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A Year in the Life of a Steam Cleaner

Vapamore Primo Steam CleanerHi, I'm the Vapamore Primo Steam Cleaner. My family loves me so much that they use me all the time for a wide range of cleaning needs. I use steam that's heated to over 200 degrees to loosen dirt and kill allergens that trigger my family's allergy attacks.

They got me because they knew I'd keep their home healthier and cleaner without having to use harmful chemicals (another allergy and asthma trigger). I've also streamlined my family's cleaning routine because they can use me for so many different tasks!

Here's how I've helped through the seasons:

Spring Cleaning with a Steam Cleaner

Spring cleaning is what actually prompted my purchase. My family realized I could be used to loosen dirt from hard-to-clean household items that rarely get cleaned like upholstery,drapes, and ceiling fans.

Instead of using wet upholstery cleaners that leave chemical residues, as well as dampness that often leads to mold and mildew on their sofa, my family used my super hot and quick evaporating steam to loosen years of dirt and grime from cushions. In addition, my steam killed dust mites on contact and denatured dust mite allergen on contact.

With a sweep of their HEPA vacuum cleaner, the dust, dust mites, pet dander, and other allergens that I helped bring to the surface were removed from the couch. A hotbed of allergens became an allergy friendly place of relaxation.

Drapery, especially of the formal, heavy variety, is another dust and allergen magnet - one that often requires dry cleaning. This means that drapery rarely gets cleaned, and when it does, it brings toxic chemical fumes from the dry cleaning process into the home.

Putting attachments like the clothes / fabric tool on me and adjusting steam pressure controls for the job make cleaning even delicate drapery easy, safe, and, most importantly, effective.

And ceiling fans, often overlooked and consequently often very dirty, are places where dust, pollen, and dander settle. And being closer to the ceiling, the warmer temperatures can mean a greater chance of mold or mildew. I can quickly blast away years of filth and allergens in seconds.

Steam Cleaners Make Easy Work of Difficult Summer Tasks

My family loves to cook outdoors during the summer. But Dad doesn't like to clean the grill. Who can blame him? After years of accumulated food debris that just refused to come off, the task became formidable indeed. But by tackling the job with a combination of my steam gun, the heavy duty brass metal brush, and the detail scraper tool, we got the grill clean as new!

Steam Cleaners at Home

Fall means the beginning of seasons spent indoors because of cold weather. During the fall, my family eats a lot of comfort food; Mom starts using the oven a lot, and especially after Thanksgiving, the inside of the oven and the stovetop could both use a thorough cleaning.

Sure, the oven self-cleaning setting helps burn off cooked on food debris, but this takes a lot of time and a lot of energy. Using steam to loosen difficult-to-remove oven gunk is much more efficient - and no harsh chemicals are necessary either. Now, I get used in the oven, on the stovetop, in the microwave, toaster oven, and even to clean up grubby kitchen appliance surfaces - not to mention the kitchen floor!

Mom loves to clean the floor with me, because she knows steam is a powerful yet completely safe disinfectant to clean up one of the germiest rooms in the house.

Steam Cleaning During Winter Time

Winter means frigid temperatures, and sometimes my family can't ventilate bathrooms by opening windows. This often leads to mold formation on grout in the shower. By using me right away when mold starts to form, my family prevents the propagation of mold spores--a potent allergen and asthma trigger. I was made for such things; I even come with a grout brush.

Winter break also means lots of travel, and with the resurgence ofbed bugs, my family is concerned about infestations whenever they stay at a hotel, no matter how nice it is. It's become standard practice to put their clothes straight into the washing machine and leave luggage in the garage for a comprehensive steam bath from me. This kills any bed bugs - and even any bed bug eggs - that might have tried to hitch a ride into the house on suitcases or bags.

As you can see, during this past year, my family has discovered new ways to use me, and they are enjoying the sparkling home, clean air, and reduced allergens I've helped give them.