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Top Five Reasons to Own a Dehumidifier

Supplement Air Conditioning with a Dehumidifier

Top 5 Reasons to Own a DehumidifierUsing a dehumidifier to supplement your air conditioning is a great way to save some money during the summer months. Also, using a dehumidifier in addition to air conditioning is an excellent way to help your family feel more comfortable, even while maintaining your thermostat at the same temperature. Removing moisture from the air by using a dehumidifier actually makes you feel cooler. This is because moist air can "hold" more heat than dry air. Often we throw money down the drain by turning down the thermostat when we could make our homes more comfortable by simply removing the excess moisture in the air.

Dehumidifiers Minimize Mold Growth

Ebac DehumidifiersKeeping humidity down helps control mold and mildew growth. Mold spores are all around us, all of the time. When they land on a surface that provides them with moisture and nourishment, they multiply to form colonies. On top of being unsightly and undesirable, mold can cause a variety of allergic reactions in sensitive individuals. Be sure to keep small dehumidifiers in unventilated areas that get steamy or damp, like small windowless bathrooms, laundry rooms, and crawlspaces. Using an Ebac dehumidifier in basements, crawlspaces, or other areas of the home that aren't air conditioned during humid summer months helps keep mold under control in areas that we often give little thought to.

Keep Dust Mite Populations in Check with a Dehumidifier

Keep dust mites in check with dehumidifiersDust mites thrive in moist, warm environments. That's why they love to live in beds. In fact, dust mites count on ambient moisture in order to survive - so they flourish when it's humid. Humidity levels over 55% cause dust mite populations to skyrocket because they can quickly reproduce. And with mold colonies on the rise as well, this can mean an overload of allergens in the home. Both mold and dust mites grow in more humid, warmer conditions, and while an air conditioner can help cool your home, it does not remove the same amount of moisture as a good home dehumidifier.

Save Your Furniture - Moderate Humidity

Digital Humidity GaugeDo you notice that wooden doors in your home have a tighter fit in the doorjamb when it's humid? That's because humidity causes wood - including your furniture and flooring - to expand. Over time, the expansion and shrinking that occurs with the cycles of dry winter air followed by humid summer air can damage your furniture and floors. Maintaining a humidity in your home that doesn't fluctuate too drastically - ideally below about 35 - 40% - goes a long way in saving your valuables.


Keep a Dehumidifier on hand for Emergencies

In the fall of 2009, Atlanta (home of AchooAllergy.com) experienced some of the worst flooding residents reported seeing in over 80 years. Families who never dreamed their homes would flood found their basements or first floors under inches - or worse - of water. In addition to carpeting and other flooring being waterlogged and ruined, drywall, concrete, and wood can wick moisture up into the walls. Even in less drastic situations, like a large amount of water spilling on your carpeting, having a dehumidifier on hand is crucial to minimizing damage caused by excess moisture and subsequent mold growth.

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