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Top Three Fall Allergy Relief Products

Top 3 Fall Allergy Relief Products at AchooAllergy.com

With the start of the month of September, summer allergy concerns, like stinging insect allergies, are largely behind us. Hopefully by now, we have made all our preparations for staying safe in school and for dealing with food allergies. Next up on the calendar is gearing up for the inevitable fall allergies that for many people are as bad as spring allergies.

Thankfully, an environmental control regimen, especially one implemented before pollen counts begin to climb, can make the difference between a miserable battle with allergy symptoms and a relatively easy-breathing allergy season.

Here are our top recommendations and product picks to help you prepare for fall allergies:

Narial Nasal Cup - Neti PotNasal irrigation - To begin a symptom avalanche, pollen and other allergens first enter the body through your nose. Products like neti potsand the SinuPulse Nasal Irrigation System wash this pollen and other allergens from your nasal passages. Make it a habit to rinse our your sinuses first thing in the morning, after a stint outdoors, or any time your eyes, nose, or throat start to feel itchy or watery.

Replace Air Purifier FiltersAir purification - When one allergen is prolific, it's important to minimize the presence of all allergens in order to keep your total allergen load in check. HEPA air purifiers capture fall's most prevalent allergens, like pollen and mold spores, but they also tackle year round allergens like dust mites and pet dander. Keep in mind that increased allergens dirty filters faster, so remember to change your air purifier's filters for top performance.

Window filters - Opening windows for air circulation is not only a welcome change from having your house shut up against the summer heat, but also it's healthy for indoor air circulation. However, letting in pollen along with this fresh air is obviously counterproductive. Using window filters gives you the best of both worlds. You reap the benefits of fresh air without the introduction of additional allergens into your home.

For more fall allergy tips, see our Fall Allergy Survival Guide.