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The Benefits of an Air Purifier in the Nursery

Posted by Cade on Tuesday, September 05, 2006

We have a ten month old daughter who has slept very well from an early age. One of the factors I attribute to this is the air purifier we placed in her room.

One of the positive side effects of an air purifier is the white noise that it generates. It drowns out other disturbing background noises and creates a calming environment.

Not to mention, the changing table across the room brings up bad memories for me. I recall the unpleasant smells from friends and other family members' nurseries. Yuck! Not in our nursery. We have white noise which helps the little one sleep, and we have chemical free odor control, which is pleasant for everyone.

More on white noise: many companies sell sleep machines that generate a similar type noise as that in the air purifier to help people to fall and to stay asleep. When I was a little boy, over thirty years ago, I don't think they made sleep machines. My sleep machine was the bathroom fan across the hall from my room. I still remember when I was 5 or 6 years old I'd remind my parents to turn the bathroom fan back on when they walked by and accidentally turned it off. To this day, I sleep much better and wake up better rested when I have white noise in the background (we have an air purifier in our room too).

My bathroom fan, my daughter's odor free nursery, with white noise, who would have ever thought about the connection? Having a baby that sleeps through the night is an incredible positive for us. We're lucky, but we are also prepared and we know the benefits of white noise.


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