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Boneco U700 Ultrasonic Humidifier

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  • Extra Large Capacity & Superior Output
  • Sleek Design w/ Soft Touch Controls
  • Dual Mist, Digital Display, & Array of Features
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    Boneco U700 Ultrasonic Humidifier

    Tired of refilling small humidifier water tanks? As the newest BONECO humidifier, the Boneco Air-O-Swiss U700 ultrasonic humidifier not only displays the sleek design of recent Boneco humidifiers but features the largest tank capacity of any humidifier in the line. Holding just over two full gallons of water, the Boneco U700 self-cleaning humidifier offers a longer run time and greater capacity than all previous models. For those who feel like they're always filling the water tank of their humidifier, this is an ideal solution to cut down on refills while creating a more comfortable indoor environment.

    During drier fall and winter months, the humidity level in your home can dip, causing a variety of problems. From waking up with a sore throat and dried sinuses to an increase of household dust in the air and even damage to wood furnishings, dry air is a problem for many people. By putting much needed moisture back into your indoor air, the Boneco Air-O-Swiss U700 ultrasonic humidifier can help to relieve all of these symptoms.

    With a preheat as well as cool mist feature, the U700 gives you two options for mist output, and an internal humidity gauge displays and up to the minute reading of what the relative humidity is in your home. Soft-touch controls combined with an LCD display make setting your humidifier easy. This humidifier expands on the digital features that have been staples with BONECO premium humidifiers by not only including an automatic humidity control (ITC), auto shut-off, refill & cleaning indicators, and pre-warm feature as well as self-cleaning mode, timer, and night light. Rich with features, quiet, hygienic operation, superior output, and unmatched flexibility make the eye-catching Boneco Air-O-Swiss U700 ultrasonic humidifier the perfect fit in any home.


    • Highest capacity & Moisture Output of any Boneco humidifier
    • Intelligent Temperature Compensation (ITC) - regulates output, adjusted to temperature of room
    • Self-cleaning mode - simply add EZCal to the water tank and set the cleaning time
    • Dual, warm mist humidifier (preheats water to 176° F) and cool mist humidifier
    • Boneco U700 Home Humidifier - ApartHydro Cell, Ultrasonic Vibrations & Demineralization Cartridge work to capture minerals and remove/destroy microbes in the water before they are dispersed into the air
    • Hygrostat & Mist Output Regulator
    • Empty Tank & Cleaning Indicators
    • Transparent water tank with clearly visible water level
    • Auto Shutoff when tank is empty
    • Sleek Modern design with large LCD Display
    • Auto dimming display in low light w/ mood light that can be turned off or on
    • Surface Touch Buttons
    • Sleep Mode with Timer
    • Timer: Set unit for 1 to 8 hours of run time
    • Diaphragm has a Titanium Membrane for increased longevity
    • Large and Transparent water tank (water level clearly visible)
    • Ultra Quiet Operation
    • Energy Efficient
    • Three Year Warranty

    Boneco U700 Humidifier Specifications

    • Main Voltage: 120 V / 60 Hz
    • Power Consumption: 45 W - 180 W
    • Weight: 10.14 lbs (empty)
    • Size Dimensions: 12.79" x 7.48" x 14.17"
    • Area Coverage: suitable for rooms up to 1000 sq. ft.
    • Humidity Output: up to 4.0 gallons a day
    • Tank Capacity: 2.1 Gal. (7.95 L)
    • Noise Level: < 25 dBA
    • Accessories: Hydro Cell and Demineralization cartridge

    Customer Reviews

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    I have bronchial problems and am a connoisseur of humidifiers. After a couple of months with my U700, I'm happy as a clam. It looks good, it works perfectly, it moves an amazing amount of water, and it barely whispers. What else could I ask for?
    Review by Bronchial Problem / (Posted on 4/7/2015)

    Air O Swiss U700 Ultrasonic Humidifier Reviews

    Boneco U 700 Digital Humidifier

    I'll admit, a few years ago when Boneco rolled out the first of the new U-series ultrasonic humidifiers, I was really drawn to them. The U650 was a favorite of mine, not only because of the function and ability to pump much needed moisture back into my home, but the design and style of it was just unmatched. And while Boneco rolled out a true warm mist, steam humidifier last year, this year, the new kid on the block is the AOS U700 humidifier. Like other U-series models, the U700 is an ultrasonic humidifier with dual mist capability. It also shares some unique design elements, but surpasses previous models in two big ways - capacity and features. So with our newest model in hand, I took the Boneco U700 humidifier home for a week of use, and here is how it compares.

    What I like about the Boneco U700 Humidifier

    Like other U models, the AOS U700 humidifier has a unique look and style to it. Clean, white, and with a transparent water tank, the U700 has a streamlined appeal, with soft contours and simple lines. It has the feel of many modern electronic devices, and the digital, soft-touch interface only reinforces this. The tank is largely transparent, so not only does it provide some practicality (in that you can easily see what the water level is) but also lets you see some of the inner workings of this humidifier. In all, I really like the look and design of this model. It's unique and fits well into any modernly appointed room or home.

    Before starting the U700, you may notice it taking longer to fill the tank. This is because this Boneco humidifier has the largest tank capacity of any model they currently have in production. Holding over two gallons of water, the sheer size not only cuts down on the number of times you will need to refill it per day but also lends itself to better coverage. (The tank capacity is only part of this equation, but we'll get to coverage in a bit.) Be warned, this does make the overall unit heavier once filled, but if you place the base first, then fill the tank, you won't have any problems. Bonus for the U700's tank, it has a collapsible handle.

    Once you have it all set up, you can start to familiarize yourself with the controls. This is basically a two section control unit with a keypad and LCD display. The keypad is fairly self explanatory and uses a series of icons to control a variety of functions. It is here that you will set the output, humidity level, turn the unit on/off, and where you can set a timer or use the automatic feature. On the left, a well lit LCD display will show any mode you have set, indicate problems (refill or cleaning), and provide you with both your set humidity point and the current relative humidity in the room. For the most part, this is all really easy to navigate, though to set a timer or take advantage of the auto cleaning feature, you may want to refer back to the user manual.

    Moisture output for the Boneco U700 is strong. On the highest setting you'll see a thick column of vapor that can be split and sent off into two different directions with the variable output nozzle. The nozzle itself is flush with the unit, so it doesn't break up the smooth lines of humidifier but still gives you the ability to direct the mist. Like other Air-O-Swiss ultrasonic humidifiers, it is exceptionally quiet. You would be hard pressed to find anyone who would be affected by the very low hum this appliance emits as it humidifies. So not only does it hold a lot, it outputs a great deal, and it does it so very quietly.

    I mentioned the higher output, so here's what I mean. Of all the humidifiers Boneco makes, the highest output per 24 hour period is 3.5 gallons of moisture. Now, for other models with a tank capacity of 1.5 gallons (about average amongst all models), to reach that output, you would have to refill the tank three times over the course of a full day/night. With the U700, you can fill the tank twice and get surpass this by a half a gallon of moisture. For the total to be higher, the rate of putting moisture back into the air is higher, so for very dry spaces, this unit will restore more moisture, faster than comparable models.

    Hygiene is always a concern when it comes to a home humidifier, and the U700 uses several things to keep your water clean. First, there is a Hydro Cell. This small disc contains activated carbon that adsorbs odors and chemicals from the water. Next is a demineralization cartridge that removes mineral content and helps you avoid the white mineral dust that often accompanies lower quality humidifiers. This plastic housing of this cartridge is also treated with ionic silver, a natural antimicrobial agent. Lastly, if you use the preheat feature, not only does the mist come out around body temperature (warm enough to not affect the temperature of the room), but the preheat feature will kill many of the microbes that may be in your water supply. Overall, these three features work together to remove impurities and stop problems before they can occur. New to this model is also an indicator to let you know to replace the water in the tank. Going to visit family for the holidays and expect to be out of town for a week or longer? The last thing you'll likely think of is the water sitting in your humidifier. That's ok. The U700 will actually remind to change the water in the humidifier if it hasn't been refilled or changed for a period of time. In all, this is very likely the most hygienic ultrasonic humidifier on the market today.

    Like other Boneco humidifiers, the U700 has a timer and automatic feature as well as titanium coated diaphragm (the part that causes the ultrasonic vibrations). A three year warranty is one of the best amongst any home humidifiers, and a "mood light" is a new feature for the U700.

    What I do not like about the Boneco/Air-O-Swiss U700 Humidifier

    I have always and will always mention the "warm mist" feature of an ultrasonic humidifier, and the  U700 is no exception. Do NOT expect the mist to be warm to the touch. At the nozzle, it is just over 100° when using the pre-warm feature. Considering your body temperature is almost 99° and the fact that water vapor cools quickly, and it should be no surprise that the vapor feels almost cool to the touch (lukewarm at best). This humidifier does not boil water, only heats it. As long as you know what to expect with this feature, there should be disappointment in how it performs. Other than this, the only thing I can take issue with is the coverage area. Boneco states the coverage area is 1000 sq. ft. I find this is a bit of an overestimation. If you have good circulation throughout the space, this type of coverage could be possible, provided your humidity problem isn't too severe. I would safely recommend this model for use in spaces of 800 sq. ft. or less with no reservation.

    Once you do an actual comparison of the Boneco  U700 humidifier to other models, it's fairly easy to see that it is one of the very best available. It outputs more moisture, covers a larger area and has more features than nearly any other. The U700 is exceptionally quiet and quite possibly the most hygienic home humidifier you can buy. If you're looking for the best humidifier that will provide years of reliable humidification, the U700 is a can't miss.

    Product Questions

    When I descale the air-o-swiss U700 should the water tank be in place on top of the base? And if yes, should I remove both the hydro cell and the demineralisation cartridge?
    We have just purchased the U700 humidifier and the humidity level has never gone above 25%, although we close the door and use the humidifier at its full capacity. In fact, it went from 25% to 23% last night. We have the central AC system, could this be the problem?
    There are a number of indicators on the LED Display. Two of them are red and seem to indicate problems. Can anyone tell me what they mean and how to repair them? Thanks!