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AchooAllergy.com: Fighting Allergies and Helping You Breathe Better

All About AchooAllergy.comAt the heart of our company, AchooAllergy.com has been about helping people breathe better when they have allergies. The company was born when founder Cade McDonald's allergies got so bad that he was literally sick all of the time. He recalled that ten years earlier an allergist he'd visited recommended allergy relief bedding. Desperate for relief from his symptoms, he encased his pillow and mattress in dust mite bedding and experienced an immediate improvement in his symptoms and quality of life.

Fresh out of business school and brimming with career ambition and personal motivation, Cadespent months researching the allergy relief products that gave him relief from his symptoms. He reviewed what products worked and what products did not. Cade eventually opened the doors of AchooAllergy.com in 2000, so that he could extend the same allergen avoidance solutions to others.

AchooAllergy.com focuses on customer serviceFor a decade, this foundation of helping others find allergy relief through environmental control of allergens has governed the way AchooAllergy.com conducts business. Our primary focus is helping our customers find relief. Our purpose is to help people live healthier and happier lives.With this purpose in mind, we strive to make the entire process of allergy relief exceed your expectations. From providing a virtual library of information about allergies, asthma, multiple chemical sensitivities, and allergen control to helping you choose the best products for your specific situation, we make environmental control accessible, convenient, and effective. Our goal is for you to receive your products faster than you expected, so you can use your allergy relief products for your full benefit.

Though we've grown substantially in the last ten years, we stay true to the core values that have always made us who we are as a company. From our humble beginnings, these core values have differentiated us from our competitors. With us, your allergy relief is our first priority. Here are some of the ways we continue to provide you with the best experience:

Exceptional Customer Service

Outstanding customer service is the bedrock of our business model; everything we do is with the goal of servicing our customers. Some key aspects of our customer service "menu" include:

  • Expert customer service representatives help you achieve allergy relief. A live, knowledgeable, friendly customer service representative is always available during business hours to answer all of your questions about allergy relief in general, to help you choose which products are best for you, and to guide you to implement your own allergen avoidance regimen.
  • "No hassle" returns mean your satisfaction is guaranteed. Don't hesitate to try out any of our products. With a 60-day return policy on tried-out items and a 365-day return policy on new, re-sellable items, you'll never be stuck with a product that doesn't work for you. For more information, see our Returns section.
  • Get allergy relief fast with same day shipping. We're as excited as you are for you to begin experiencing allergy relief through environmental control of allergens. That's why we send every order we receive before 3 p.m. EST the same day. Furthermore, orders over $150 receive FREE shipping.
  • Offering only products that pass our stringent testing ensures that each of your allergy relief choices is an effective solution. Before they make it into our catalog or onto our website, all of our products are studied and tested by our staff. When you choose the products that fit your allergy needs best, we provide you with user manuals and informational videos via our website or YouTube; so, you obtain the maximum benefit from your purchases.

Allergy Relief and Social Media

AchooAllergy.com fan page on FacebookNot to be left out of the social media wave that keeps relevant, up-to-the-minute information at our fingertips, AchooAllergy.com staff enjoy being accessible to our customers through our Facebook fan page and Twitter accounts. Employees each have their own Twitter accounts to interact and answer questions about allergies.We've also built out our YouTube channel which provides product demonstrations, reviews, and informational videos. Though you can't all visit our showroom personally, you can still experience a taste of our knowledgeable and friendly staff and enjoy the benefit of "in-person" assistance through our videos.

AchooAllergy.com's Company Culture Reflects Our Core Values

AchooAllergy.com Core Values
Though further from the actual customer experience than our customer service items, the company culture we cultivate upholds our central goal of helping our customers breathe better. We know that happy employees make happy customers; and we weave our Core Values into our everyday work experience.

Our workspace is inviting and open. Most of us work together in a large converted warehouse room that's not only allergy friendly, but conducive to frequent and open communication. We enjoy some friendly competition through company wide contests that challenge our knowledge of allergy relief products and other allergy information. Also, we foster company morale by having company lunches, celebrating each other's birthdays, and sharing our personal hopes and dreams with one another.

Our focus on being both considerate of everyone's needs and attuned to everyone's strengths ultimately allows us to draw on the energy of a well-built team that can respond to our customer's needs quickly and specifically.

AchooAllergy.com's Future

AchooAllergy.com - The Future is BrightWe never stop staying informed about the latest and best allergy products on the market. We stay informed to keep you informed. Our Allergy Relief Learning Center and Achoo! Blog present a wealth of quality information unmatched on the Web. We invite you to explore these resources, because the first line of defense against allergies is education.

Don't wait to tour our site, visit our Atlanta store, or sample our online offerings. We look forward to decades to come of serving you and making you healthier and happier through Allergy Relief!