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Electrolux EL7063A UltraSilencer Deep Clean Vacuum

  • Item #: EL0074

Electrolux EL7063A UltraSilencer Deep Clean Vacuum

The Electrolux Ultra Silencer Deep Clean is the quietest and smallest HEPA vacuum cleaner available in the Electrolux line. Standing less than 18" tall, this quiet yet powerful vacuum brings cleaning versatility to any home and gives you the ability to deep clean your carpet and quickly switch to removing dirt, pet hair and mess from small areas of smooth flooring with just the flip of a switch! To transition from carpet to larger areas of smooth flooring, switch the power head to the ultra lightweight, hard floor brush.

The double-walled canister shell and sound insulating foam make for a quiet cleaning experience, while the handle of this vacuum provides complete control of the vacuum with no bending or leaning. Adjust the suction to one of five levels to match your floor and above-the-floor cleaning needs, switch between three heights adjustments to match the carpet type, and take complete control of the brush roll, all with just your fingertips! This eye-catching canister displays useful information about the suction levels, filters and dust bag change indicators, and also features a fully retractable cord.


  • Sealed System with HEPA Filter captures 99.97% of dust, allergens, and ultra-fine particles.
  • Works with any number of hygienic and Allergy-Friendly Dust Bags including the S-Bag Classic, Anti-Allergy, and Anti-Odor Bags.
  • Fingertip Controls on Handle allow you to turn the vacuum on/off, adjust the suction and height all without bending or reaching.
  • With an Digital Display & Indicator Lights you can assess any problems quickly and know exactly when to change the dust bag or HEPA filter.
  • Powerful 12 Amp motor provides excellent suction across any surface and deep cleans carpet.
  • Three Height Adjustments of powerhead for easy cleaning across all types of carpet.
  • The Exceptionally Quiet UltraSilencer Vacuum by ElectroluxFull-size, 13" Independently Driven Powerhead deeply cleans carpets and provides superior cleaning of edges with Duel Edging Brushes.
  • A comfortable Ergonomic handle has releases quickly to clean above-the-floor areas.
  • LED Lamp on Powerhead to light your cleaning path.
  • Silence Insulation & Double Walled Shell with oversized, Soft Wheels mean your floor and furniture while you operate what may be the quietest vacuum cleaner Electrolux has ever made.
  • A Telescopic Wand and six foot hose allows for easier access to hard-to-reach areas.
  • Three included attachments for above-the-floor cleaning.
  • Automatic Cord Rewind.
  • Thermal Cut-Out shuts the vacuum off if the motor overheats or if the unit becomes plugged and helps prevent damage to your vacuum.
  • Five year limited warranty.

Electrolux EL7063A UltraSilencer Deep Clean Vacuum - A Closer Look

Electrolux EL7063A UltraSilencer Powerhead
13" Powerhead
With a wide cleaning path and independently driven brushroll, the included powerhead in with the UltraSilencer vacuum cleaner is powerful and versatile, ideal for cleaning all types of carpet. A LED lamp illuminates the cleaning path while a long life belt and separate motor power the brushroll for deep cleaning of carpet. Adjust the height for different styles of carpet or turn the brushroll off to quickly clean areas of smooth flooring without changing floor tools. Best of all, each of these things can be controlled from the fingertip controls in the handle.

Electrolux EL7063A HEPA Filter
HEPA Filtration
A true HEPA filter captures 99.97% of dust and allergens 0.3 microns or larger, and the cleaner is completely sealed to keep all the dust away from you and your family. Only clean air comes out. Replace every 6-12 months. Washable HEPA Filter also available (blue).

Electrolux EL7063A S-Bag
S-Bag Classic
This Classic paper bag traps all of the large particles and visible debris that your vacuum removes. When you remove the S-Bag, it seals to lock away allergens for hygienic disposal. Each S-Bag holds about 2 quarts of debris and soil. Replace every 2-3 months or as needed. Two included with each Electrolux EL7063A vacuum cleaner. This vacuum can also use the Anti-Allergy S-Bag and the Anti-Odor S-Bag for better control of allergens and odors, respectively.

Electrolux EL7063A Long Life Belt
Long Life Belt
Traditional vacuum cleaners often have belts that require annual replacement. Not so with the Electrolux UltraSilencer! This durable drive belt ensure years of service before ever needing to be replaced. Driving the deep-cleaning powerhead of the EL7063A, this belt uses a blended rubber compound for enhanced durability and longevity.

Bare Floor Tool
This easy to use smooth floor tool gently cleans all hard flooring surfaces. Its slim profile allows it to clean under furniture and other hard to reach areas in your home.

Integrated Tools
- Upholstery Tool
- Dusting Brush (stored in handle)
- Crevice Tool (stored in handle)

Customer Reviews

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This vacuum is great! Very lightweight with lots of power. It is very easy to switch the vacuum heads also. Extremely quiet which is nice.
Review by / (Posted on 4/7/2015)

Electrolux EL7063A Vacuum Cleaner Reviews

Electrolux UltraSilencer Deep Clean Vacuum

As a introductory priced HEPA vacuum cleaner, the Electrolux Versatility offers you versatile cleaning and convenient features in one upright package. With true value added features and little cost to maintain, the Electrolux Versatility is a solid vacuum cleaner for those with carpet homes and pets. Taking our sample model, I used the EL8052 for a weekend, and this is what I found.

What I like about the Electrolux UltraSilencer Vacuum

Right off the bat, I noticed the weight, or lack thereof, with the Electrolux Ultra Silencer. It's a good weight if you have to carry this little guy up and down the stairs and the handle is nicely hidden in the back of the canister. When I turned the canister on, I was pleasantly surprised by the noise level. Even on the highest suction, the noise level still stays below most comparably priced canisters.

Fingertip controls simply can't be beat! Many canister vacuums have the brushroll control integrated into the handle, and there are even a few that will place the power button for the vacuum on the handle, but this model includes these as well as your height adjustment. Combine this with the automatic cord rewind, it nearly completely eliminated me having to bend down or lean over to adjust anything, despite cleaning across all of my different types of flooring.

I tested the versatility of this vacuum throughout my house. I started in the bedroom where I have high pile carpeting, then moved into the living room where the carpet is low pile. This was a smooth transition from one height to another, and the suction was easy to adjust. Next was the bathroom. Again, changing the height and suction was a cinch, and it was an easy switch of the button to turn off the brush roll to use just suction to clean the small area of my bathroom floor. Turning around and going right back to the hallway, I didn't miss a beat in switching the brush roll back on to take care of the rest of the carpeted hall way. Across multiple surfaces, this compact canister vacuum performed up to my expectations!

The soft wheels and long cord made it easy to not only clean several rooms at once but transition from room to room with ease. There was no lifting required to get over the transition pieces between the rooms or height differences, and no continuously plugging in the unit into the closest outlet. And though I only used it a few times, the wand has good reach.

The Microseal system in the newer Electrolux vacuums assures me that allergens, pet hair and dust will not be leaving the vacuum once they are picked up. Combined with a HEPA filter, the Ultra Silencer Deep Clean captures 99.97% of particles 0.3 micron or larger, and rest of debris is trapped in the Style S vacuum bag. The color is also a nice addition to this canister vacuum. It gives it a clean, sharp look that compliments the quality of this machine.

Maintenance is made easy by the filter and dust bag indicators on the canister. The digital display in a fairly large step up from more traditional displays that simply rely on suction to let you know when the bag is full. Once it's time to change the filter or dust bag, indicators will illuminate in red writing that says "S-Bag" or "Filter" and that's when it's time to pop open the canister and replace these items. Both replacement parts are pretty inexpensive and can be found just about anywhere. S-bags are easy to slide in and out of the grooves, and the HEPA filter (aka the exhaust filter) is just as easy to replace. I found that it's likely a good idea to pick up a washable HEPA filter or two. When the one that is included with the EL7063A wears out, replace it with a washable one. Then, after a few months of use, you can wash it and plug in the second washable filter while the first dries for a day or two. My 2 quart dust bag lasted me about 2 1/2 months, but the HEPA filter shouldn't need to be changed but every 6-12 months, or whenever my vacuum tells me to!

What I do not like about the UltraSilencer Vacuum

The accessories were not my favorite part about this product. Although the dusting brush and crevice tool can be stowed on the handle, there was no room for the upholstery tool. It was also inconvenient to remove the accessories while vacuuming and put them in the closet. A compartment for these tools seems to be a better design, and would lessen the chance of losing them. The hose was also a little stiff, but with everything else having such a smooth transition, it wasn't a big deal.

As a pet owner, I may be changing the bags more frequently than I would if the UltraSilencer or the dust bags were a bit larger. For apartments or smaller households this is a dandy option, and there's money to be saved by opting for a couple washable HEPA filters instead of simply going for the replacements.

In all, I was very satisfied with the performance of this Electrolux Ultra Silencer Deep Clean. Compact and lightweight, the stylish EL7063A is efficient, quiet and easily fit in my closet when I was finished. Personally, I like the convenience of the digital display and the fingertip controls, and the overall look and style. It doesn't hurt that it's much quieter than comparable models (including Dyson). And, with its sealed system and HEPA filtration, this Electrolux bagged vacuum is suitable for any household allergies.

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Electrolux EL7063A UltraSilencer Deep Clean Vacuum Specifications

Best for: Allergy and asthma sufferers with carpeted and hard floors
Model Number: EL7063A
Vacuum Type: Canister
Amps: 12
Variable Speed Motor: Yes
Suction Adjustment: Yes, 5 Levels
Controls: Fully Integrated into Handle (Power, Suction, and Brushroll Control)
Quick-Release Wand: Yes
Bag Change Indicator: Yes
Filter Change Indicator: Yes
Sealed System: Yes
HEPA Filter Included: Yes
Washable HEPA Filter: Optional
Dust Bag Capacity: 2 Quart
Decibals: 65 dBa (max)
Total Attachments Included:   
Crevice tool: Yes, integrated onto handle
Dusting Brush: Yes, integrated onto handle
Upholstery Tool: Yes
Smooth Floor Brush: Deluxe Bare Floor Brush
Turbo Brush: Power Paw Optional
Electric Powerhead: Yes w/ Height Adjustment & Duel Edge Cleaner
Lighted Powerhead: Yes
Cord Length: 21 ft.
Dimensions: 16.5" x 10.5" x 9.25"
Weight: 13.4 lbs. (28.4 lbs. shipping weight)
Warranty: 5 Years

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