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Airgle Air Purifiers FAQs

Airgle Air PurifierHow long have Airgle Air Purifiers been made?
Since 2002.

Do Airgle Air Purifiers produce ozone?

How often do I need to change the filters?
It has a filter change indicator. Under normal use filters need to be replaced yearly.

What is the warranty on Airgle air purifiers?
Airgle air purifiers are warranted for three years to be free of defects in workmanship or materials.

Are any of the filters washable?
Yes, the pre-filter is washable. The HEPA and carbon filters are not washable and should be replaced yearly.

Does it come with casters?

What scent does the fragrance cartridge produce and do I have to use the cartridge?
The fragrance cartridge produces a pleasant Lily aroma that lasts 12 months. No, its use is optional.

Where do you suggest placing the Airgle air purifier?
Most of our customers place their air purifiers in the bedroom because that is where they spend the most time.

Are the filters hard to change?
No, changing filters on an Airgle air purifier is easy--simply pop out and replace. No tools are required.

What other maintenance should I expect?
Airgle suggests keeping the dust sensor clean by wiping it off periodically with a q-tip. This is explained in detail in the user's manual.

More Information about Airgle Air Purifiers

Airgle was established in 2002 and has a sales office in New York and production facilities in Hong Kong and Korea. Research and development is paramount at Airgle which is reflected in the extremely high CADR ratings of its products. Quality control is also stressed throughout the manufacturing and shipping process. Airgle meticulously inspects not only the final product for safety, quality, workmanship and function, but they also inspect the raw materials and components before production begins.

In addition to offering exceptional customer service, research and development plays an extremely important role in the innovation process at Airgle. This ultimately results in innovative technology that surpasses what's found in competing products, and by setting the standard in air purification technology. Airgle exceeds the standard in air purification technology with exceptional products and service.