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Electrolux EL4103A Ergospace HEPA Vacuum Cleaner

  • Item #: EL0076A

Electrolux EL4103A Ergospace HEPA Vacuum Cleaner

As the latest version of the Ergospace, the Electrolux Ergospace EL4103A vacuum cleaner is an effective and inexpensive way to keep the floors and the air in your home cleaner and free of allergens. With HEPA filtration and a compact, lightweight design, the Ergospace EL4103A is ideal for homes that have mostly smooth floors. The HEPA filter and S-Bag work together to trap large visible debris like pet hair and dirt while sealing away microparticles like the dust mite allergen and pollen, keeping them out of the air you breathe. With convenient features like the 3 in 1 multi tool, automatic cord rewind, the Ergoshock Flexible Bumper Cord Wrap, and two floor nozzles, this compact vacuum stands out among the other canisters.


  • Sealed system with HEPA filter captures 99.97% of dust, dander, pollen, and other ultrafine particles.
  • Works with any number of self-sealing, hygienic and allergy-friendly dust bags including the S-Bag Classic, Anti-Allergy, and Anti-Odor Bags.
  • Two included floor tools: Combination Smooth Floor Tool for use on all smooth floors. Flip the switch on this tool and it also works well on low pile carpet and rugs for faster transitions while cleaning across different types of flooring. Low profile, turbobrush uses the suction of the Ergospace to power a brushroll, cleaning low to medium pile carpet and rugs.
  • Control suction with a dial on the body of the Ergospace or quickly reduce suction by using the suction slide located on the handle.
  • Full Bag Indicator
  • Oversized, soft wheels for less noise and floor protection, and Ergoshock Flexible Bumper Cord Wrap protects furniture and allows for easy storage of the hose when you're finished cleaning.
  • Telescopic wand.
  • Three-in-one Versatool mini accessory conveniently changes into a dusting brush, crevice tool or upholstery nozzle to meet your specific above-the-floor cleaning needs.
  • Automatic cord rewind.
  • Thermal cut off to protect the vacuum in the event of a problem or blockage.
  • Lightweight, less than 11 lbs.
  • Five year limited warranty.

Electrolux EL4103A Ergospace HEPA Vacuum Cleaner - A Closer Look

Electrolux EL4103A Ergospace Turbohead Turbobrush
With an 10" wide cleaning path and slim profile, the included turbohead in with the Ergospace vacuum cleaner is powerful and ideal for cleaning low to medium pile carpet and rugs. Drive by the suction of the vacuum, the turbobrush uses a brushroll to dislodge particle and pet hair from your flooring, and its slim profile allows it to easily clean under furniture throughout your home.

Electrolux Ergospace Combo Floor Tool
Combination Smooth Floor Tool
Slim and lightweight, this combination floor tool is ideal for use on smooth flooring and low pile rugs. Retractable bristles can be extended with a slide to gently loosen and clean tile, hardwood, laminate, linoleum, and other types of smooth flooring. Retract the bristles and reduce suction to clean low pile rugs or small areas of low pile carpet.

Electrolux EL4103A HEPA Filter
HEPA Filtration
A true HEPA filter captures 99.97% of dust and allergens 0.3 microns or larger, and the cleaner is sealed to keep all the dust away from you and your family. Only clean air comes out. Replace every 6-12 months. Washable HEPA Filter also available (blue).

Electrolux Ergospace S-Bag
S-Bag Classic
This Classic paper bag traps all of the large particles and visible debris that your vacuum removes. When you remove the S-Bag, it seals to lock away allergens for hygienic disposal. Each S-Bag holds about 2 quarts of debris and soil. Replace every 2-3 months or as needed. This vacuum can also use the Anti-Allergy S-Bag and the Anti-Odor S-Bag for better control of allergens and odors, respectively.

Electrolux EL4103A 3 in 1 Versatool
In lieu of three separate mini accessories, the Electrolux Ergospace comes standard with a 3 in 1 Versatool. Attaching to the back of the canister the Versatool can be configured to function as a Dusting Brush, Crevice Tool, or Upholstery Tool. Easily configured, this combination tool gives you the ability to dust, vacuum upholstered furniture, and clean narrow and hard to reach areas of your home.

Electrolux EL4103A Ergospace Vacuum Cleaner Reviews

Electrolux Ergospace Vacuum Cleaner

Without a doubt, keeping smooth floors clean is easier than carpet. Smooth flooring has fewer places for dirt and allergens to hide and is often the doctor-preferred choice for those who are dealing with severe allergies, asthma or COPD. So what does it take to keep smooth floors clean? Suction and filtration are the two keys, and with the Electrolux Ergospace EL4103A, you get just that, wrapped up in a lightweight, compact canister vacuum. With the right tools for homes with mostly smooth floors and some low pile carpeting and rugs, the Ergospace is economical and efficient. Let's take a closer look at the Ergospace vacuum cleaner to see if it's the right vac for your home.

What I like about the Electrolux Ergospace Vacuum

Since vacuuming my household, nearly all carpet, would not be a good indicator of how this would perform at its intended use (mostly hard floors), I decided to test it out here in the office. I started with the air-driven turbo nozzle on the small carpeted area in the office. With powerful suction, it pulled up dirt, debris and even tangled pet hair from the rugs. Though not electrically driven, the turbobrush performed really well on each rug. From there, I took it to the sewing shop. The floors here see a lot of thread and dust that can accumulate as a byproduct of sewing the Allergy Armor bedding products you'll find on the site. In this space, I switched over to the combination smooth floor tool and made our seamstresses very happy! The low profile cleaning head was ideal for use under the tables and machines, and was even able to clean those tough to reach areas that looked as if they had not seen a vacuum in quite some time.

Next, I took the canister down to the showroom, which looked like it could use a good once over as well. Staying with the combo smooth floor tool, it was easy to glide across the the custom, acid stain flooring, and getting under the shelves, showroom bed and around the display model air purifiers was a cinch. For the carpet samples the two rugs we have in this space, I didn't bother to switch floor tools and instead retracted the bristles of the combo tool and used decreased the suction some. For these, this tool performed similar to other combo tools.

In addition to its performance on floors, there are a lot of little features that I like about this vacuum. The handle to carry the canister is in a convenient spot, and makes it easy to carry up and down the stairs when moving from floor to floor. I also think the Ergoshock Flexible Bumper Cord Wrap is a handy feature to have that the other canisters I've tested lack. Not only did I not worry about scuffing any furniture or the canister, but the Bumper Cord Wrap made storing the hose of this vacuum easy for confined spaces. I guess that's why it's called an ErgoSpace!

In addition to the cleaning performance, the EL4103A vacuum does come standard with a HEPA filter. Sealed and tested to remove 99.97% of particles 0.3 microns or larger, this filter, when combined with the S-Bag, are the core of Electrolux filtration. The dust bag removes the visible particles while the HEPA filter traps allergens and fine particles that simply pass through other vacuum cleaners.

What I do not like about the Electrolux Ergospace Vacuum

Before getting into some drawbacks, keep in mind that the Electrolux EL4103A is designed primarily for smooth floors, so don't purchase and wonder why it might not be the best on Berber or thick carpet and rugs. With that in mind, the combo tool could have been designed a bit better. The recommended process of turning off the vacuum, then adjusting the suction and switching the nozzle for carpeting just isn't as convenient as it could be.

My other big complaint is with the 3 in 1 Versatool. It sounds neat and looks interesting, but aside from the dust brush, it simply doesn't perform as well as three individual tools would. The upside is, it's one tool that fits easily into the back of the machine. The downsides are that the crevice tool configuration is too short and upholstery tool nozzle configuration simply isn't very effective.

All in all, my complaints with the combination tools are but a small part of what is generally an affordable, effective vacuum for people with mostly smooth floors. The lightweight, compact nature of this canister vacuum as well as the filtration and excellent cleaning ability will make the Electrolux Ergospace vac a great fit for homes that generally lack carpet. For those dealing with allergies or asthma, it hits the major points that a good smooth floor vacuum should, and when it's all said and done, it takes a much smaller bite out of your wallet than many comparable models.

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Electrolux EL4103A Ergospace HEPA Vacuum Cleaner Specifications

Best for: Allergy and asthma sufferers with smooth flooring and low pile carpet
Model Number: EL4103A
Vacuum Type: Canister
Amps: 10
Variable Speed Motor: Yes
Suction Adjustment: Yes, Dial on Canister & Slide Adjustment on Handle
Controls: Suction Control Dial & Push Button On/Off on Canister
Bag Change Indicator: Yes
Filter Change Indicator: No
Sealed System: Yes
HEPA Filter Included: Yes
Dust Bag Capacity: 2 Quart
Total Attachments Included:   
1 (3 in 1 Multi Tool Nozzle)
Smooth Floor Brush: Yes, Combination Floor Tool
Turbo Brush: Yes, Air Driven Turbo Brush Floor Tool
Electric Powerhead: No
Lighted Powerhead: No
Cord Length: 21 ft.
Dimensions: 16" x 12" x 11"
Weight: 10.9 lbs. (19.1 lbs. shipping weight)
Warranty: 5 Years

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