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Top Three Ways to Beat Spring Allergens

Spring is just around the corner. Instead of bracing yourself for allergies, take these steps to be proactive against those allergy symptoms you think are inevitable. Implement the following measures and we promise you'll breathe better this spring.

  1. Austin Air PurifiersBuy an air purifier. If you already have one, buy another.

    Air purifiers cleanse your home's air of all kinds of allergens including pollen spores, mold spores, pet dander, and dust mite allergen. By controlling the allergens in your home's environment, you will decrease your total allergen load and your susceptibility to falling victim to the onslaught of pollen in the spring.

    If you only have one air purifier, we suggest you keep it in your bedroom in order to minimize nighttime allergies. But if you're interested in taking your allergen avoidance routine up a notch - and spring is an ideal time to do this - consider purchasing another one to cover more square footage in your house. For instance, an air purifier in your home office or family room, where you (and possibly your pets) spend a lot of time, can make a significant difference in your everyday quality of life.

    See our Air Purifier Buying Guide for more information.

  2. Allergy BeddingEncase your bedding in allergy relief covers.

    Along with air purifiers, allergy relief bedding is at the top of the list of ways to combat allergies through environmental control. Using dust mite covers protects you from the allergens that lurk in mattresses, pillows, and other bed linens. Basic allergy bedding includes a mattress encasing and an allergy relief pillow cover.

    But to really up the ante, add a duvet cover and box spring cover to your allergy bedding armor. Other products, like allergy friendly pillows covered in Allergy Armor fabric or special allergy blankets that can stand up repeated washing with very little no sign of wear and tear, reduce the allergens present in your bedroom.

  3. HEPA Vacuum CleanersUse a HEPA vacuum cleaner and use it often.

    A HEPA vacuum cleaner is a must for every allergy sufferer. Good vacuums, and good vacuuming techniques make your house clean, and they improve your overall indoor air quality.

    During spring when the influx of pollen threatens to really tip your total allergen load over the top, it's important to strengthen your typical cleaning routine. Do this by investing in a better quality vacuum, like a Dyson that never loses suction, or a Miele canister vacuum. In addition, increase the frequency of your vacuuming routine, possibly doubling it during the spring allergy season.

    For more vacuuming tips, see our blog Vacuuming Tips for Cleaner Indoor Air.