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Electrolux EL8502 Versatility Upright Vacuum

  • Item #: EL0048

Electrolux EL8502 Versatility Upright Vacuum

The Electrolux Versatility is an upright vacuum cleaner that features a sealed system and true HEPA filtration. A 12 amp motor provides powerful suction across cleaning surfaces, while the three included attachments allow you to clean nearly any above-the-floor surface with ease. As a bagless vacuum that features a dual cyclonic suction, the EL8502 upright traps both large and fine particles in an easy to empty dust bin. This eliminates the need for any replacement bags.

With the true HEPA filter, you can breathe easier knowing the floors and air in your home are cleaner! The powerhead provides excellent deep carpet cleaning and edging, while the included turbobrush makes cleaning pet hair from upholstered furniture a breeze. A quick release wand gives you 14 ft. of cleaning reach and a retractable dusting brush means no more searching for missing vacuum attachments. Priced right and well built, the Electrolux EL8502 is a great allergy or pet vacuum.


  • MicroSeal Fresh Air Technology with HEPA filter captures 99.97% of dust, allergens, and ultra-fine particles.
  • No Dust Bags to replace, ever.
  • Washable Foam Filter and Filter Screen that traps fine dust particles and large particles, respectively.
  • Powerful 12 Amp motor provides excellent suction across any surface and deep cleans carpet.
  • @hand Turbobrush is integrated into the body and lets you easily clean pet hair and debris from furniture and steps.
  • Automatic Height Adjustment allows for easy cleaning across all types of carpet.
  • Full-size, 13" Motorized Powerhead deeply cleans carpets and edges.
  • A comfortable Ergonomic handle has releases quickly to clean above-the-floor areas.
  • Large, soft wheels for noise reduction and floor protection.
  • A Telescopic Wand and 14 ft. Stretch Hose allows for easier access to hard-to-reach areas.
  • Retractable Dusting Brush integrated into the wand and a Crevice Tool attachment snaps conveniently into the body of the vacuum.
  • Indicator Lights help you assess any problems quickly.
  • Thermal Cut-Out shuts the vacuum off if the motor overheats or the unit becomes plugged and helps prevent damage to your vacuum.
  • Two year limited warranty

Electrolux EL8502 Versatility Upright Vacuum - A Closer Look

Electrolux EL8502 HEPA Filter
HEPA Filtration

A true HEPA filter captures 99.97% of dust and allergens 0.3 microns or larger, and the cleaner is completely sealed to keep all the dust away from you and your family. Only clean air comes out.

Electrolux Power Head Superior Powerhead

The Electrolux EL8502B has an independently powered powerbrush that cleans a 13" path across carpet and smooth flooring alike. Rows of special bristles allow for easy cleaning of carpeted edges, and durable belt and separate motor provide long lasting deep clean capability. Automatic height adjustment allows you to transition from different carpeted surfaces without having to bend over, adjust any pedals or turn any dials. Turn off the brush roll for exceptional smooth floor cleaning!

Electrolux EL8502 Quick-Release Wand Quick-Release Wand

The Electrolux EL8502 vacuum cleaner comes standard with a Quick-Release Wand. This want easily disconnects from the vacuum to allow you use the retractable dust brush to clean bookshelves, around curios or other hard to reach or delicate places. The included turbrobrush can fit directly to the wand or the handle, and everything easily snaps back or retracts into place. So no extension tubes to fall off the vacuum or lose!

Electrolux @Hand Turbobrush @Hand Turbobrush

The ideal attachment for pet owners, the @hand Turbobrush is an air driven brush that is small and light enough to cover smaller areas where using the Versatility's powerhead is not possible. And because it attaches directly to the handle or the wand, you can adjust the fit to prevent back strain while cleaning your carpeted stairs or upholstered furniture.

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Electrolux Versatility Upright Vacuum

As a introductory priced HEPA vacuum cleaner, the Electrolux Versatility offers you versatile cleaning and convenient features in one upright package. With true value added features and little cost to maintain, the Electrolux Versatility is a solid vacuum cleaner for those with carpet homes and pets. Taking our sample model, I used the EL8052 for a weekend, and this is what I found.

What I like about the Electrolux Versatility

Upon assembling the unit, the size of it is likely the first thing you notice. After thumbing through the user manual and plugging it in, I tested the Versatility on the high pile carpeting in our bedroom. The suction is excellent, and combined with the motorized brushroll, it had little difficulty pulling up dog hair and dirt even from this dense carpet. Transitioning to the carpeted hallway then again to the computer room was simple, and I did like NOT having to adjust the height with a dial (a common feature on other big box brand upright vacuums). And though I know bagged vacuums are better for allergy and asthma sufferers (since the allergens stay sealed even while changing the bag), there is something gratifying about seeing all of the dust and dirt in the bin before I empty it.

The Microseal system in the newer Electrolux vacuums is a welcomed feature. It helps to maintain good airflow through the vacuum while preventing dirty air from mixing with the air that has already passed through the standard HEPA filter. The HEPA filter is a true filter that captures 99.97% of particles 0.3 microns or larger. So this will help in reducing things like pet dander and pollen whereas other vacuum cleaners end up dispersing this stuff back in to the air as you clean.

On smooth flooring the Electrolux EL8502 does a respectable job. For large areas of smooth flooring you'll always be best suited going with a canister vacuum cleaner, but if your home is mostly carpet, the Versatility will be able to tackle the smooth flooring. I recommend for HEPA vacuum cleaners like this that after you've vacuumed an area of smooth flooring, before turning the vacuum off, roll it over to an area of carpet and turn the brushroll back on. If you have a pet, things like pet hair can collect a bit on the brushroll bristles, so turning the brushroll on over a carpeted area after cleaning a smooth floor will help clean those bristles instead of tracking them back through your house.

Maintenance is pretty simple with this machine. Indicator lights let you know if there is a problem with the filter and it's not difficult to tell when you need to empty the bin. You'll likely end up replacing the HEPA filter annually, and the foam filter and large plastic filter are both washable. From experience with similar filter setups, I recommend you check the plastic filter after each use, particularly if you have long haired pets or newer carpet. New carpet tends to have give off a lot of fuzz and fibers, pets... are pretty self explanatory. The foam filter and plastic filter can be cleaned by hand then rinsed in water. Once dry, you can reassemble, and you're all set.

The @hand Turbobrush is a great addition to this vacuum. Handheld turbobrushes are perfect for cleaning the loveseat, couch or steps, areas where picking up a heavy upright vacuum is not the best idea. The dust brush on this model is actually attached to the wand and retracts while not in use. The crevice tool fits into the back of the unit. Overall, the accessories are all very useful and go well with this particular vacuum.

What I do not like about the Electrolux Versatility

One of the first things you'll notice about this vacuum is the weight. Operationally, you're looking at a 20+ lb. upright vacuum cleaner. While this may not be an issue for some, it will make you less likely to want to vacuum up a quick spill or move the unit from floor to floor in the home.

Like most traditional uprights, it feature bi-directional wheels. And though this vacuum does mimic some of the innovation found in Dyson's (quick-release wand, bagless vac with dual cyclone suction), it does lack the maneuverability of a Dyson Ball or Miele S7 upright vacuum cleaner. These types of vacuums are certainly pricier, and vacuums with traditional wheels have worked while for a few decades, so you might be able to do without!

For the price, the Electrolux EL8052 is a great choice for pet owners or those who want an affordable upright vacuum cleaner with HEPA filtration. The accessories are perfect for most homes and lend to the overall versatility of this vacuum. If you don't mind the weight, the EL8052 is a powerful cleaning machine suitable for carpeted home relatively inexpensive to maintain.

Product Questions

Why wont the roller brush spin?

Electrolux EL8502 Versatility Upright Vacuum Specifications

Best for: Allergy and asthma sufferers with carpeted and hard floors
Model number: EL8502F
Vacuum type: Upright
Motor Watts: 1400
Variable Speed Motor: No
Suction adjustment: No (Does have suction slide on handle to reduce some suction)
Color: Tangerine w/ White & Silver Trim
Quick-Release Wand: Yes
Bag Change Indicator: No
Filter Change Indicator: No
Sealed System: Yes
HEPA Filter Included: Yes
Washable HEPA Filter: Optional
Dust Bin Capacity: 1.2 Quart
Dust Bag: No, Bagless
Total Attachments Included:     
Crevice tool: Yes
Dusting Brush: Yes, integrated onto wand, retractable
Upholstery Tool: No
Smooth Floor Brush: No, simply turn off brushroll
Turbo Brush: Included (@hand)
Electric Powerhead: Yes w/ Automatic Height Adjustment
Lighted Powerhead: No
Cord Length: 30 ft.
Dimensions: 44.75" x 13.5" x 12.5"
Weight: 27 lbs.
Warranty: 2 Years

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