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Crane Freddy the Frog Humidifier

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Crane Freddy the Frog Humidifier

Crane Freddy the Frog HumidifierSimple and fun. Those are two words that go well together when it comes to describing the Crane Frog Humidifier. An ultrasonic humidifier like the Frog can help safely alleviate symptoms from allergies, asthma and eczema by putting moisture back into the air in your child's bedroom. Compact, lightweight and inexpensive, the Frog children's cool mist humidifier is super easy to operate and small enough to fit easily on a nightstand or dresser. Simply fill the Frog, set your desired humidity and hopefully your child will be hopping right along again!


  • Empty Indicator
  • Rotary Dial Humidity Control
  • Automatic Shutoff
  • Demineralization Cartridge (Optional)
  • Energy Efficient
  • No BPA or Phthalates Used in Manufacturing
  • Fun Frog Design

Crane Frog Ultrasonic Humidifier Reviews

Crane Frog Child Humidifiers

When the temperature drops and furnaces kick on, the air inside your home often gets very dry. For children this can aggravate eczema and cause itching or irritate asthma and trigger night time or persistent coughing. For anyone in the home, chapped lips, dry sinuses and even an increase in the dust are often the result. With the Frog humidifier by Crane, there's a fun, simple way to help alleviate your child's symptoms, safely and effectively. The Frog humidifier is a cool mist, ultrasonic humidifier with basic controls. After spending a couple weeks in my godson's room, this is how the Frog performed.

What I like about the Crane Frog Humidifier

In terms of humidifying, the Crane Frog humidifier does the trick. My godson suffers from asthma, and periodically, it's not uncommon to hear him coughing through the night. Often times this is due to very low humidity in his bedroom, but the Frog was able to fix that problem. When measured with a separate hygrometer, the Frog was able to bring the relative humidity in his room back up to around 50% (just enough to ease his cough without making his room hospitable to mold or dust mites).

This is one of the easiest humidifiers to operate. You simply remove Freddy the Frog's head, and fill with about a gallon of water. Replace, set your humidity level via the rotary dial, and you're all set. Depending on your child's age, s/he could actually take care of this her/himself. It's that easy! The tank capacity is only about a gallon, but if your child's room is like my godson's, then the capacity and coverage should be good enough for a couple night's use without having to refill. This may vary some depending on how dry it is in your home and how large the room is.

Since Freddy is a kids cool mist humidifier that uses ultrasonic technology, there is no worry of hot/boiling water or burns should he get knocked over. Plus, anti-slip feet help prevent that, even on smooth, slick surfaces.

Lastly, this child humidifier is lightweight and compact, so it fit easily on my godson's dresser. There is also little maintenance required (which his parents like!). Just replace the optional demineralization cartridge as needed (if you're using one), and should you notice any mineral scale build up, you can use a descaling agent or use a home mix of water and vinegar to clean it away.

What I do not like about the Crane Frog Humidifier

Because the Frog humidifier is a very basic child humidifier, it lacks some of the features that more expensive models have. The rotary dial works perfectly fine, but I personally prefer a digital reading since these also show the current conditions as well as a more precise humidity set point/target. Other features like a timer, sleep mode, etc. are nice, but really not necessary for a kid's humidifier.

The other drawback to the Frog is the demineralization cartridge is optional. It does not come standard with the Frog humidifier, so if you have water with low or no mineral content, you should be fine. If you have hard water, you may notice a "white dust" around the humidifier. This is vaporized mineral content and can be eliminated with the demineralization cartridge.

The Crane Frog humidifier is a basic but good option for use in your child's bedroom. Though it lacks some of the features that other ultrasonic models may offer, the price is hard to beat, and the performance is going to be enough for all but the most severely dry homes. It has helped to keep my godson's night time cough in check, and the Frog doesn't look out of place amongst the mountain of toys in he has. Easy to use and maintain, Freddy the Frog is a low-cost way to relieve asthma and eczema symptoms for children.

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