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Sinupulse Elite Nasal Irrigator FAQs

SinuPulse Elite Frequently Asked Questions

Sinupulse FAQs

When it comes to nasal irrigators there are few better than the Sinupulse Elite. Easy to use but highly effective, this simple device can provide a variety of benefits to those coping with allergies, hay fever, asthma, congestion, clogged sinuses, or even just a common cold. Many are unaware of nasal irrigation and how sinus rinsing works. If you suffer from any of the things listed above, read through these Sinupulse Elite Nasal Irrigator FAQs and see how device can provide the relief you need.

How does the SinuPulse Elite sinus irrigator work?

Most upper-respiratory problems, including sinus infections and allergies, are related to poor function of nasal cilia, the tiny hairs in the mucous membranes that act to remove pollutants. Most drugs treat symptoms. Some drugs kill bacteria temporarily, but they don't improve the body's long-term ability to fight infection. The SinuPulse Elite Sinus Irrigation System bathes the nose and sinuses with a gentle and refreshing pulsating action. The device helps restore membranes to their natural level of moisture.

A short period of regular use can stimulate the cilia to restore their natural protective sweeping action. Especially beneficial for post-operative treatments, allergies, asthma, chronic sinusitis, sinus headaches, post-nasal drip, recurrent sore throats, and dry membranes, this is a drug-free procedure that is designed to be used at home simply, safely, and effectively.

Pulsatile sinus irrigation has been shown in clinical tests to improve and stimulate the nasal and sinus cilia - the body's first line of defense against foreign bodies entering the sinuses. The unique dual mode pulsatile cleansing action of the SinuPulse Elite may even be eligible for reimbursement by some insurance providers.

The SinuPulse Elite assembly and seals are encapsulated and designed without latex or rubber to help resist premature wear associated with use of saline products, common in oral irrigator devices.

How do I use the SinuPulse Elite?

Sinupulse FAQsWith the SinuPulse Sinus Irrigator Tip, add one teaspoonful of SinuAir or salt (non-iodized salt because some people are sensitive to iodine) to the basin to get the correct saline concentration. Fill the reservoir with warm water (preferably distilled water or water that has been boiled and cooled) about 27 ounces. Turn on the device and adjust the pressure so that if you point the irrigator straight up in the air, the stream is about one inch high and approximately 5 psi. Use the EZ touch push button feature on the handle to adjust the flow of water, temporarily interrupt the flow of water, or simply turn the unit off using the micro-touch on/off button on the base of the unit. Bend over the sink, place it in one nostril, and release the EZ touch push button on the handle to begin the flow, or turn the device on using the on/off button. The saline goes through one nasal chamber and out the other. After about a minute, switch nostrils. Use about one-third of the basin on each side or until the saline return is clear.

With the SinuMist Sinus Irrigator Tip, the SinuMist tip is designed to be used at the low-pressure range of the SinuPulse Elite irrigator. the SinuMist Tip is limited for use with the SinuPulse Elite irrigator only, and it must not be used with any other irrigator or appliance. Turn on the unit with the pressure set at low and adjust the pressure to a comfortable mist spray. Place the tip in one nostril, bend over the sink, and turn the device on. The saline mist spray will slowly moisturize and fill the nasal chamber. After about 20-30 seconds, switch nostrils. Due to the small particle size of the SinuMist tip, much less saline or rinse solution is required.

How long do I need to use it?

For most nasal and sinus conditions, daily irrigation will restore cilia to good functioning within 10 days. Discontinue sinus irrigation as soon as your sinus condition is cleared, or as directed by your doctor.

Is it easy to use and safe?

Yes, this method is very safe - safer than blowing your nose, as a matter of fact. Note that, for safety reasons, the SinuPulse Elite will not work if the nose is completely obstructed.

How do you clean the SinuPulse and Sinus Irrigator Tip?

Rinse the machine thoroughly with cold water to remove the salt after each use. Use soap and warm water to clean the irrigator tip. You may also remove the silicone bulb tip and boil it - but do not boil or steam the plastic stem.

Throat Irrigation and Tongue Cleaning

How does the SinuPulse throat irrigation system work?

The SinuPulse Throat Irrigator Tip provides gentle, soothing relief of sore throat pain, reduces swelling, and encourages healing by massaging and stimulating blood flow to the infected area. It's extremely beneficial for cryptic tonsils and tonsil stones. The new, state-of-the-art tongue cleaner features a unique triple edge action and gentle rinse designed to remove bacteria and food particle for fresh breath. It provides pleasant infection protection for the entire family. Pulsatile irrigation of the throat gently washes away surface bacteria and helps reduce the number of bacteria that the body has to fight. Increasing blood flow also brings more white blood cells that can kill bacteria. The throat irrigator is especially beneficial for recurrent sore throat, pain and swelling, hoarseness, tonsillitis, laryngitis, and bad breath.

Is this better than gargling? Is it safe?

It's safer than gargling! Pulsating irrigation is 100 times more effective than simple rinsing or gargling. By eliminating the bacteria, the SinuPulse gives the body a fighting chance of overcoming bacteria without antibiotics. The flow/pressure is adjustable, and the only real caveat is the same thing that would be recommended for any type of nasal irrigation - use distilled or boiled then cooled water. This is to ensure that there are no microbes in the rinse solution.

How do I use the SinuPulse Throat Irrigator?

With the Standard Throat Irrigator Tip, add saline or diluted mouthwash to the SinuPulse Elite basin. The throat tip has a contoured design to fit on the tongue comfortably. Lay the tip straight back on the left side of the tongue and direct it just behind the last tooth. the irrigation system will wash the left tonsil and side of the throat, then come around and wash the other side. Gently pull the tongue cleaner back and forth to remove and rinse away bacteria and food particles. Turn the tip over and place it on the right side of the tongue and direct it just behind the last tooth. Use it for about a minute on each side. Low pressure is recommended. The 45-degree angle of the irrigation tip and tongue cleaner acts as a tongue depressor to prevent any reflex gagging.

With the throat mist tip, simply add saline or your favorite mouthwash or oral rinse to the irrigator basin. The throat tip has a contoured design to rest on the tongue comfortably. Lay the tip straight back on the left side of the tongue and direct it just behind the last tooth. The pulsating mist spray sensation will not only soothe the back of your throat, but it will help rinse the tonsil tissue and side of the throat. Gently pull the tongue cleaner back and forth to remove bacteria and rinse away food particles.

Turn the tip over and place it on the right side of the tongue; direct it just behind the last tooth. Use it for about 30 seconds on each side. Always begin on the lowest pressure setting.

When should I use the SinuPulse Elite Throat Irrigation System?

Use it for throat pain, swollen tonsils, cryptic tonsils, tonsil stones, or hoarseness use at onset of symptoms. It is especially recommended to use the throat irrigator at the earliest onset of a sore throat for best results and to prevent the spread of germs to other members of the family. Discontinue throat irrigation as soon as the sore throat clears, or as directed by your physician. The throat irrigator works great for cleaning food particles and debris from cryptic tonsils, a common source of infection and bad breath. For fresh breath, use the tongue cleaner daily to remove bacteria and food particles.

Is the SinuPulse Tongue Cleaner effective against bad breath?

Yes! By washing away bacteria and food particles in hard-to-reach crevices, the tongue cleaner is excellent for breath odor control.

How do you clean the SinuPulse and the Throat Irrigator Tip?

Rinse the machine thoroughly with cold water after each use to remove any residue. Use mild soap and warm water to clean the irrigator tip.

Cleaning & Maintenance Issues for SinuPulse Elite

Sinupulse Elite Nasal Irrigator FAQsIf pressure appears to drop off or water flow is reduced due to mineral deposits and clogging from salt and other additives, run white vinegar through the unit for several minutes by placing the wand and sinus tip into the blue reservoir so that the flow recycles. The white vinegar will help to decalcify hard water and mineral deposits, which compromise the water flow. Be sure to rinse the device thoroughly with clean water to remove residues. Do not use sea salt, rock salt, or other corrosive mineral products. We do not recommend sodium bicarbonate (baking soda) because of its potential for clogging the device.

No water pumping through the unit?

  1. Make sure the tank is properly mounted on its housing.
  2. Visibly inspect the white valve that sits in the bottom of the water tank to ensure it is properly inserted and not loose or floating.
  3. Make sure there is water in the tank and the unit is plugged in.
  4. Make sure the outlet works. Does the LED light come on?
  5. Unplug the unit and let it sit for 30 minutes, then pug it in and restart it.
  6. If the unit has been left idle for a period of time, it may need to be primed (which can take up to 45 seconds) while the water is pumped through the unit.

The pressure and flow rate are low. Can this be fixed?

  1. Make sure the EZ touch push button on the handle is not partially stuck and that the valve in the bottom of the tank is not obstructed with salt or mineral deposits.
  2. Check the unit for excessive leaking from the bottom.
  3. Inspect the water hose and make sure it's not crimped or twisted.

How do I disinfect the SinuPulse Elite?

  1. Run a diluted bleach solution (10:1) through the unit.
  2. Run two full tanks of cold water through the unit to remove any residual bleach content.

What steps can be taken to prolong the life of the unit?

  1. Mix the solution thoroughly to reduce the settling of saline powder, which contributes to clogging.
  2. Add powder to water, not water to powder.
  3. Mix the solution first and then pour it into the tank.

Can the silicone bulb be removed and cleaned?

Yes, but you have to be careful not to break the tip when removing and replacing the bulb. You can use antibacterial soap or a disinfectant solution.

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