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Most Popular Miele Vacuum Cleaners

For quite some time, we've kept a list of what our staffers have picked as the most popular Miele vacuum cleaner models. Once again, we surveyed our staffers and weighed customer feedback to give us some insight as to which are the most popular Miele vacuum cleaners and why. Below are our 2015 results.

The Miele Marin reemerged as the most popular Miele canister vacuum. Among consumers and staffers alike, three key factors popped up in comments for this vacuum cleaner. First was choice. Everyone likes choice, and the Achoo Team is no exception. They liked the fact that you can choose with powerhead you get with this vacuum. Plus it allows you to customize your price a bit too. Second was the color. While there can always be some debate, the fact is the color choice for the Marin was perfect. It's appealing to most people regardless of your taste and is something you truly don't see with a run-of-the-mill vacuum. Lastly was the noise level. Granted, the noise goes up a bit with the powerbrush engaged, but in all, the Marin was noted as exceptionally quiet.

In addition to these features, I found that this model represented some of the best balance of features, price and performance. The cleaning ability is consistent, regardless of what type of flooring or even above-the-floor cleaning you are taking on. Indicator lights, push button suction control, a deluxe handle, and the one-touch cord rewind are all value added features that truly do add convenience. The warranty is one of the best in the business and overall craftsmanship and attention to detail is apparent with this model. For those with allergies and asthma, the Marin is a great choice. The AirClean System traps dirt, debris, hair, and even odors with an H13 HEPA filter, 9-ply filterbag and sealed system..

For the first time a Miele upright has made the most popular list. With all but a few of the premium features of the most expensive U1 uprights, the Miele Twist U1 upright vacuum has made a strong showing. The powerful brushroll on carpet yields consistently good performance across different types of flooring while the noise level is something everyone was really pleased with. There are two other factors that were big draws for staffers. First, consistently high marks among customer and professional product review agencies.

The Twist has consistently ranked in the top three (#1 twice), for several years in a row, in the top consumer product testing agency's annual vacuum cleaner rankings. In all, the balance of features, performance, reliability, and cost have made is a sure bet as a top ranked upright. Last is the price. The Twist is the most affordable Miele upright, and though it lacks a HEPA filter, one can be added at any time. It's also worth noting that unlike the canisters, which are limited to either 33 or 36 feet, this upright has a 55 foot cleaning range, and staffers liked being able to clean more without constantly searching for another plug. If you're looking for an upright, you can't go wrong with this most popular Miele vacuum cleaner.

Placing third in our AchooAllergy.com voting was the Miele Brilliant. If price was not a factor, this model would have been chosen higher (though I don't know if it could have knocked off the Marin), but the most commented on features of the Brilliant were the added features/style, exceptional control, and warranty. While no one could note any flaws (with the ONLY possible exception being a lack of powerhead choice), the unique features of the... er, UniQ was the biggest draw. The LED underbody and park lights may seem trivial until you take the UniQ home, put it in the closet after use and think, "hhmm... guess those are pretty handy!" The chrome trim gives this vacuum a real touch of class, as do the felt trim accents. The digital display is only found with the Brilliant, as is the completely streamlined design. There aren't even +/- buttons on the body, which leads me to the second point - exceptional control. The suction and brushroll control is conveniently placed on the handle. This gives complete control when vacuuming to transition across multiple types of flooring on the fly. While the push buttons found on the other C3 models is a step up over the rotary dial, once you've used the handle controls, you find yourself not wanting to go back. Lastly the warranty - The Brilliant features and unprecedented 10 year warranty. This is a full three years longer than comes standard with Miele vacuum cleaners. While we know that Miele stands behind their products, for a manufacturer to warranty a vacuum for a full decade says something good about the product.

In addition to these features, the Brilliant comes decked out with all the bells and whistles Miele has to offer, from the Air Clean System (ideal for anyone concerned with indoor air quality) and one-touch cord rewind to a raised bumper and super quiet operation. In all, there is almost nothing this vacuum lacks.

Most Popular Miele Vacuum Cleaners - Honorable Mention

This year's honorable mention goes out to the Miele Alize canister vacuum. While the Titan didn't make the cut, the Alize edged it out with quieter operation, easier to use suction controls and a sleeker design. While it's best of smooth floors, this canister has consistently gained attention as more people shift away from carpet in favor of hard floors.

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