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Spring Allergies Readiness Checklist

Spring Allergies ChecklistMarch ushers in the official beginning of spring, and while many of us can hardly wait for the thaw and the whispers of warmth the changing season brings, allergy sufferers must also brace themselves for seasonal allergies. Knowing this, now is the best time to go over our Spring Allergies Checklist and better prepare yourself for the coming pollen season.

In addition to your standard spring cleaning, there may be a few things that missing from your Spring Allergy Checklist. Stock up on some of the following items now and get ready to greet the joys of spring - without allergy symptoms:

  • HEPA air purifiers are a powerful line of defense against springtime allergies. If you're new to allergen avoidance through environmental control and don't yet have an air purifier, now is the time to invest in one. HEPA air purifiers clean the air by trapping 99.97% of airborne allergens. This action drastically improves your indoor air quality and can help you and your family breathe much, much better. During springtime, pollen makes its way indoors through a variety of avenues - through open windows and doors, by being tracked in from shoes or clothing, and pets are the common sources of pollen in your home. Filtering out these allergens with an air purifier can help create spaces in your home (start with the bedroom) that are allergen free, a haven from when pollen is literally covering everything outdoors.

    Austin Air Purifiers - Perfect for AllergiesIf you're unsure about choosing which air purifier is right for you, check out the Top Five Air Cleaners for Allergies or our Air Purifier Buying Guide to guide you through your options. Both help to simplify the selection process while providing useful information in how to compare and select the right model for you.

    For those who already have an air purifier, make sure your filters are properly maintained and replaced. Check pre-filters, and when appropriate, vacuum them or replace them. When spring allergies hit, you want to be sure your air purifier is running at its best. Purchase air purifier replacement filters and sign up for our Clean Air Club to receive reminders about your filters - and be in tip-top shape for spring!

  • At this point, it's likely been at least three months since you changed your furnace filter. If you've and HVAC/central heating or cooling system, replacing this filter not only keep the blower and motor free of debris, but it's the first step in removing allergens throughout your home. While air purifiers are ideal for individual rooms, your HVAC filter can help in every room of your home. While most furnace filters are disposable, there are washable or semi-permanent filters available, and just because they last longer doesn't mean you can forget about them. Inspect and replace/clean your filter every three months to ensure proper air flow through the system and to ensure this vital first stage of air filtration if working right.

  • Safeguard Window FilterOpen windows without letting in pollen by using SafeGuard Window Filters. Made here in the USA for double hung windows, these easy to use filters let in fresh air while blocking most of the allergens. Don't miss out on spring's delicious fresh air, but don't suffer needlessly. Available in two sizes and adjustable, if you already have a window filter, you can replace the filter cartridge with just a screwdriver. And as an added bonus, they also filter out rain and wind for when those April showers come unexpectedly.

  • Be prepared for allergy-free gardening and cleaning with an allergy mask to protect you from inhaling pollen, dust, and other allergens. Our Silk Comfort Mask is a customer favorite due to its superior comfort and sleek construction. For more robust filtration, the Respro masks are hard to beat. With a variety of styles, sizes and colors, there's a Respro mask to block allergens, smoke, fragrance, or a combination of these. The Organic Cotton Mask is also an excellent choice. Made without dyes or bleach, this mask is safe for even the most sensitive individuals. Whether you're looking for a simple dust mask, a stylish, versatile allergy mask, or a heavy duty respirator, we have a variety of brands, sizes, and styles that offer varying levels of filtration.

  • Spring Allergies Checklist - EcoDiscoveries Enzyme CleanersSpring clean without harmful chemicals that exacerbate allergy symptoms by using any number of allergy cleaning products. In addition to deep cleaning, you can get rid of dust mites by using products like DustMite and Flea Control on upholstered furniture or carpet. To denature allergens, including pollen, dander, and dust mites, use safe but effective products like Anti-Allergen Solution. For one of the most environmentally friendly approaches to cleaning throughout the home, EcoDiscoveries Enzyme Cleaners offer an effective way to clean any room in your home without the harsh surfactants, strong odors, or unwanted chemical residue. No matter the cleaning project, there is a wide variety of safe alternatives for anyone looking to avoid harsh chemicals while removing spring allergens.

Last but not least, ramp up your overall vacuuming and cleaning routine. From dusting areas that you've neglected, like ceiling fans and window sills to washing your drapes and other items that are often overlooked, any good spring cleaning is a thorough spring cleaning.

Now that you've covered the Spring Allergies Checklist, you should be all set! By being prepared, you can help to ensure that you and your family will enjoy all that spring has to offer without suffering from allergens that spring weather brings with it.