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Five Reasons to Choose Allergy Armor Bedding

Allergy Armor is superior allergy bedding
Waking up from a full night's sleep without sneezing, watery eyes, and a runny nose is not taken for granted by allergy sufferers. We at AchooAllergy.com know firsthand the immense difference a night without allergies can make, not only in a person's allergy symptoms but also in their whole state of well-being.

Allergy bedding makes a quality night's sleep possible. As one of the most important components of an allergen avoidance regimen, quality allergy bedding is a significant investment in your family's health and happiness. It is vital that your choice of products is well-informed.

For our part, when we first began treating our allergies through environmental control, we of course turned to allergy bedding. However, we were not satisfied with the products that were out there in the marketplace. The existing allergy relief bedding fabrics were noisy, hot, and uncomfortable. Instead of solving the problem, they created more sleeping issues.

Consequently, we decided to make our own fabric. After extensive research and testing that spanned a few years, the Allergy Armor brand was born. We believe it is far superior to any other allergen barrier product on the market.

Here are a few reasons why we think you should choose Allergy Armor over one of our leading competitors, CleanRest:

Allergy Armor feels soft, not like a shower curtain.
  • Allergy Armor fabric feels better. Both Allergy Armor and CleanRest are made from 100% polyester microfiber, but upon feeling each of the fabrics, CleanRest feels more like a vinyl encasing. CleanRest also feels very thin compared to Allergy Armor. On the other hand, Allergy Armor feels soft, and at the same time, more durable.A blogger on Snoozester.com who tested out CleanRest describes the fabric this way, "The MicronOne fabric [the fabric CleanRest uses] is less plasticky than plastic, but were not talking about 12000TC Egyptian cotton here; the best description for the texture of the fabric would be something like a high-end hotel shower curtain liner part fabric, part plastic."An Allergy Armor reviewer, on the other hand, says, "The fabric on [my Allergy Armor allergy mattress covers] was tightly woven microfiber with a wonderful sheen and a soft, supple feel. These are high quality."
Allergy Armor wont make you hot or sweat while you sleep.
  • Allergy Armor isn't hot. Except for our Allergy Armor Classic and Allergy Armor Bed Bug lines, which feature a laminated polyurethane membrane for customers who need a water resistant barrier, our allergy bedding is made completely of fabric. Most are 100% polyester with the exception of Allergy Armor Cotton and Allergy Armor Organic, which are made of a cotton/poly blend and all organic cotton, respectively. While CleanRest is made of polyester as well, it has a waterproof lining that makes the product feel more like plastic and also makes sleeping hot. As one CleanRest customer puts it in a product review on Buzzillions.com, "The waterproofing makes it hot to sleep on in the summer." In contrast, an Allergy Armor customer from Texas writes, "[Allergy Armor encasings] are made of a very comfortable fabric and are really breathable. They are great for hot Texas summers. Another Allergy Armor user says, It doesn't rustle as you sleep on it, and it doesn't sweat from your body heat. I love the pillow covers."
Allergy Armor isn't noisey like nylon pants.
  • Allergy Armor isn't noisy. Fabric that has qualities like that of plastic is not only hot, but its also noisy. The Snoozester reviewer comments about CleanRest, "We did, however, notice that the MicronOne fabric can be kind of noisy (in a swishy, pant-legs-of-a-jumpsuit-rubbing-together kind of way)."In our quest to make ideal allergy bedding eliminating the noise factor was very important to us. We wanted to create allergy bedding that only enhanced allergy sufferers sleeping experience without a price to pay like noisy or hot bedding. Allergy Armor has achieved that goal by using our proprietary fabric which is truly soft and pliant. It has even been described as "luxurious".
Allergy Armor is inspected for quality.
  • Allergy Armor pays attention to the details. If you inspect the zippers on most of your household items or clothing from camping gear to jeans you'll see that they are YKK zippers. There's a reason they're so ubiquitous - because they are the best. We use the best zippers that we can on our dust mite covers. The zipper on the CleanRest pillow cover we tried broke in half the second time we zipped it. Maybe its because they use an off-brand zipper.And that's not all. While CleanRest is manufactured in China, Allergy Armor is made right here in the United States. This is a factor that contributes not only to quality workmanship, but also helps support our own economy. Did you know there was so much to feel good about with an informed purchase of Allergy Armor bedding?
Allergy Armor is certified Allergy Bedding.
  • We put our money where it counts. While CleanRest boasts extensive marketing campaigns replete with high resolution videos and gorgeous photographs (not to mention an impressive but frankly useless watermark on their pillow covers), we at AchooAllergy.com put our money directly into the quality product we offer our customers. We spend our funds on making sure your nights are as allergy-free and comfortable as possible. What would you rather pay for?

Allergists recommend allergy bedding as one of the first lines of defense against allergen exposure. If you've never tried allergy bedding, you'll be absolutely amazed at the difference it can make. If you've tried allergy bedding products in the past but are dissatisfied with some undesirable qualities such as making your bed hot or noisy we encourage you to give Allergy Armor a try. We believe you will discover, as countless others have, that Allergy Armor truly can provide unobtrusive yet maximally effective allergy relief. Last, but definitely not least, for all of you Allergy Armor fans out there, congratulations on choosing a product that is truly top-of-the-line.