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Steam Cleaners and Allergy Relief

Steam Cleaners and Allergy ReleifThere's no practical way to eliminate all allergens from your environment. But, eliminating as many as possible can make enough of a difference to cut down on allergy symptoms drastically, if not eliminate them. The more environmental control strategies you implement is often directly proportional to the amount of relief you feel.

Using a steam cleaner supplements fundamental allergy relief products, such as air purifiers andallergy relief bedding, to get those deep down allergens other tools can't tackle. Here's what we mean: Suppose you vacuum every day, have air purifiers running to cover every square inch of the house, change your furnace filters regularly, and take shoes off at the door. Yet when you sit on your favorite comfy couch, you erupt in sneezes, your eyes gets itchy and watery, and your nose starts to run.

Enter steam cleaners which can clean deep down into upholstery with steam so hot that it dries almost instantaneously. Dust mites, pollen grains, pet dander, and mold spores are killed or neutralized and brought to the surface, where they are accessible to a quick sweep with the vacuum cleaner.

Steam cleaners are also fantastic for loosening dirt and grime from notoriously difficult to cleanSteam Cleaners and Allergy Releif places like grout between bathroom tiles, grills, or the oven - without the use of harsh chemicals that may aggravate allergies, asthma, or multiple chemical sensitivities. Eliminating the need for such chemicals is another way steam cleaners provide allergy relief. When allergy sufferers don't have to use powerful chemicals to clean, they don't have to breathe in their fumes or touch. Respiratory and skin irritation are less of a concern when you're simply using water and heat.

Steam cleaners can also be used to clean drapery, which is another rarely cleaned hotspot for allergens to collect. In addition, many drapery fabrics require dry cleaning which uses chemicals that could irritate sensitive airways and respiratory systems. Steam cleaning drapery solves both the cleaning issue and the dry cleaning chemicals issue by providing an overall clean without the harmful substances.

Steam Cleaners and Allergy ReleifAside from helping to eliminate harmful chemicals from your home, steam cleaning can also release trapped odors. For anyone with pets, you may notice a slight odor after steam cleaning your hard flooring. Usually, it will smell a little like your pet does after a bath. This is because steam cleaners use heat transfer to unlock odor particles and release them into the air. After the floors are dry, and the room airs, there is a noticeable difference in how the room smells.

And while many people may think steam cleaners are expensive, there are a variety of styles and models available to fit nearly anyone's budget or cleaning needs. So whether it's cleaning allergens that other allergy relief solutions simply cannot get to or providing a safe and vastly more effective solution to harsh cleaning chemicals, steam cleaners are a powerful addition to any plan for environmental control of allergens. Indeed, steam cleaners and allergy relief go hand in hand.