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Amaircare Company History & Information

Amaircare Company Information and History

For more than 14 years, Amaircare has provided a full line of air filtration systems for residential, commercial, and automotive applications. Striving to offer the best filtration technology available, Amaircare offers customers the cleanest air possible. "Amaircare's goal is to manufacture the most efficient and complete line of portable and whole house air cleaning products," says Jim Woods, CEO of Amaircare. In 1992, Woods was contacted to identify technology that would solve serious radioactive contamination issues that were created by improper use, storage, and disposal in former East Germany. Woods used his thorough understanding of waste management solutions to examine the problem and review several applications. Woods determined that HEPA filtration technology would provide a positive and immediate solution to their needs. Woods and his team employed HEPA filter products built by a small Toronto-based company.

After solving the radioactive contamination issues in Germany, Woods recognized the potential for providing air purification needs to consumers everywhere. In 1992, Woods and a group of investors acquired the small Toronto manufacturing company and continued to provide air purification solutions to customers all over the world.

"Although the Indoor Air Quality industry was still in its infancy, I recognized the connection between poor air quality and the drastic increase in respiratory issues such as asthma, especially in children . . . Providing products that truly improved people's health and helped prevent healthy people from getting sick is what truly inspired me to succeed," said Woods.

Amaircare is based in the city of Mississauga near Toronto, Canada, and continues to produce and manufacture every part (except the motor) of every unit in this office. Because Amaircare manufactures and produces all products in their head office, Amaircare is able to test every part, including the HEPA filter. The Amaircare HEPA filter is tested with a 0.3 micron laser particle counter to ensure that it meets and exceeds the true HEPA standard of air filtration efficiency. The Amaircare HEPA filter is also tested for air flow delivery by measuring the air volumes while the filter is housed in the unit. Amaircare obtains accurate air flow measurements by keeping the filter in the unit during testing.

"Every Amaircare HEPA filter that we manufacture is tested to ensure that it delivers the air flow we claim. Unlike almost all of our competitors, we measure our air volumes with the filters in our units. Almost all of our competitors exaggerate their airflows by as much as 50 [CFM]," advises Woods.

Amaircare HEPA air purifiers are constructed from cold-rolled steel, which does not off-gas any dangerous chemicals or fumes. Although some competitors use glues and bonding materials to install their filters, Amaircare produces their own HEPA filters to ensure that their units contain no products that may off-gas chemicals or even paint fumes. In fact, Amaircare air purifiers are finished in a powder coating instead of paint. The power coating is very durable but does not emit any dangerous gases or chemicals. Once the unit and HEPA filter have been tested thoroughly, the air purifier receives the Amaircare "Perfect Seal HEPA" label. This label certifies that the air cleaner meets the Amaircare standard of efficiency and quality.

"We control every facet of the manufacturing of our products and guarantee the quality and efficiency of the very best air cleaning technologies available," says Woods.

To make clean air available to travelers, Amaircare developed the Roomaid air purifier, which employs three stages of filtration to address three specific indoor air quality issues: biological, chemical, and particulate contaminants. Stage one of the Amaircare Roomaid filtration system: A washable Pre-filter removes large particles like soot, pollen, ragweed, and industrial pollution. This cost-efficient Pre-filter can be washed and re-used periodically up to a year. The second stage of filtration: The HEPA filter captures microscopic biological particles including mold, dust mites, bacteria, and viruses. The HEPA filter is guaranteed to remove at least 99.97% of particles at 0.3 microns in size. In stage three, the Carbon Blanket captures smaller chemical compounds like Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs), auto exhaust, and other noxious fumes and odors. The carbon blanket makes the Amaircare Roomaid portable HEPA air purifier the perfect solution for automobile travelers who are sensitive to VOCs, exhaust fumes, Freon, and other fumes and odors.

"The Roomaid is effective because it employs the unique Amaircare 'Perfect HEPA Seal' filter system that forces the dirty air through the filter, not allowing it to sneak around the cracks and crevasses like our competitors do," says Woods.

Through the innovative construction of their HEPA air filtration systems, Amaircare demonstrates a commitment to the environment and their customers. Amaircare air purifiers are constructed in steel, a recyclable material. Also, the energy-efficient motor in each Amaircare portable HEPA air purifier consumes less energy than one 60-watt light bulb.

"At Amaircare we find it easy to provide quality and effective products to our customers. How do we do it? It's simple, we listen to what our customers want and then we provide them with the best products on the market," says Woods.

Amaircare recognizes that poor air quality doesn't just exist in homes. You always need clean air, especially when you travel, drive down the highway, or work at the office. The compact Amaircare Roomaid HEPA air purifier has an easy-to-use convenient Auto Adapter Kit to provide fresh, clean air, no matter where you are.

Additionally, Amaircare's conducts yearly in-house research and development to provide quality and effective products for customers. Although the research and development comes at a high price for Amaircare, the research yields increased benefits and reduced costs to customers. Accurate research and development, honest business practices, and superior product performance separates Amaircare from their competitors.

One customer confirms Amaircare's excellence: "My asthma was acting up constantly and I was needing to use my inhalers frequently. Once we turned on our new Amaircare HEPA, I felt much better after only 20 minutes! My chest didn't feel tight and I no longer needed to use my inhalers at all in my own home."

Every year, Amaircare gains a vast number of new customers with health issues ranging from asthma to chronic fatigue syndrome. Amaircare air purifiers provide allergy relief and cleaner. Amaircare vows to never deceive their customers, nor provide them with defective products simply to increase their revenues. Honest business practices and quality products continue to provide a successful recipe for the Amaircare company.

"Amaircare is always striving to improve our products and meet the demands of our customers with new products. Unlike almost all of our competitors, we're not trying to trick our customers with over inflated performance numbers," adds Woods.

Get your Amaircare portable HEPA air purifier today and get the honesty and quality you deserve.