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Electrolux Oxygen EL6988E Vacuum Cleaner

  • Item #: EL0047

Electrolux Oxygen EL6988E Vacuum Cleaner

The Electrolux Oxygen EL6988E Complete Clean is a canister vacuum cleaner with true HEPA filtration. This sealed system vacuum with self-sealing S-bags is an excellent way to keep all of your floors clean while trapping common household allergens like mold spores, pet dander and dust. With two floor attachments and 3 mini attachments, the Electrolux EL6988E is a versatile all around cleaning solution at an affordable price. Fingertip controls allow you to easily transition from carpet to smooth flooring to carpet while a motorized powerhead restores crushed carpet and deep cleans. The Oxygen EL6988E is an easy to use, lightweight canister style vacuum well suited for asthma and allergy sufferers.


  • MicroSeal Fresh Air Technology with Sealed HEPA Filtration captures 99.97% of dust, allergens, and ultra-fine particles for cleaner indoor air.
  • Powerful 1400 Watt motor provides excellent suction across any surface and deep cleans carpet.
  • An Electronic Indicator lets you know when it's time to change the bag.
  • Fingertip controls on the handle allow you to turn the brush roll on and off and easily transition between surfaces.
  • 3 Height Adjustments allow for easy cleaning on all types of carpet.
  • Full-size motor-driven powerhead deeply cleans carpets with a wide 13" cleaning path.
  • A comfortable Ergonomic handle has Brush Roll Control to allow you to easily move between smooth flooring and carpet.
  • Large, soft wheels for noise reduction and floor protection.
  • A Telescopic Wand allows for easier access to hard-to-reach areas.
  • 3 Accessory brushes integrated into the handle.
  • Auto-rewind Cord and Foot Pedal Controls reduces strain and hassle and provides convenient storage.
  • Self-closing dust bags prevent dust from leaking into the air.

Electrolux Oxygen EL6988E Vacuum Cleaner - A Closer Look

Electrolux Power Head Superior Powerhead
The Oxygen EL6988E has an independently powered powerbrush that cleans a 13" path across carpet and smooth flooring alike. A durable belt and separate motor provide long lasting deep clean capability. Three height adjustments on this powerhead mean you can tackle all types of carpet, and fingertip controls on the handle allow you to turn the brush roll off for quick cleaning on smooth flooring without having to change attachments.

Electrolux Complete Clean HEPA Filter
HEPA Filtration
A true HEPA filter captures 99.97% of dust and allergens 0.3 microns or larger, and the cleaner is completely sealed to keep all the dust away from you and your family. Only clean air comes out. Self-sealing S-Bags mean you not only capture more dirt and allergens, but they stay in the bag even while replacing.

Electrolux EL6988E Controls Convenient features
Height adjustment and fingertip brushroll control allow you even greater ease when moving between carpet and hard floor surfaces. Premium accessories like the hard floor tool, powerhead for cleaning carpets, and on-board tools for above-the-floor cleaning provide versatility all in one package.

Electrolux Oxygen EL6988E Vacuum Cleaner Reviews

Electrolux Oxygen EL6988E Canister Vacuum

The Electrolux EL6988E HEPA vacuum cleaner is an affordable and simple way to help reduce allergens in your home while you clean. With the EL6988E you not only get a powerful vacuum with superior suction but also a sealed system, self-sealing bag and HEPA filter capable of capturing even the fine particles like pet dander. Included mini attachments and two floor tools give you the versatility to clean most areas of your home. After testing a showroom model this is what I found.

What I like about the Electrolux Oxygen

I addition to a smooth floor brush for hardwoods, laminate, and tile, the EL6988E comes with a powerhead for carpets. This electrically driven brush is a good fit on low, medium and high pile carpet alike. Three height adjustments allow you to the powerhead accordingly, and the suction is more than enough to deep clean even thick and dense carpeting.

Even though it is relatively well priced, this canister vacuum cleaner has several features commonly found in high end vacuums. A HEPA filter captures 99.97% of particles 0.3 microns or larger, and a seal around the vacuum ensure air flows correctly through the system and doesn't mix while being filtered. The dust bag is self sealing which is far more hygienic than bagless dust bins and eliminates needlessly exposing yourself to dirt and allergens while changing. Overall, these three things work together to make this Oxygen vacuum cleaner a perfect fit for asthma and allergy sufferers alike, so much so that Good Housekeeping rates the EL6988E as the best HEPA canister vacuum cleaner.

On the wand you have control over the brush roll, so if you're vacuuming carpet and need to quickly transition to smooth flooring you can simply turn the brush roll off and use straight suction without having to change attachments. The included mini tools are of the standard fare and can be used for a variety of above-floor cleaning tasks. The cord can auto-rewind which makes for less strain and easier storage. An electronic indicator lets you know when the S-bag needs to be replaced, and the powerhead had an LED light to help illuminate your way. Changing the bag and filters is easy, and the two year warranty is a little less than similarly prices units but in line with other Electrolux vacuum cleaners.

What I do not like about the Electrolux Oxygen

My biggest complaint with this model is the lack of suction adjustment. Unlike other canisters, you essentially have two settings as far as suction - off and on. For things like rugs this can be problematic in that full suction will suck them right up if you aren't standing of them to keep them secure to the floor. The EL6988E does have a slide on the handle that allows you to release some of the suction, but difference in suction at the end is only minor.

Many canister vacuums come with a park feature that allows you to attach the floor brush to the side of the vacuum. This makes moving the unit from floor to floor and storage a little easier, but the EL6988E lacks this feature. Though a small inconvenience, it's worth mentioning.

Overall, the Electrolux EL6988E Oxygen is a well-priced canister vacuum cleaner with many of the filtration benefits more commonly seen in high end vacuum cleaners. Though it lacks true suction adjustment, the included brushes and cleaning power make this vacuum a great buy for allergy and asthma sufferers.

Product Questions

Is this canister vacuum good for removal of cat hair?

Electrolux Oxygen EL6988E Vacuum Cleaner Specifications

Best for: Allergy and asthma sufferers with carpeted and hard floors
Model number: EL6988E
Vacuum type: Canister
Motor Watts: 1400
Variable Speed Motor: No
Suction adjustment: No (Does have suction slide on handle to reduce some suction)
Color: White & Silver w/ Orange Trim
Fingertip Controls: Brush roll Controls on Handle - Foot Pedal Power Controls
Bag Change Indicator: Yes, Electronic
Filter Change Indicator: No
Sealed System: Yes
HEPA Filter Included: Yes
Washable HEPA Filter: Yes
Dust bag size: 2.0 Quart
Dust bag type: Self Sealing S-Bag
Total Attachments Included: 5
Crevice tool: Yes
Dusting Brush: Yes
Upholstery Tool: Yes
Smooth Floor Brush: Yes
Turbo Brush: Optional
Electric Powerhead: Yes w/ 3 Height Adjustments
Lighted Powerhead: Yes
Dimensions: 9.5" x 12" x 18" (Canister only)
Weight: 13 lbs. (Canister only)
Warranty: 2 years

Electrolux Oxygen EL6988E Vacuum Cleaner Additional Resources

Electrolux Oyxgen EL6988E User Manual  (PDF)