifier. What it lacks in rugged appearance it makes up for with its streamlined look and electronic convenience. The AD850 has an electronic defrost feature and does not feature the "hot gas" defrost capability found in many of the other Ebac industrial dehumidifier models.

    Product Questions

    Do you have anything similar but smaller that mounts on the wall as this one does?
    Will be mounting on outside wall.Can unit drain directly outside from either back or bottom of dehumidifier.
    What is the amp draw for Ebac AD850E.

    EBAC AD850E Dehumidifier Specifications

    Recommended For:       Humidity control in high traffic areas like offices, stores, salons, etc.
    Dimensions: 29.5" H x 26" W x 13.5" D
    Weight: 86 lbs
    Power Supply: 115 V; 60 Hz
    Operating Range: 45˚ F +
    Daily Capacity: 95 ppd at 80˚F / 60% RH; 20 gallons in extreme conditions
    CFM: 294

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