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Enviracaire Humidifiers Maintenance

Enviracaire and Slant Fin Maintenance

The following instructions, maintenance tips, and trouble shooting techniques apply to the following Enviracaire warm mist humidifiers: the EWM-211D, the EWM-300W, and the EWM 350.

Slant Fin Humidifier Operating Instructions

Enviracaire EWM 300

  1. Place the base of the unit on a firm, flat, level and water resistant surface.
  2. Fill the water tanks according to the instructions below and place on Enviracaire humidifier base.
  3. Plug the power cord firmly and completely into the wall outlet.
  4. Turn the power switch to either the LO or HI position (Lights may flicker momentarily). Then turn the relative humidity knob clockwise until you hear a faint click and the power light comes on. It will be normal for the humidifier to take a few minutes to warm up and begin to mist.
  5. When the water tanks are empty, (approximately 36 hours running time), the "Refill When Lit" lamp will go on, and the unit will stop heating. Refer to the "Filling the Water Tank" section below.
  6. Whenever the water falls below the level of the probes during operation, the heating element will shut off and stop heating, and the Refill indicator will light.
  7. The unit will operate as long as there is water in either tank and unit will operate with either one or both tanks.

Slant Fin Humidifier Mineral Absorption Pad Instructions

Mineral Absorbtion PadsWarm mist humidifiers do not spread fine mineral dust into the air that you breathe nor on your furniture, the way that other type Enviracaire humidifiers do. The mineral dust remains trapped in the humidifier hot water reservoir. Use of mineral absorption pads will play a major role in capturing and removing minerals from hot water reservoir, and preventing a stubborn mineral buildup. The unit can run without pads, but more frequent cleaning will be required.

  1. Before starting humidifier, place mineral absorption pad in the hot water reservoir. After the humidifier has been operating, the water will become Hot, and caution should be exercised when handling mineral absorption pad. It is best to allow humidifier water to cool down, and to use tongs or long tweezers when handling pad.
  2. The useful life of the mineral absorption pad will vary, depending on the mineral content of the water used. In areas of moderate mineral content water supply, themineral absorption pad should be changed after approximately (3) weeks of continuous use. If the water is "Hard Water", the pad should be changed more frequently.

    The best way to tell when the pad should be changed is to examine it after the water has cooled down, to see if it is still soft and pliable. When the pad is near the end of its life, it becomes stiff and hard and should be replaced with a new pad. Another sign to change pad is when scale begins to buildup on interior of hot water reservoir. If pad appears to disintegrate (normally due to use of softened water), discontinue use of pads.

Filling the Water Tank on the Slant Fin Humidifier

  1. Before filling the water tanks, turn the Power switch to the "Off" position and unplug unit.
  2. Remove water tanks from base, turn each tank upside down and remove tank cap by turning counterclockwise. Fill tank with clean cold tap water. If using distilled water, add a few grains of table salt to each tank. Replace the tank cap by turning clockwise. Tighten firmly.
  3. Carefully pick up tank, since it will be heavy when full, and slippery if wet.
  4. Place water tanks on base. Make sure tanks are properly placed, otherwise, theEnviracaire humidifier will not work correctly.

Using the Slant Fin Humidifier Medication Cup

  1. In order to add a medicated vapor to the "mist" output:
  2. Turn the Power switch to the "Off" position and allow the steam diffuser to cool.
  3. Carefully add liquid medication to medicine cup. Do not fill the cup more than half full.
  4. Carefully place medicine cup on top of steam diffuser.
  5. Turn the Power switch to either the LO or HI position.
  6. After use, remove the cup from the unit and clean any residue from the cup with warm water.

*Warning - Do not use any liquid medication other than those specifically recommended for use with a steam vaporizer or warm mist humidifier. Do not pour medication directly into the steam diffuser openings nor add it to the water in the tank or tray.

Changing the Slant Fin Humidifier UV Germicidal Bulb

Humidifier Replacement UV Bulb

  1. If the "REPLACE UV BULB" indicator illuminates during normal use, it is time to change the UV germicidal bulb, which is a special 3.5 W bulb.
  2. turn the POWER switch to the "OFF" position, unplug it and allow it to cool.
  3. Remove the water tanks from the base of the Enviracaire humidifier. Remove steam diffuser and steam dome by rotating them counterclockwise and lift up.
  4. Place the base of the humidifier over the sink and tilt the unit to remove any remaining water.
  5. Carefully turn the base of the humidifier over and place it upside down on a flat level surface. You will see a door at front of unit that is closed with two Phillips head screws.
  6. Using a Phillips head screwdriver, carefully turn the screws counterclockwise until the screws separate from the door.
  7. Open the door, by pulling forward. The UV germicidal light bulb will be visible. Pull the door out the minimum amount to have access to unscrew bulb from socket.
  8. Take a 3.5W UV germicidal replacement bulb that you purchased from Slant/Fin Corporation or another supplier and change the bulb. To prolong the life of the bulb, limit your direct contact with the glass of the bulb by using a cloth or tissue to screw it into place.
  9. When the new bulb is in place, close the door and replace the screws by using your Phillips head screwdriver and rotating them clockwise until they are just tight. Do not over tighten.
  10. Do not turn power on, while UV lamp door is open, and Do not view illuminated bulb directly because eye damage may occur.
  11. Turn the unit upright, place the water tanks on top of the base of the humidifier, plug the unit in, and turn the Power switch to either the LO or HI position. The "Replace UV Bulb" indicator should no longer be lit.

*Important Note - Even though you will not receive maximum germicidal effects, you can still use your humidifier until the replacement bulb arrives.

Slant Fin Humidifier Storage Tips

If you do not plan to use your Enviracaire humidifier for an extended period of time, such as during the summer months, it is important that you follow these instructions to help prevent problems from developing in the unit.

Clean your humidifier

  1. Clean your humidifier as instructed.
  2. Make sure all water is emptied from the tanks and the hot and cold water reservoirs.
  3. Dry your unit thoroughly.
  4. Leave the tank caps off to expose the tanks to air.
  5. Pack your humidifier in its original carton and store it in a cool, dry place.

Slant Fin Humidifier Troubleshooting

Unit does not mist Unit is not plugged in
Power failure
Water tanks empty
Power switch not turned on
Unit not reset after refilling tanks
Water tank not property
located on base unit
Humidity level set is achieved

Using distilled or treated water
which does not contain enough
Only one tank empties

Plug in unit
Check circuit breaker
Remove and refill
Turn on switch to LO or HI
Reposition water tanks
Reposition water tanks

Turn Relative Humidity
Control to higher setting
Add "pinch" of table salt

Move unit to level surface.
Raise end with full tank.

Water leaks from unit Tank cap or tank cap
gasket is missing or improperly positioned
Tighten cap.
Replace tank cap
or reposition cap
Moist air output low Mineral buildup in hot water
Clean unit per instructions
Refill indicator light on Water level is below water
level probes
Water level probes
are covered with film
Mineral buildup in hot water
Refill water tanks
and mount tanks on base
Clean probes per
cleaning instructions
Clean unit per
cleaning instructions