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Amaircare Air Purifier FAQs

What does the manufacturer mean by the phrase "Perfect Seal HEPA"?
Amaircare developed the 'Perfect Seal HEPA' in response to the air purifiers on the market that boast HEPA filters, but fail to meet true HEPA standards due to an improper sealing. If the air can pass around the HEPA media or mix inside the system, then you are not achieving true HEPA filtration. The Perfect Seal HEPA ensures that air passing through the HEPA system, is filtered through the HEPA media and cannot escape around it or mix with unfiltered air. Each and every HEPA air purifier that Amaircare builds is tested with a laser particle counter to ensure that it does indeed, meet or exceed HEPA standards. Each filter itself features a foam-like gasket and soft edge to conform to and seal around the body of the unit. Lastly, a Perfect Seal HEPA sticker is then placed on the unit so you know it meets HEPA standards!

How often do I need to replace the filters?
In the larger units, the Amaircare 3000 and the Amaircare 2500 , the HEPA filter should be changed every 2-5 years, the optional VOC Canister every year, and the Carbon inner filter every 6 months. In the portable unit, the Roomaid Air Purifier , the pre-filter and carbon filters should be changed every 6 months and the VOC canister every year.

Does my air purifier come with casters?
The Amaircare 3000 comes with casters, while the Amaircare 2500 and the Portable Roomaid do not have casters.

How do I choose the right Amaircare for me?
The first thing that you'll need to check is the approximate square footage for the room that the air purifier will be in. Physicians recommend that the ACH or Air Changes Per Hour be at least 4 for optimal health. At 4 ACH the coverage area for each of the Amaircare units is:

After determining the right size model for your needs, you'll want to see if you need the additional VOC protection that is available. VOCs or Volatile Organic Compounds include odors from paint, auto exhaust, carpets, furniture, dry cleaning, formaldehyde, aerosol sprays, cleaning products, smoke, smog and other toxic fumes. There is an optional VOC canister containing additional activated charcoal available for all of the Amaircare air purifiers to absorb these odors.

How quiet is the Amaircare Roomaid portable HEPA air purifier?
The Roomaid is extremely quiet and offers a two speed fan switch so you can control the volume of the unit. Even on high the Roomaid is quiet enough to sit in any room or office without notice.

Does the Amaircare Roomaid portable HEPA air purifier offer any special features?

Besides the spectacular air filtration system, the Roomaid also features an Auto Adapter Kit, so you can take your Roomaid air purifier with you no matter where you go. On the Amaircare Accessories page, check out this handy adapter kit which plugs into any cigarette lighter and allows the Amaircare Roomaid to filter out toxic Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) emissions from automobiles.

When do I need to change the filters in the Roomaid portable HEPA air purifier?

Although the Roomaid pre-filter is washable and can be reused, it is still recommended that you replace the filter once a year to receive maximum efficiency. While the Roomaid HEPA filter will need replacing every two to five years, the carbon filter must be replaced every six months to ensure that your Amaircare Roomaid continues to effectively eliminate gases and odors.

How do I change the filters in my Roomaid portable HEPA air purifier?

Changing the filters of your Roomaid is easy. For the pre-filter, first turn off the unit and unplug it from the electrical outlet. Next, remove the used filter and carefully discard it into a plastic bag. Line the seam of the filter up with the receptacle at the back of the unit. Pull the new filter over the unit so it covers the screen snuggly and you are done.

For the HEPA and carbon filters, turn the unit up-side down. With one hand holding the HEPA cartridge, pull the motor fan housing out. Remove and discard the HEPA cartridge or carbon filter into a plastic bag. Sit the motor fan housing right side up and seat the gasket into the groove. Next, place the new HEPA cartridge or carbon filter on the motor fan housing and align the plugs in the cartridge with the holes in the housing. Once the holes are aligned, press firmly on the top of the cartridge to secure it to the housing. Finally, plug your Roomaid back into the electrical outlet and turn it on.

Can any of the filters in the Roomaid portable HEPA air purifier be cleaned and reused?

Yes, the pre-filter can be vacuumed or washed and reused. Once vacuumed with a HEPA vacuum cleaner or washed with soap and water, you may reuse the filter to extend the filter life. However, it is still recommended that the pre-filter be changed yearly to ensure effective air filtration.

Where can I use my Roomaid portable HEPA air purifier?

The Amaircare Roomaid is the perfect size to travel with you anywhere. You can use your Roomaid at home, in your kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, or office. Whether you're on vacation or on an overnight business trip, it's is small enough to fit in your suitcase. With the versatile Auto Adapter Kit, you can also use your Roomaid in your car, truck, RV, or garage.

What type of warranty comes with the Amaircare Air Purifiers?

The motor and fan are under warranty for 5 years from the date of purchase. All other components (except filters) have a one year warranty. In order to validate the warranty for your new Amaircare product, you must complete the online registration form or send the card included with the unit to Amaircare Corporation within 30 days of retail purchase.

The Amaircare Roomaid air purifier comes with a standard one-year warranty for parts and a five-year warranty on the motor. Both warranties protect against defects in material and workmanship under normal use and service.

Register your Amaircare Online at http://amaircare.com/index.php/support/warranty/

What contaminants do the Amaircare air purifiers eliminate?

The Amaircare air purifiers contain a HEPA filter which guarantees filtration of 99.97% of particles down to 0.3 microns in size. You are protected from pollen, tobacco smoke, dust, animal dander, and mold. With the optional VOC filter upgrade, your Amaircare will also remove VOCs, auto exhaust, and other noxious fumes and odors.

Do the Amaircare air purifiers produce ozone?

No! Amaircare air purifiers filter out noxious fumes and odors and do not produce ozone. Although ozone is produced by some air purifiers, the Amaircare air purifier will only produce fresh, clean air for you to enjoy.

How much energy does the Amaircare Roomaid portable HEPA air purifier use?

Very little! The Roomaid is extremely energy efficient. Even on high, running 24 hours a day, the Roomaid consumes less energy than a household light bulb. So feel free to use your Roomaid whenever and wherever you need it.

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