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Boneco S450 Steam Humidifier

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  • True Warm Mist (Steam) Humidifier
  • Near Silent Operation
  • Full Digital Controls
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    Boneco S450 Steam Humidifier

    True warm mist humidification is something that can soothe away flu symptoms as well as the itching, sore throat and dried sinuses that are often associated with eczema and dry air, respectively. Though enjoyed by many, boiler style humidifiers have had one problem - they boil water. This means that if you have pets or children, there's potential for an accident. Not anymore! BONECO took this problem head on and created the BONECO Air-O-Swiss S450 humidifier, which is not only a true warm mist steam humidifier, but also safe. This powerful steam humidifier begins to operate by heating the water to the boiling point. The vaporized water from the unit then humidifies the room air, but the new ClearMist design of this system means the warm mist coming out is truly warm, and not burning hot. This system is the most hygienic way of air humidification, as heating the water to 212° F ensures a bacteria and mineral free process.

    The addition of the A451 Anti-Mineral Pads decreases the calcification in the vaporizer basin and reduces the frequency of decalcification making it easier to clean. These anti-mineral pads work by absorbing a large part of the resulting lime scale that can accumulate when boiling hard water. Easy to maintain and great for use with any type of water, the BONECO Air-O-Swiss S450 warm mist steam humidifier is a perfect fit for any home!


    • No white dust - ever
    • Digital Touch Panel controls with adjustable hygrostat
    • Manual mode with 3 output levels
    • On and Off Timer (0-9 hrs.)
    • Automatic display dimmer with LCD digital display
    • Decalcification mode for easier cleaning of the water base
    • Removable water tank with handle for easier refills
    • Water level window
    • Empty and cleaning indicators
    • Anti-Mineral Pad to collect lime in the water base
    • Flat tank shape for easier water filling
    • Low center of gravity for stable placement on the floor
    • Sample packet of EZCal included with the humidifier
    • Quiet operation
    • Made in Korea
    • Three year warranty

    Boneco S450 Humidifier Specifications

    • How The Boneco Humidifier WorksMain Voltage: 120 V / 60 Hz
    • Power Consumption: 160 - 480 W
    • Weight (empty): 10 lbs. (4.5 kg)
    • Size Dimensions (L x W x H): 14 x 9.5 x 13.2 inches
    • Capacity: approximately 1.85 gallons
    • Area Coverage: suitable for rooms up to 860 square feet
    • Humidity Output: up to 3.5 gallons a day
    • Operation Noise Level: Less than 35 dB(A)
    • Accessories: Anti-Mineral Pads A451

    Customer Reviews

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    Big disappointment
    For health reasons, I am supposed to try and maintain 40% humidity at least in our home..this humidifier is a disappointment. It never registers above 32. Last year bought an Air-o-Swiss which kept it at 47, but it wore out in one season so thought I would try this. Back to researching...
    Review by Stonebuilder65 / (Posted on 12/16/2015)
    Dry skin and static-y hair
    Winter is here and I can't stand the dry indoors with the heater on. I had an ultrasonic humidifier but cleaning it was such a chore for someone like me who does not have the time and patience! This is the most low maintenance humidifier I've ever purchased! I'm serious. When I enter my room with this humidifier on, it's like being in the tropics I'm exaggerating of course but it really steams up my room.
    Review by Winter survivor / (Posted on 4/7/2015)
    So easy to use
    Really like this unit over the other I have. I can use tap water and not get any white dust. It is much easier to haul out to refill. Love the fact that I can use it as a nebulizer somewhat also. The gurgling reminds me of the ocean at night so it doesn't bug me at all even in the bedroom. Seems a lot less temperamental than the 7142 Ultrasonic than we have.
    Review by No longer coughing / (Posted on 4/7/2015)
    Great Product
    Before this unit I has another brand cool sonic mist that coated the house in dust and ruined fabrics like the comforter. Then I had a cool drip/evaporator, but it was always filled with slime/mold and was nearly impossible to hygienically clean. I now have 2 Air-O-Swiss S450 models, and post-6 weeks of full use, I haven't even needed to run the de-calcification process. I use Brita filtered tap water, and I do also use the mineral pads in my set up. Before refilling/replacing the water container, I pour out the residual water from the units basin to get the non-evaporated minerally residual water out, then re-insert the water container and turn on again. The boiler/steam kills all bacteria, the inside of the unit is spotless clean 6 weeks in, and my 3 year old holds her hand over the steam although I tell her not to, and while warm, won't cause any pain/burns/boo-boos. Yes, it costs more, yes it is unbelievably hygenic, no slime, and for me, needs no cleaning. Go for it!!!
    Review by / (Posted on 4/7/2015)

    Boneco S450 Steam Humidifier Reviews

    Boneco S450 Steam Humidifier

    Soothing, compact and effective, the Boneco S450 steam humidifier is a versatile home appliance ideally suited to combat the symptoms of dry winter air, eczema, and asthma. The winter months are often a very aggravating for people with asthma, eczema and any one dealing with a cold or flu. Maintaining proper humidity levels during these cooler, drier months, can not only help alleviate these symptoms but also have a secondary benefit for your home. With an array of humidifier choices out there, we tested the new S450, and here's how this boiler-style unit fared.

    What I like about the Boneco S450 Humidifier

    The fact that this model is a true warm mist humidifier is its biggest asset. Most ultrasonic humidifiers pre-warm the water which means by the time the mist leaves the unit, it is lukewarm at best. This steam is actually warm, and better still, the new ClearMist technology means you see the steam but won't get burned. Older models would release steam that if you kept your hand over the top, would burn in a matter of seconds. The S450 has hit the mark with steam that is truly warm and not lukewarm or scalding hot.

    This feature also gives this model a big step up in terms of hygiene. There's no need for silver ion technology or anything else when boiling water effectively kills germs microbes and other organisms that can commonly be found in standing water.

    With no ultrasonic diaphragm, most types of water will work well in this steam humidifier. Soft, hard or distilled water will all work, so using water straight from the tap shouldn't be an issue. Mineral pads absorb things like lime, calcium and other minerals commonly found in hard water. While these pads do NOT eliminate the need to remove occasional mineral scale or build up, they do greatly reduce the number of times you will need to do this. Intervals will vary and the Decalcification Mode actually makes cleaning it fairly easy. Just add EZCal and you're nearly done!

    Aside from the hygienic features, this unit is an ideal humidifier for most applications in that the compact size and modern design of this unit fits most home uses. The small footprint makes it easy to use in nearly any room, regardless of space considerations, and the moisture output rivals that of many of the top of the line Boneco models.

    Lastly, the Boneco S450 humidifier is equipped with a hygrostat and digital LCD screen. This measures the relative humidity and switches the appliance off automatically when the desired value is reached. The internal ventilation remains turned on, to ensure an accurate reading of the relative humidity. The other digital features remind you when to refill the machine and allow you to dim the display, set the mist output, and schedule the S450 to run on a timer.

    What I do not like about the Boneco S450 Humidifier

    The only possible negative for this machine is that the operation is not silent. There is a little white noise when the unit is operating. For a light sleeper, this might be a problem. Other than this, when running full steam, the power consumption is higher than other humidifiers. It is in line with other steam humidifiers but higher than ultrasonic or evaporative models.

    In all, the Boneco S450 room humidifier is a powerful unit with uncompromising results. From moisture output and hygienic features to the modern finish and compact design, the S450 is the best warm mist humidifier available. And, unlike pretenders, the S450 is a TRUE steam humidifier that will help you breathe better and keep your indoor environment more comfortable while relieving symptoms common during the colder fall and winter months.

    Product Questions

    I&#39m interested in the AOS s450 but was concerned with noise. Is this unit produce more noise than the ultra sonic AOS units?
    Do you have any humidifiers made in the USA?
    Does this humidifier have a feature that allows you to use essential oils with it? I know some humidifiers have small oil trays or something similar. Thanks!