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How to Simplify Spring Cleaning with Vacuum Attachments

When you begin your spring cleaning rituals, remember that indoor allergens have a tendency to collect in spots where you might not always think to clean... and in spots that are not always easy to clean.

For example, blinds are notorious dust traps, but how often do you clean your blinds? And when you do clean your blinds, are you actually eliminating the dust, or are you simplying stirring up the dust and moving it to another location in your home?

You can effectively clean and capture dust on blinds with the special vacuum cleaner attachments. The Mini Blind Vacuum Attachment makes cleaning mini-blinds easy. The fingers on the attachment slide between the blinds for quick and hygienic cleaning. The Plantation Blind Vacuum Attachment is for cleaning more delicate shutters or draperies.
Another often-overlooked area where dust gathers is on ceiling fan blades. We've all seen those scary dust bunnies dangling from ceiling fan blades, taunting us with their allergen-inducing capabilities. The Ceiling Fan Vacuum Attachment makes it easy to eliminate those dust bunnies. The two fingers on the attachment close around the fan blade, and you don't even have to stand on a chair to clean the fan blades; it's simple, fast, and effective.
The long, flat Wonder Wand Vacuum Attachment makes it easy to clean under large objects like refrigerators or couches without having to temporarily rearrange the furniture your home. It adjusts up to 36" to ensure that you can reach all that dust in those hard-to-reach spots.
Our best-selling vacuum attachment is the Pet Brush Vacuum Attachment. If you or someone in your family has pet allergies, it's very important to frequently bathe and groom the pet; however, as with cleaning blinds, brushing a pet can introduce more allergens into the indoor air if it's done improperly. With the Pet Brush Vacuum Attachment, all of the allergenic dander and loose animal hair gets sucked into your vacuum cleaner where it can't cause any trouble.
Pet owners also love the Lint Brush Vacuum Attachment, as it easily removes lint, dust, threads, and pet hairs from virtually any surfaces. Use it to clean upholstery, clothing, car interiors, and more.
If you're looking for an attachment with a little more power, consider thePower Paw Vacuum Attachment from Eureka. The compact yet powerful Power Paw allows you to deep clean carpets and upholstery with a turbo brush roll. It's perfect for cleaning stairs, upholstery, and automobiles.

Note: The Power Paw is not compatible with Miele vacuum cleaners, but if you own a Miele vacuum cleaner, don't worry; the Miele Hand Turbo Brush works well for the same cleaning jobs with stairs, upholstery, automobiles, and other tight spaces.

Originally published in the May 2007 issue of Allergy Consumer Report.

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