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IQAir VM FlexVac Vertical Mount Capture Kit

  • Item #: IQ0043

IQAir VM FlexVac Vertical Mount Capture Kit

Similar to the standard FlexVac, the VM FlexVac gives you the ability to vertically mount your IQAir air purifier and use the source capture kit. This free up floor space while providing the needed reach to target and remove specific chemical vapor and particle pollutants at the source. Made from shatterproof polypropylene, the flexible hose provides over 44 feet of total reach and maintains its shape when bend, twisted or turned, until you reposition it. Ideal for office or commercial settings where targeting purification can dramatically reduce the pollutants in the air. Fits all IQAir air purifiers EXCEPT the GCX series. Not compatible with PF40, FlexVac, InFlow W125, or Mobility 56 accessories/kits.


The VM FlexVac consists of a vertical mount fixture combined with a flexible extraction duct system. The suction duct of the VM FlexVac may be bent, twisted and turned into virtually any position and will remain in place until repositioned. It is made from shatterproof, chemically resistant polypropylene. Its large 5" diameter ensures low pressure drop and exceptionally high suction volume. At a typical air flow rate of 150 CFM the air velocity within the duct is approx. 12 mph or 17 ft/s. The remote control, which is supplied with each IQAir filtration device, ensures convenient operability even when the control panel is out of reach.

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