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Make Room for New Space-Saving Vacuum Cleaners

Make Room for New Space-Saving Vacuum Cleaners
Does your old vacuum cleaner take up the majority of the space in your storage closet? If so, maybe it's time to downsize while upgrading! The new generation of vacuum cleaners heralds several models with novel space-saving features.

While all Miele canister vacuum cleaners have space-saving park positions for the wand, Miele Universal Upright vacuums take space conservation to the extreme. Weighing in at less than 10 pounds, the versatile, "swiss-army-knife" vacuum cleaners can change into three different configurations, including a handheld vacuum. Their sealed system HEPA
filters captures 99.99% of household allergens, and the Miele Universal Uprights are so light that you can hang them on a wall for storage.
The Dyson DC18 Slim vacuum cleaner also features a light weight and slender size for easy maneuvering in tight spaces. The HEPA-filtered Dyson DC18 vacuum has a central pivot system, which ensures that the cleaning head remains in constant contact with the floor, even in twists and turns.
The name of the Dyson DC21 Stowaway vacuum cleaner says it all! It's the only canister vacuum on the market that doesn't lose suction power, and its hose wraps around the canister for easy stowaway storage. With the Dyson Stowaway HEPA vacuum, you'll never have to worry about tripping over the hose or struggling to force the wand into a closet. If you need a handheld HEPA vacuum for small spills, consider the powerful Dyson Root 6 Handheld vacuum.
Like the Miele canister vacuums, all SEBO canister vacuum cleaners feature space-saving park positions for the wand. The lightweight SEBO Felix vacuum cleaners not only contain hospital-grade HEPA filtration systems, but they also come in four different fun styles and colors. SEBO upright vacuum cleaners are known for their small size, light weight, hospital-grade filtration, and powerful performance.
But the Electrolux Intensity Upright vacuum cleaner wins the award for the most creative and unique space-saving vacuum. Its telescopic handle folds down for storage - and when folded, the vacuum takes up less space than a laundry basket! The Electrolux Intensity also features a HEPA filter and many modern conveniences like indicator lights and a soft-touch grip handle.

The Electrolux Pronto 2-in-1 Cordless vacuum cleaner doesn't need to fold up to save space because it's already so small! Its charging station can either sit on the floor or be mounted to the wall to save space. At just over five pounds, the Pronto transforms from stick vacuum to handheld vacuum with the push of a button. The Electrolux Pronto is the only vacuum cleaner mentioned in this article that doesn't have a HEPA filter; however, it does have an efficient four-stage filtration system - and it also features a unique vacuum port so that you can use a larger HEPA vacuum to empty the dust bin.

Originally published in the July 2007 issue of Allergy Consumer Report.

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