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AchooAllergy.com in Women's Health Magazine

Women's Health magazine
June 2007 issue of Women's Health magazineAllergy Armor Ultra was the first recommended exciting, new allergy relief product in the article "Nothing to Sneeze At" in the June 2007 issue of Women's Health magazine:

"No matter what your relationship status, you're definitely not snoozing alone. Every night, thousands of dust mites settle into your linens to feed on dead skin cells. Try Allergy Armor Ultra Bedding ($10 to $214, achooallergy.com), breathable microfiber alternatives to your traditional Egyptian cotton sheets and pillowcases. The fabric's super-teeny "pore size" (the gap between threads) prevents microscopic critters from burrowing into your bed and skin. These sheets feel smooth, not stiff and they're better than anything else on the market at keeping mites out."(Note: Allergy Armor Ultra mattress & pillow covers are designed to work underneath your normal decorative sheets and pillowcases - so you can actually use your traditional Egyptian cotton sheets and pillowcases while receiving the protection of Allergy Armor Ultra.)