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EcoDiscoveries Laundry for Mold and Mildew - 32 oz. bottle

  • Item #: EC0030
  • $30.99


EcoDiscoveries Laundry for Mold and Mildew - 32 oz. bottle

EcoDiscoveries Laundry Additive Concentrate is a safe and easy solution to removing mold and mildew or their odors from clothing, bedding, drapes and any other fabric. As a mix of plant derived surfacants, inorganic minerals salts and vegetable derived glycerin, EcoDiscoveries Laundry contains no bleach or other harsh chemicals that can damage your clothing and irritate sensitive skin. As an additive or by itself, EcoDiscoveries Laundry is great for use in mildew/mold soiled or smelling fabrics including sheets, towels, rugs, pet bedding, camping gear or any fabrics that have gotten wet and now have that mildewy, moldy smell.*Please note that the 32 ounce bottle can be used for 4-8 loads of laundry and launder in COLD WATER ONLY.


  • EcoDiscoveries Laundry is biodegradable & non-toxic, and fragrance free, for those sensitive to perfumes and scents.
  • Ideal for removing mold and mildew soil, stains and odors from all types of fabrics.
  • Great for use by itself or as a laundry additive.
  • All EcoDiscoveries cleaning products use plant based surfacants & naturally occurring enzymes to effectively deodorize and clean.
  • You will find NO Chlorine, Ammonia, Phosphate, Glycol, or Petroleum in any EcoDiscoveries green cleaning products.
  • There are also NO caustic agents, bleaching agents or dyes in any of these products.
  • And no matter which of these green cleaners your purchase, all have about a two year shelf life and can be simply stored at room temperature.
  • All EcoDiscoveries products are Made in the USA.

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Product Questions

I&#39m really looking for a laundry detergent that kills mold AND destroys MVOCs. If the mold is gone but the toxins remain that&#39s not going to help me.