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Allergist in the Spotlight: Paul S. Rabinowitz, MD

Allergist in the Spotlight: Paul S. Rabinowitz, MD

Allergy and Asthma Consultants, Atlanta Metro Area

For this month's allergist interview, we had a fun and engaging interview with Dr. Paul S. Rabinowitz of Allergy and Asthma Consultants. The practice sees patients with rhinitis, asthma, sinus problems, hives, eczema, food allergies, latex allergy, stinging insect allergy (bees and fire ants), and medication allergies, among others. In addition, the group focuses on treatment involving environmental controls, where applicable, as well as symptom prevention.

Please tell me a little bit about yourself and your history as an allergist.

Dr. Paul Robinowitz, Atlanta area Allergist"I've been in practice in Atlanta since 1984. I have a background in internal medicine and went into an allergy fellowship. I became interested in treating allergies because I have allergies myself; since I had my own symptoms to deal with, I figured why not go into the field? I did a rotation in allergies and found that I really liked it."

How big is your practice? Is there a particular type of allergy or treatment your practice specializes in?

"The group I work with has three docs: myself, Dr. Mark Livesey, and Dr. Glen L. Nadel. We have five locations in the greater Atlanta area, and we see people with all kinds of allergies, including nasal allergies, eye allergies, latex allergy, food allergies, stinging insect allergies, asthma, allergic cough, hives, eczema, and sinus problems. We provide our patients with testing (including scratch tests), diagnosis, evaluation, treatment, and allergy shots, when applicable."

What do you love about your job?

Dr. Rabinowitz's love for his work was evident in the warm and happy manner in which he spoke of his job: "My job is fun, the patients are fun - and nobody dies. I see patients, provide treatment, and they feel better. They're very appreciative because we can actually make them feel better. Their quality of life goes up and they're happy."

If you could suggest one thing for your patients what would it be?

In keeping with Allergy and Asthma Consultants' stated focus on "disease maintenance and prevention" and their goal of "providing patients with an improved quality of life and allergy symptom-free living," Dr. Rabinowitz echoes many other allergists' first recommendation for allergy sufferers: "Get allergy covers."

What is your favorite allergy relief product?

"I tend to prescribe antihistamine nose sprays to many of my patients. In particular, I like Astepro because of its rapid onset of action."

Where do you see allergy treatment going in the future?

As many experts have mentioned recently, Dr. Rabinowitz referenced SLIT when asked the direction of allergy treatment: "The most exciting thing I see coming up in the future of allergy treatment is sublingual allergy treatment instead of shots."