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IQAir PF40 Coarse Dust Pre-Filter Kit

  • Item #: IQ0010
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  • Fits Nearly All IQAir Air Purifiers
  • Extra Layer of Large Particle Filtration
  • Bolts Directly to Base
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    IQAir PF40 Coarse Dust Pre-Filter Kit

    Enhance your pre-filter and extend the life of all of your filters with a PF-40 Coarse Dust Pre-filter kit. With 1/2" of filter media, this filter traps some of the largest particles, like dust bunnies, pet hair and others that can clog your pre-filter and reduce the performance of your IQAir air purifier. In addition to residential settings, this filter can be particularly helpful in filtering particles like dust, sand or other large particulate from commercial spaces like bakeries, aviaries, pet stores, etc. Wash or rinse this filter with water, allow to air dry and reuse it multiple times to continue extending the life of your PreMax and HyperHEPA filters. To install, use the supplied Torx screws and screwdriver. Then, filter is clipped in for easy access and removal. The PF40 coarse dust filter kit fits all IQAir air purifiers. Filter can be used with casters. Not compatible with these accessories - the FlexVac, VM FlexVac, VM InFlow and the InFlow W125.

    Please be aware that we are not able to ship IQAir products to P.O Boxes or non-U.S. addresses, including Canada.

    Customer Reviews

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    A departure from the thoughtful design of the IQAir purifier
    I bought this because my prefilter was getting clogged with pet hair. I own an Austin Helthmate for the bedroom, and an IQAir Healthpro (old) for the living room. The Austin seemed to trap most of the pet hair in its dust filter, and this IQAir coarse dust filter seemed to be a similar concept. I also ordered a new IQAir Healthpro Plus to replace the Austin at the same time.
    First, the triple knife edge seal? Not there with the coarse dust filter. Not even one knife edge. Both grates that sandwich the prefilter in are aluminum, and the one that screws onto the base was visibly warping to create a sealing gap.
    Second, the prefilter extends slightly below the arches. This means that some air could be filtered through the side of the filter. Combined with the lack of knife edge sealing, this means that some of the dust could bypass the coarse dust filter entirely. While this would be the same as not having the coarse dust filter, I vacuum the prefilter at least weekly (routine maintenance for the Austin, and seems to not affect the IQAir prefilter's functionality), and would have to disassemble the coarse dust filter each time I wanted to vacuum the prefilter.
    Third, the coarse dust filter makes the IQAir noticeably louder on all speed settings. The new model Healthpro is advertised as quieter than the old model, and it is! However, the coarse dust filter actually made it louder than the old model. A smartphone app (uncalibrated, but useful for comparison) measured the old Healthpro at ~63dB on speed 6, the new Healthpro Plus at ~60dB without the coarse dust filter, and ~67dB with the coarse dust filter. All measurements were taken in a quiet room from a distance of 1 yard.
    Finally, one last minor note. Unlike all the other filters, this one isn't square. It's slightly rectangular, by about a quarter of an inch.
    A few positives. 3 coarse dust filters are included in the box, so you can rotate them when you wash them or throw them away and have a few spares. Installation was simple, and the screwdriver needed was included. The coarse dust filters have a smooth, dense side instead of just being spun polyester like the Austin and every other similar air filter I've encountered.
    In the end, I'm not impressed, as it negates a lot of the advantages to owning an IQAir (quiet, sealed, no maintenance) for a relatively high cost and moderate benefit.
    Review by Andy C. / (Posted on 4/30/2016)

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