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Ebac RM95 Dehumidifier

  • Item #: EB0038
  • $2,199.00


Ebac RM85 Dehumidifier

Ebac RM95 Dehumidifier

For water damage and restoration, you often need a dehumidifier that not only provides excellent moisture removal abilities, but one that is also mobile, and the Ebac RM95 meets both of those critical criteria. With two large wheels and durable roto-molded body, the RM95 is rugged enough to tackle the toughest dry-outs. An internal condensate pump allows you to dry out water damaged rooms and push the water outdoors, at a minimum rate of 105 PPD (That's more than ten full gallons of water per day - more if the conditions are severe). Since many restoration jobs require a full dry out, there's no need for a humidistat, but an hours run meter gives professionals the ability to accurately log how many hours of dehumidifying each project took. A washable filter protects the motor and condensing coils from debris and dust, and Ebac's standard auto-defrost feature ensures consistent drying with no down-time.Water restoration damage projects can be a tough task to tackle, but this mobile dehumidifier makes the job much easier. No matter the type of flood or water problem, flash floods, water main breaks, hurricane, the RM95 is a heavy duty solution to the problem.


  • Durable roto-molded polyethylene housing
  • Refrigerant - R410A
  • Electronic touch pad controls
  • 105 ppd typical extraction
  • Dry air duct connection - 6.5"
  • Effective volume 12,360 cu. ft.
  • Rugged wheels and collapsible handle for great mobility
  • Hours Run Meter to track usage
  • Commercial, industrial, or residential applications
  • Simple installation and operation with standard outlet
  • PVC drain hose - 15 feet
  • High capacity forward curved fan
  • Internal condensate pump
  • Washable air filter for easy maintenance
  • Cable wrap for cord storage
  • Stackable design for easy storage of multiple units
  • Effectively operates in cooler temperatures with Ebac's unique "Reverse Cycle" defrosting feature
  • 1 Year Warranty

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Ebac RM95 Dehumidifier

Water damage restoration presents unique challenges - water removal, sorting debris, replacing infrastructure and furnishings, and doing all of this quickly to prevent the growth or spread of mold, bacteria or viruses. Removing the excess moisture in any damaged spaces is generally your first task, and this can be made easier with the use of a durable, efficient restoration dehumidifier like the Ebac RM95. This restoration dehumidifier features all of the core features that make it ideal for water damage restoration specialist. When testing and comparing the RM95 to comparable models, this is what we found.

What I like about the Ebac RM95

For restoration pros, the balance is finding a unit that will handle the wear and tear of multiple sites, effectively removing excess moisture, and is easy to set up and operate with little maintenance. The RM95 is all of these things. A roto-molded shell is impact resistant and is more than capable of withstanding harsh temperatures, bumps and bruises associated with professional restoration. The oversized wheels makes moving this fairly easy, despite the weight, and the collapsible handle makes movement a lot easier. So in terms of construction, the RM95 is well built, and I really like the new design. 

The moisture removal is 105 pints per day but can far exceed that. In our tests we were able to remove approximately 92 pints over 24 hours, but the relatively humidity in the warehouse space was almost 83%. 

As far as setup, once you've moved the RM95 to where you want it to operate, run your condensate line, plug it in and turn it on. The unit has no humidity setting, but more most restoration jobs, the point is to dry, dry, and dry some more! The hours run meter can help in tracking time for billing purposes.

Once the job is complete or you are going to store the unit, you simply use the pump purge to remove any remaining condensate that's collected, and you're pretty much set. The air filter should be cleaned annually or after use in particularly contaminated areas. It is washable, so while it may not offer superb air filtration, it does keep large debris out of the coils and motor while saving you replacement filter costs.

What I do not like about the Ebac RM95

There are really only two complaints I have with this model. The first is a general complaint with Ebac. The warranty period for all Ebac dehumidifiers is fairly short. And while that may be common amongst larger dehumidifiers, it would be better if it was longer.

Additionally, I would prefer a model with an auto restart. While this is not imperative, it is handy for restoration projects after storm clean up when power may be an issue. However, for most contractors a generator is an easy work around that most have on hand.

With their new venture into roto-molded dehumidifiers, Ebac has kept many of their great features and added some features with the water damage specialist in mind. Overall, the RM95 is a great addition to their product line and a valuable tool for any water damage restoration specialist. 

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Ebac RM95 Dehumidifier Specifications

Recommended For: Water damage/flood cleanup and restoration projects
Daily Capacity: 105 ppd typical extraction
CFM: 445
Coverage: 12,360 cu. ft.
Condensate Pump: Yes, w/ 15' Hose
Noise: 52 dBa
Dimensions: 33" H x 20" W x 21" D
Weight: 97 lbs.
Operating Range: 37˚ F - 95˚ F
Power Consumption:       110V / 7.5 A

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