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IQAir Vertical Mount Fixture Kit (VMF)

  • Item #: IQ0044

IQAir Vertical Mount Fixture Kit (VMF)

If floor space is at a premium but you cannot sacrifice air quality, consider the IQAir Vertical Mount Fixture (VMF) kit. This kit allows you to vertically suspend any IQAir air cleaner, freeing up floor space and preventing tampering. This vertical mount style ideally positions your IQAir overhead to capture smoke, solvents, and other pollutants that rise up and disperse throughout your workspace. Over work benches or in bars, restaurants, or schools, this gives you the ability to clean the air without worry. Compatible with all IQAir air purifiers. Cannot be used with FlexVac, InFlow W125, VM FlexVac, VM InFlow, or Mobility 56.


The vertical mounting of an IQAir unit may be desirable in areas where floor space is scarce or the unit would present an obstacle on the floor. The vertical mount may also improve the air cleaning performance for air pollutants with a rising flow pattern, such as tobacco smoke. If directly mounted above an air pollution source, the IQAir filtration device helps to capture rising dust, fumes or vapors.

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